Recruiters Can Coach You Through The Bad Times And The Good

The best recruiters in Montreal are realistic about the hiring process. This means that they will be able to coach you through some of the more difficult parts of the process, such as the interview process. As anyone who’s done an interview knows, they all go quite differently and being able to act on your feet is essential.

It’s also true that the more interviews you do, the better you become at them. Trust a professional recruiter who has been part of a lot of interviews and has a good sense of what to do and what not to do during the interview process.

A professional recruiter, like IQ Partners, the best recruitment agency in Montreal, wants you to do well at every part of the application and work process for the simple reason that their reputation and livelihood depends on it.

Professional recruiters, like the ones you’ll find at IQ Partners, stake their reputations on the talent that they put forward to companies. If they give a company too many duds, that company is less and less likely to use their services in the future and word will get out to other companies.

The interview process will set the tone for your encounters with a company. That’s why an experienced recruiter will give you advice about how to handle the interview process. Part of this process also involves a contingency plan in the event that the interview is not going well.

Of course, everyone wants an interview to go well, but sometimes things happen that catch the interviewee off guard, such as being too nervous, or saying something that gets a negative reaction from your interviewer. Some of the best things to do in these situations include, highlighting your relevant experience as much as possible, show interest in your interviewer and the company, and last but not least, remember to smile.

Recruiters don’t only help job seekers find jobs, they are also hired by companies to help them find employees and in this way, they can also give you advice about how to handle a bad interview if you are the interviewer.

Some of this advice includes, keeping the interview professional and courteous no matter how disappointed you are with the candidate, and, if you’re late or not at your best that day, to be honest and up front, let the candidate know you are sorry and the reason why you are late and take it from there. You’ll be surprised how much a little courtesy and honesty can go to set an applicant’s mind at ease.

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