Career: Do You Want to Become a Teaching Assistant?

If you love kids and you want to help them learn, you’ll thrive in a career as a teaching assistant. This type of career will be challenging, to be sure, but it will allow you to make a real difference in the life of children or teens. However, in order to become a teaching assistant, you will need the right credentials and qualifications. This means checking requirements for your preferred school district. Published on

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Requirements will vary based on school district. However, at the least, most school districts will require that you be a high school graduate who also has a couple of years of college. Some teacher’s assistants have Associate’s Degrees. If you’re planning on working in a Title 1 program, which features students from needier families, you’ll definitely have to have a two-year degree or equivalent college. As well, you may need to pass a state-run exam or undergo an assessment in your area.

If you don’t currently have the education credentials that you need, it’s time to create a pathway to your future goal of being a teaching assistant. This means investigating Associate’s Degree programs in your preferred area(s). When you select a program of this type, which is just for aspiring teaching assistants, you’ll be primed to develop the right skills for the job. This type of degree program should also give you the power to watch students in real-life classroom settings and to develop a deep understanding of what teachers and their assistants do every day.

Those who wish to work with special needs students may be asked to produce even more qualifications and credentials. For example, some school districts ask their teaching assistant candidates to sit tests which are skill-based.

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Which Qualities Are Most Important?

You’ll need a lot of patience in order to excel in this job. All kids are different and you’re going to be dealing with children or teens who don’t behave well sometimes. In addition, you’ll need to be a great communicator. Teaching is all about communication and teaching assistants need to communicate well with teachers and students alike. As well, adaptability will come in handy. After all, every student is unique and this means that you’ll need to adjust your communication style in order to suit the needs of many different kids or teens.

Now that you know more about this career option and what will be involved with getting the right qualifications and credentials, you’ll be ready to move forward if you so desire. After you’ve gotten qualified, visit school district websites and see which schools are posting jobs for teaching assistants. This is the best way to get the inside scoop on who is hiring.

Become a Teaching Assistant

In some cases, you may be able to apply digitally via school websites. You should be able to find a list online of every school in your preferred district. Once you’ve checked out job opportunities, apply for all of them. This field may be rather competitive, so you’ll likely need to apply a lot before you become a teaching assistant.

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