MCSE certification and training: How to prepare yourself

Since past few weeks, my friend has been unceasingly after me regarding MCSE certification training, which he planning to join soon. To be clear, let me first tell you what MCSE is. It is the Microsoft Certified Solution Expert certification, which is available for those IT professionals, who are yearning to validate their intelligence with a Microsoft Training certificate.

MCSE certification and training-How to prepare yourself
MCSE: Microsoft_Certified_System_Engineer

MCSE certification is only for those professionals who have been working in the similar field for at least one and an half year. Hence, if you are not yet a part of an IT firm then my advice would be that you join one as soon as possible, if you want to lay your hands on MCSE certification.

In order to obtain this certification, a professional needs to have passing scores in at least five exams. The certification exam is available in eight areas though, which are as follows:
  • Desktop infrastructure
  • Server infrastructure
  • SharePoint
  • Business intelligence
  • Communication
  • Private cloud
  • Data platform
  • Messaging
Where to start from and when and how much time the preparation will take these are the most frequently asked question. Undergoing MCSE certification training is an uphill task, which can cause a lot distress.

You should remember that time taken for preparation varies from person to person. Therefore, you should not stress over it but rather prepare as per your present work experience, knowledge of computer as well as learning capacity. Analyzing your capability and decide if you need any training or professional help or would be better off on your own.

If you do need professional help, then many institutes are available like Koenig Solutions, which provide MCSE boot camp to meet your training requirements.

Before you start spending your hard-earned money, just stay in tune with your employer as well, to see if they could help you cover the fee and charges of your certification and training. Some companies may cover these charges but not all. So, find out if yours does.

To get started, you ought to have two compauters sets, which are well networked. May be this seems like a huge investment to you right now but you can always look for alternatives to reduce expenditure, like sharing computers or renting. You can also purchase Vmware, which acquiesces multiple operating systems to be installed on a single computer and you can swiftly go back and forth between them.

Most of you think of earning big bucks immediately after completing MCSE but it is not so always. If you do not have any work experience, then after certificate completion you will be nothing but a MCSE on Paper.

It might get you a job, but not your dream job. Whereas, people with work experience will observe a hike in their job profiles as well as in their salaries.

I hope this will provide you enough information to get going on the correct track towards MCSE.

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