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Your application essay is not as difficult as it first seems. Yes, it is an important part of your application, but it is not the be-all-and-end-all of your admission. Your interview, your record, and your qualifications are going to sway their opinion a little more than your application essay.

Your essay only plays a big role if your interview, qualifications, and record are a little shaky. They use your essay to see if you are as good as you say, or to find out if you have been faking it all these years.
Essay Writing

Over-write your application essay and then shorten it to make it more concise

The topics tend to be rather open, so you are able to write about things that fall into your line of interest (within reason). This is very advantageous for you because you can write about things you know a lot about and may therefore over-write the essay.

This is where you do far more words than the word count allows so that you may add every scrap of information you desire.

It is then your job to go through your essay and comb out the bits that can be shortened, the repetitive bits, and the parts that you can make more structurally concise. Once you have brushed away the dirt, all that is left are the nuggets of gold that are compacted into a high quality article known as your essay.

Consider using a writing service to do it for you

The application essay is not a massive part of your application, and if you are applying to five (or more) colleges, then that is a lot of work just for some admin person to quickly scan read whilst sipping a cup of overpriced coffee.

It is sometimes smarter to use an essay writing service to write your essay for you. You can find the best essay service on or other review sites, or ask your friends what service they have been using to write their essays. Not only is it a time saver, it may even help secure you a place at the college of your choice.

Ask your friends and peers what they are going to write and share ideas

Many students are very tight with their ideas, but those are the students that tend to struggle because they have to work far harder than students that cooperate. You are not stealing each other’s ideas;

You are agreeing to work as a group to voice a set of very good ideas that may be interwoven into your application essays. If it is undertaken with an air of cooperation and in the spirit of mutual benefit, then it may be a very valuable experience for all of you.

Write a set of notes and try to re-use them for different application essays

You are probably going to have to write a few of these essays, and it doesn’t pay to send the same one to all of them (sometimes). Write a set of bullet point notes, and reuse them for different essays. You can usually mix them up into a different order and write a new essay with them. Once you mix up the order, your mind will come up with new material that is similar, but not identical, to your other application essays.

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