How to deal with the Overworking Issue at the workplace?

Overworking Issue-Time and again studies have shown that maximum employees have to deal with the issue of overworking where they sacrifice something as precious as their health.

The impact on health is grave that includes a host of a problem like panic attacks, fatigue, headaches, lack of sleep, and continuous irritability disturbing the biological clock to a great extent.

How to deal with the Overworking Issue at the workplace?
Overworking Issue at the workplace?
People who are encountering this issue of overworking are not complaining about their jobs.

The majority of the employed population facing this problem enjoys their challenging work environment and they tend to be more satisfied when stuffed with work rather than sitting idle in their workspace.

A passionate job-seeker with a focused mindset after checking through extensive job alerts when nabbing their dream opportunity, they are not bothered by the extreme workload.

They are more engaged and love to be busy.

However, with time overworking become a matter of concern when it does severe damage to health.

This extended hours of work and excessive responsibilities tend to cause various job-related illnesses where the employees develop irritation to long working hours, discontent towards life and the apprehension of losing direction that majorly affects work-life balance.

These matters of concern grow and gets bigger as the work pressure and weight continues to increase.

The pains that lead to the issue of overworking

There are various factors that push people to be a victim of overworking and stress. The most common ones are as follows:
  • Shallow pay: Over time if your basic needs are not met by your job then it is quite natural that you become frustrated and feel underpaid comparing to the amount of work that you are doing. Salary according to the skills and experience and the job that the employee performs is necessary. Without a decent pay package, an employee will eventually be engulfed by tension and stress that will forbid him to live a life of satisfaction.
  • Exorbitant amount of work: It is necessary to assess the potential and ability of an individual before he is allotted work. More work beyond his capabilities does equal harm as no work.
  • Demotivating boss and annoying co-workers: A cranky boss who believes in using a stick rather than carrot harm the focus and the knack of working of an employee. Along with that office, politics and uncooperative co-workers extracts our energy leaving us weary and tired. The negativity in the work environment demoralizes the employees.
  • Deprived of work-life balance: It is equally important to spend time with your family and friends that help you to relax and wind up infusing energy into our senses. However, a poor work-life balance not only affects work sentiments but also have a negative impact on personal life leading to stress.
  • Lack of career growth: Imagine you are working in the same position with same salary for substantial years with little or no change in responsibilities. This is going to weigh down heavily on your career making you irritated and tired of the working environment. 
How to tackle the circumstances?

As a focused individual who is seriously thinking of making big in his career, you cannot allow the issue of overworking to be an obstacle in your career path. You need to find out the proper solutions that will help you to build a favorable work culture. However, managing the whole thing needs a lot of consideration and acceptance. There are few ways that you can take to fix this problem:
  • Concentrate on delivering quality work: always focus on delivering quality work. Quantity should not come in the way of quality. Hence, if you feel that the workloads are marring the standards then discuss with your boss highlighting him the drawbacks.
  • Generate awareness: since your managers are also a busy lot, they might not remember the various responsibilities and task you perform. Document your responsibilities and present him with the report to make him aware of your duties. He should know what you are already stuffed with that will allow him to delegate his work in a more considerate manner.
  • Design solutions: be ready with solutions while taking up this issue with your boss. You should be in a frame of mind not only to discuss the problem but offer a solution for the same. 
  • Be brave and speak: Shying away from the issue, keeping quiet yet feeling burdened will not be of any help. You have to understand your own limitation and abilities first to analyze how much you can take. State them clearly to avoid being worked up.
Therefore, you cannot let the issue of overworking get the better of you. You need to relax and maintain your peace of mind even in a stringent working environment to stay productive. Rise above stress and overworking through self-introspection and motivation to have a bright future.

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