Study Abroad: Things to Ask Before Sending Your Child to Study in UK

Moving to a country like England for higher education can be extremely overwhelming for any young student. An experience comes with lots of benefits and learning.

Students get an opportunity to live independently out of their comfort zones and this process can be nerve-wracking for many parents. Is your child planning for overseas education in a university in the UK?

Study in UK
Study in UK

Study Abroad-UK University

There are many aspects of studying abroad, particularly in England, which your overseas education consultant for the UK may forget to tell you.

Now, completely for your assistance, here is a list of questions that you must ask to the expert or counselor before sending your child to the UK University. These questions are primarily to ensure that you child enjoys a safe and eventful stay while studying in the UK.

How is the location of the university? Therefore, you have finalised the university and you are all set to submit the application form. However, before you proceed, it is always a good idea to know more about the university and its surrounding areas.

Ask the university delegate or the counselor about the university and location. You must get complete information about facilities available on-campus, the security arrangements, and most importantly about the other international student’s community. The university and surrounding area is going to be the home for your child for the period of study and all these aspects should play a major role in short listing the university.

Will there be any dedicated support available for my child? As an international student from a different country, students always need special attention. There are certain things about moving to a new country where students would need an adviser.

Considering this most universities in UK, develops special dedicated support department for international students. Students can easily get in touch with the dedicated support staff to sort out the concerns.

Can I get a report on my child’s performance? – Studying overseas is an experience that increases the expectations. However, during the process as a parent it is always important to know how your child is performing.

You, therefore, must ask the counsellors or university delegate whether the university shares student’s performance report with the parents. Getting, a regular report on your child’s progress helps in understanding the real situation.

What experience should my child look forward to as an international student? – Every university has their own way of treating students. Every student takes different things from an experience. The experience of studying abroad can be different for you from another student. Therefore, to make the picture clearer, you must ask university delegates university specific benefits.

How your child should prepare for the study abroad experience, and what should they look forward to? 

Is it going to be difficult to make friend? – As a new person in a totally unknown country like the UK, students need to have friend. Having a good friend is helpful in many ways as students forget feeling homesick and are exciting about being in a new country.

Making friends can be tricky for an international students coming from different part of the world. Ask the counsellors about the behaviour of fellow students and how easy it can be to develop new friendships.

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