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August 21, 2019

How to Deal with a Student Nurse Management Placement

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How to Deal with a Student Nurse Management Placement
Getting a placement student is always a great honor for a nurse as it is a show of trust from the administration that the mentor-nurseis trusted, responsible, and most importantly, proficient in their position to warrant such a responsibility.

Getting a placement is also a busy and stressful time for the student which needs to be taken into consideration.

Having said that, always realize that being a sign-off nurse for a student involves a few tricks to ensuring that the student graduates past that final hurdle.

Deal to a Student Nurse Management Placement

Have a pep talk – This sounds like something from a nineteen eighties sitcom, but it is important to do.

Having a five minute talk at the beginning of a placement is invaluable because it lets the student know where the nurse stands and vice-versa.

This is the opportunity for the managing nurse to let their charge know that the placement isn’t a rubber stamp process.

The student nurse needs to know that the nurse isn’t there to sign-off and let them into the workforce without gauging their ability.

This major step isn’t a quick cup of tea and a signature. It’s an important pass or fail test to find out if the student has what it takes to be a full time nurse.

The only way to do that is with real hands-on practical experience and they need to know that.

Be patient – Keep in mind that a student has had a lot of study and teaching, but little in the way of practical experience in the field.

That means that they’re going to make mistakes. Count on it, but be patient with them. They are there, after all, to continue learning.

So, be informative and helpful whenever they make a mistake, because that’s the way to ensure that they don’t make the same mistake again!

Be Firm– This goes along with being decisive. This is an opportunity for student nurses to learn, and a mentor-nurse who can’t seem to make a decision and is a little too easy-going can send the wrong message.

It can also set a student-nurse onto a path of bad habits.

Don’t be a Door Mat –There’s such a thing as being too hard on someone but there’s also such a thing as being too lax.

A student nurse is a responsibility that requires a firm hand, but a mentor can also be a friend. Friends make a shift fly by and have a host of advantages.

But, there is such a thing as being a bad friend. If a student nurse decides to take advantage of that friendship and walk all over someone, then they’re showing bad form from the get-go.

In that situation, don’t be a doormat, let the person know what they’re doing is manipulative and inappropriate.

Show Them How to be Organized – Organization is one of the greatest things a mentor can teach a student when it comes to nursing.

Getting a student nurse introduced to all of those good habits, and good organizational software is one of the first things that should be done to get them started on the right foot!

8 Tips for Students to Save Their Time on Home Assignment

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8 Tips for Students to Save Their Time on Home Assignment
Home assignments assist teachers in accessing if students grasped some class concepts. Doing home assignments could be overwhelming for most students.

However, it is feasible to use very little time in handling home assignments.

Have you ever thought of rewrite essay services? They could come in handy in assisting students with their home assignment.

However, in case a student opts to handle their tasks, they may employ the following techniques to save their time handling home assignments.

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Tips for Students to Save Their Time on Essay writing

  1. Understand the Assignment-Have a quick preview of all assignments. Try understanding the complexity of the problems and the estimate the duration you would take to clear the tasks.

    One could inquire with their instructors the approximate ideal time for completing each assigned task.
  2. Start Right Away-The name home assignment does not necessarily imply that the tasks should be accomplished at home. A prudent student starts handling the tasks right away, be it in school or when taking the bus ride home. 

    That way, a learner will only have few tasks to accomplish from home.
  3. Budgeting Time-In the unlikely event that one does not finish all the assigned tasks before getting home, they should consider budgeting their limited time. The complexity of tasks will determine the duration necessary to clear the homework.
  4. Find a quiet place-The work environment determines how fast one completes a home assignment. Tasks that are more complex require a quiet place free from distractions. A bedroom or study room would come in handy when handling complicated tasks.
  5. Tackle the easiest assignments-It is always prudent to tackle less involving questions first. The order of complexity of the exercises should determine how you work on them.  Use the minimum possible time in managing the easy assignments.
  6. Keep moving-After handling the simple tasks, the complex exercises deserve optimum concentration.  Mark the keywords and get their quintessential synonyms to enhance an understanding of the instructions. 

    For a complex text, one may consider rewriting paragraph using paraphrasing tools.
  7. Get Help-Working on home assignments never restricts one from seeking help whenever they are stuck.  One could seek advice from family members or friends. Alternatively, they could rely on online tutors to assist with the assignments.

    Most significant tip on saving time on home assignment and Rewriting Paragraphs.
  8. Take Breaks-The attention span for most learners is highly limited. Overworking, without taking breaks, limits their concentration and ability to clear complex tasks. Working for long without taking breaks would significantly compromise on productivity and efficiency.
Taking breaks should not be a random event. There should be timed breaks in between assignments.

For instance, a prudent student takes breaks of about fifteen minutes after every hour of working on complex tasks. The learner may use the break to change their environment.

Final Thoughts on working on your Essay and other Assignments

Homework serves to evaluate an understanding of class concepts. However, there are specific tasks that could be extremely involving and possibly way beyond the syllabus coverage.

Such tasks aim at enabling learners to develop critical thinking capabilities.

August 17, 2019

Incredible Capstone Project Ideas from Successful Students

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Incredible Capstone Project Ideas from Successful Students
Any capstone project usually causes some jitters among students. The significance of the capstone project is so immense that most students typically find themselves worried sick about how to develop a good one.

Most capstone project ideas come from things we have interacted with; the only problem is; how do you identify items that could be a capstone topic? Unbeaten capstone ideas could come from anywhere; you need a keen eye to identify them.

How important is a good capstone idea?

Any capstone project is as good as the idea that conceived it. As such, ensure that the topic you chose to work on is something captivating and exciting. The crucial thing not to forget is that you should pick an issue that can sustain your interest throughout the entire writing period.

Most students make the mistake of selecting complex ideas to impress the examiners. It may not work out for you. A good project addresses current issues. Throughout your writing, you should remember that clarity is more important than complexity.

A good capstone idea forms the basis of an excellent capstone project.

How to choose successful capstone topics

Successful capstone ideas follow the following simple guidelines:
  1. It has to be interesting A good argument has to be intriguing to sustain the readers' interest. It is the simplest way to ensure success in your writing.
  2. Manageable and popular Chose a topic that is familiar to most people. It makes your work more relatable, increasing your chances of success.
  3. It should contain a problem to be solved
Do not simply choose a topic; select an item that seeks to address a particular issue within the society.
  • Specific Narrow down your work to address a specified problem. It ensures that you do not give any irrelevant information.
  • Relevant Your topic should relate to your specific field of study. It ensures that your writing remains relevant.

Examples of good capstone project ideas

The idea you wish to implement depends on your field of study. Below are examples of capstone project ideas in various areas:
  1. The role of computers in school education It is a straightforward topic in the education sector. However, it checks out all the boxes required for a good project.
  2. Symptoms and reasons for stress As a nurse, it would be the perfect topic for you. It addresses existing issues in society, and you are free to recommend possible remedies. It shows you are in touch with the problems experienced by a majority of the population.
  3. Ethical thinking in modern management practice For a student pursuing a management course, it would be a relevant title.it is so due to the current situation experienced in management.  The management field is marred with plenty of ethical issues, addressing them places you in a good position.
  4. Internet as a new distribution channel It is a modern problem, and as a marketing student, providing probable explanations and recommendations would set you up well to score highly.
  5. Ways of student motivation If you wish to be a tutor of any sort, it is a fascinating topic. It deals with an issue that is recurrent in all levels of education.
A final word regarding capstone project ideas
A good project idea takes time. With proper guidance, you will develop an exciting project.

What is a Thesis Paper?

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What is a Thesis Paper?
No matter where you are in school today, you have surely practiced developing precisely worded thesis statements to focus your arguments and create powerful essays that persuade and inspire your readers.

Unfortunately, high school writing lessons are poor teachers of professional writing techniques, and all too often, undergraduate or masters students have to learn in real time how to synthesize the information they need in order to develop high-quality thesis papers in order to complete capstone or even midstream milestones on their way to graduation.

Completing thesis writing is a rite of passage for virtually all university students – and it is something that far too many students approach with dread.

Transforming simple thesis statements that pervade high school and early college writing into a fully-formed research paper can be a daunting task for many students who are not fully prepared for the rigors of the highly analytical style of writing that is required of them at this stage.

Yet, at the end of this trial students overwhelmingly feel a sense of confident relief in their hard work.

Many undergraduates actually find themselves incredibly impressed with their final product because these papers extend beyond their comfort zone in both length and stylistic boundaries.

What many students don’t know is that this type of writing will become the norm for many graduates as they transition into professional or higher academic positions.

In fact, the requirements for professional writing only become more strenuous as you progress through your career.

A good thesis paper begins with a question rather than an answer. To begin your research, you must come up with a question that needs answering or a phenomenon that requires explanation.

This is best done regarding a topic that you are passionate about. If you love ancient history, for instance, a thesis paper that explores national trade among EU states may not be the most riveting topic for your long-term study.

Alternatively, a topic of this nature – if assigned  – can be made more interesting by adding your own personal flair: EU trade preferences that run in parallel with historical alliances, perhaps.

In this way, you can tweak and adapt a broad or overly boring topic into something that fits both your personal style and academic interests and presents a well-considered question for research treatment that will impress your professor.

After determining the overarching question, you must get a handle on the direction of your thesis research. The first stop here is within the directions that your professor has provided.

Do you need ten, fifteen, or more references?

How long must this paper be?

In what format must you cite your sources? 

The answers to these questions will help you plot the initial stages of your writing and are simple queries that are to be found within the syllabus describing the layout and regulations of the course, or alternatively within additional assignment instructions. Then, it is time to begin your research.

Many writers find that simple, first-draft research questions are best when conducting the first round of reading.

This helps writers to keep an open mind when pursuing the facts of their chosen topic and allows for some leeway in research direction in the event of additional or completely new questions that arise in the course of the research phase of writing.

This process does take a lot of time, hard work, and commitment. Because of this, not many people are able to properly devote to a thesis paper.

Luckily, professionals are available to help you with your thesis writing. These teams consist of several field experts who can offer a well-researched thesis that follows all of your guidelines and requests, even if you happen to be on a tight deadline.

Thesis paper writing is a rewarding part of your academic career, and something that shouldn’t keep you up worrying at night.

With the right, open-minded approach to the challenge and a healthy, spirited pursuit of knowledge at the forefront of your journey, thesis research can and should be the highlight of your academic career.

August 1, 2019

3 Best Ways to Complete Your Essay in 30 Minutes

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3 Best Ways to Complete Your Essay in 30 Minutes
Essay writing sound like an easy task, but it actually can take some students’ days to complete. A lot of information goes into an essay and sometimes we need to do a ton of research. Just like studying, there are easier ways to approach writing an essay.

A professional writer service can get an essay back to you in 30 minutes. If they can do it, so can you. It might just be a matter of how you approach the situation.

If this is your first essay, it may be impossible to complete the task in such a short amount of time.
The more you do it, the easier it becomes. You also start figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. Once you find your rhythm, everything becomes so much easier.

You also need to know what works for you and what doesn’t. This can only be established after you have written a few essays and test out some methods.

The ideas we share here will help you achieve your essay goals in the fastest time.


Writing an essay in a short amount of time will lead you to a very rushed start. You obviously want to cram as much words on the paper.

The trick sometimes is to slow down. You are still going to complete this in the time you want, but first, you need to create an outline.

When you work off an outline, it is easier to get your work done without much fixing later. An outline allows you to stay focused and work off a specific guide.

Forget about your essay length at first. Pay attention to get the most relevant pieces of information on the page.

Collect all your research

We waste so much time looking for our documents and supporting information. You may not realize this until you need to get hold of one fact you just can’t seem to find. If you were to collect all of your research information beforehand, you would save a lot of time when writing the actual paper.

Before you sit down to write, get all of this in one folder or file and make sure you organize it efficiently. It would just make everything much easier and convenient later.

Edit after

When you are writing, it is so tempting to edit your work. This is never a good idea. It takes you off your creative flow and can really mess with the time you have on hand. An essay extender can help you when you are done with your essay, but also leave this for the end.

First focus on the writing and then you can go back and proofread your work. If there are some mistakes, you can then go ahead and edit it. Get that first draft done as soon as possible.

As you write, forget about getting the grammar correctly. There are a lot of software and tools out there to help you do this correctly.

What Are Some of Your Essay Writing Methods?

There are so many methods you can use to write your essay. Everyone works differently, so you have to find what works for you.

It may take some time to identify this, but with practice, you will figure it out. These tips would be a great start if you want to write essays faster.

Always strive to improve your writing skills to make this process even more streamlined.