Why do you need to take Life in UK Test?

Life in UK Test
Life in UK Test
People who intend to live in UK or have the desire to become UK citizen should pass Life in UK test.

This test was introduced in the year 2005 and comprises of 24 multiple-choice questions based on the life in UK.

The questions are written routinely in English and the purpose of the test is to ensure that the person who is applying to reside in UK has good understanding of English language.

They must have enough knowledge about the culture and tradition of the country they are going to reside in.

Is the test mandatory?

The test is mandatory for those applying for naturalization as British citizen for indefinite leave to remain 8in UK. Your English level should be ESOL 3 or above. If it is lower than ESOL 3, then one need to attend both language as well as citizenship class.

These are usually help at local colleges and universities. If you are not sure about the ESOL level, you can take initial assessment in local colleges. For more information about Life in the UK Test, you can contact at the helpline number provided.

How to get ready?

If you are planning to apply for Britain citizenship to live permanently in UK, then you should seek advice of professional or experienced UK immigration lawyer who will advise you on different aspects of your application and help you complete it successfully. Life in UK Test is a computer based assessment program that is accessible to get on accredited centres in UK.

Whether you wish to take test to become citizen of UK or live in the country, it is recommended to pass this test. You can opt for online assessment programs that help the person to make him capable to pass the exam. One can gain knowledge and information about the pattern of the test and the kind of questions that they are going to face.

People with low level English can also take part in this test by preparing from a reputed coaching institute. After completing the course from a reputed institute, you will be provided with ESOL certificate along with a confirmation letter. You can apply for indefinite stay or naturalization with the above documents.

Many people are there in the world who wishes to settle in UK for one or the other reason like – studies, career, better life etc. Anybody who wants visa as tourists or permanent citizen should fulfil some criteria. Passing "Live in UK test" is one of the criteria to stay in UK.

The main purpose of this test is to qualify the individuals with English speaking and listening skills, which is must to live in UK.

In this online portal, you will get as much as information about the test. You can even practice at this site for better knowledge. This is a free online practice test that helps you to get knowledge of like in UK. Regular assessment will help you to improve at learning stage.

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