A Brief Insight to various Learning Approach of the Modern Era

Every student is unique and the same can be said for teachers who provide them education and know-hows. There is no specific teaching strategy which works best for every type of learning and environment.

Hence it is of utmost importance that teachers tend to some flexible modes and are adaptive in their approach for the welfare of these little learners.

A Brief Insight to various Learning Approach of the Modern Era
Learning Approach
That is where the role of an educational consultant like David Ostrer is of utmost importance. His aim is to find the appropriate environment which assist these little kids learn about various subjects, the various aspects of life and in the process perform well academically.

He teaches K-8 pupils,  Mathematics, Writing, Reading and other basic learning areas for their overall development.

He is an educational consultant and has a fair amount of experience in this field. He is also regarded as a popular figure in protecting the educational welfare of kids having special needs and requirements. David Ostrer has a number of key skills namely-
  • Educational leadership, 
  • Curriculum development, curriculum design.
  • Teaching, tutoring, educational technology.
  • E-learning, classroom management.
  • Leadership management.
  • Fundraising, public orator, program development, community outreach.
  • Coaching kids having special requirements, classroom management, editing and many more.
He is self-employed and during his span of service has helped countless parents to make adequate and informed decisions regarding their kid’s learning requirements.

He also highlights the some learning styles to support his view points.
  1. Visual- visual learners mostly love to see materials in order to understand the concept or lesson. They usually love graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts as with them; they get a proper idea of the thing taught. Mr. David also states that writing out the directions is also a very good and easy way to educate learners. Another mode which he highlights is the usage of color codes to assist them memorizes the data.
  2. Auditory: Auditory learners absorb knowledge when they are speaking and actively learning. As discussion is one of the best modes which they can understand things, one would find such genres of students to be the more talkative than the rest of the lot. He says that an effective teaching mode is using word games and also making them read text books loudly and also to give out oral reports.
  3. Kinesthetic: Kinesthetic learners learn things quickly when they do stuff and also when they move around. So in that case, Mr. David states that what teachers can do is encourage them to go ahead with their experiments, act out various plays or craft concepts to make it more understandable or comprehensible. Projects and games work best with these genres of students.
One of his greatest contributions to the society is his numerous educational blogs. David Ostrer has used his know-hows to enlighten millions regarding the adequate ways of giving kids their necessary enlightenment.

In one of his blogs he holds the view point that in order to be effective in classrooms; teachers must try and understand the various learning styles of students.
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