Best books for RRB NTPC 2017 Exam

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Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducts entrance exam under "Non Technical Popular Categories (NTPC)" for the recruitment of various posts like.

  • Commercial Apprentice (CA)
  • Traffic Apprentice (TA)
  • Goods Guard
  • Traffic Assistant
  • Line-Man
  • Gang-man
  • Senior Clerk cum Typist
  • Junior Accounts Assistant cum Typist
  • Assistant Station Master
  • Senior Time Keeper etc.
You can read about RRB NTPC Job profile for more details.

Candidates before applying for any examination should make assurance of whether they fulfill the requirements of the eligibility Criteria set by the recruiter of the examination or not.

The eligibility criteria for an examination provide the details to the candidates of all the necessary conditions and abilities and the educational qualification which a candidate needs to possess to apply for the exam.

Here are all the details of required conditions of RRB NTPC (Non-technical Popular Category) Eligibility Criteria, 2017-

Nationality of the Candidates:
  • Must be citizen of India
  • Must be subject of Nepal or
  • Must be subject of Bhutan or
  • Tibetan Refugee who came to India before 1st January 1962 to be settled permanently in India
  • A person of Indian origin migrated from Pakistan,Burma, Sri Lanka, East African countries of Kenya, the United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika and Zanzibar), Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire, Ethiopia and Vietnam with the intention of permanently settling in India

RRB (NTPC) Age Criteria 2017

Age Criteria for the Candidates Appearing for the RRB (NTPC) Exam-2017 are as Follows-
  • Applicants’ age should be between 18 years and 32 years.
  • The date of birth should lie between 01/01/1999 and 02/01/1985.
  • Candidates of the reserved category will be offered appropriate age relaxation in their upper age.

RRB NTPC Exam 2017

Is an objective type exam consisting of a total of 100 objective questions, which need to be solved in duration of 90 minutes. There will be negative marking for wrong answers. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. The exam pattern is given below

S.No. Subjects No. of Questions Maximum Marks
1 General Knowledge 20 20
2 Arithmetic Ability 25 25
3 General Intelligence 25 25
4 General Science 30 30
Total 100 Questions 100 Marks

Practice with RRB NTPC Mock Test as per the latest exam pattern.

In this article we are providing a list of useful books to clear the exam.

Best Books for RRB NTPC General Knowledge

  1. General Knowledge by Lucent Publication
  2. Objective General Knowledge by Lucent Publication
  3. 14000+ Objective Questions – General Studies by Arihant Publications ):
  4. Manorama Yearbook 2017

Best Books for RRB NTPC Reasoning

  1. A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal
  2. A New Approach to Reasoning : Verbal, Non – Verbal & Analytical by Rajesh Verma
  3. Analytical Reasoning by M. K. Pandey, Bsc Publications
  4. A New Approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal by B.S. Sijwali
  5. Analytical Reasoning by M.K. Pandey

Best Books for RRB NTPC Quantitative Aptitude

  1. Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by R. S. Aggarwal
  2. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma
  3. Magical Book On Quicker Maths by M Tyra, Bsc Publications
  4. Advance Maths for General Competitions by RakeshYadav

Best Books for RRB NTPC General Science

  1. How to prepare for General Science RRB NTPC
  2. Lucent’s General Science
  3. Kiran’s Railway to the point – General Knowledge and General Science
  4.  Magbook General Science
  5. General Science for Competitive exams

The above books along with previous year RRB NTPC  question papers will be helpful in easily cracking the RRB NTPC 2017 examination for an aspiring career in the railways.

All the Best for the Exam!

What Different Kinds of Pharmaceutical Industry Employment Are There?

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Career in Pharmaceutical Industry:  Diverse kinds of pharmaceutical industry occupations are often based upon the various requirements of pharmaceutical businesses and the basic arrangements of these huge corporations.

Science and medical employment are:

  • Quite widespread at pharmaceutical companies, normally in the development of new types of medicines and the process for its testing being applied to those products.
  • There are also other positions for people as representatives of such companies who take their products out to a number of hospitals and medical conventions.
  • A few pharmaceutical industry positions are more corporate-based, and will include officers and other posts at the larger companies that happen to tower above much of this lucrative industry.
  • Pharmaceutical industry careers cover a broad spectrum of work opportunities at various companies which are involved in the production of medication and other related types of products.
  • Medhire pharmaceutical jobs provide a range of employment opportunities for those with qualified backgrounds in the medical industry.
Science and Research

A lot of these assignments are readily available for individuals with anexpert background in science and research, including departments like biology and medicine.

People in these types of position frequently research and then go on to develop new medicines and products that will then be offered on the market by a pharmaceutical company.

There are also a number of scientific pharmaceutical industry posts for people who have an interest in testing various products, to ensure that necessary safety protocols are strictly adhered to and verify that a medication is clinically safe before it is released for public consumption on the market.

Practical Labour and Representatives

Because so many pharmaceutical companies areengaged in the manufacturing of medications, there are also other types of pharmaceutical industry employment for anyone who is involved in more practical features of the business.

These can include work for people working on assembly lines where medication is readied and packaged for distribution or sale.

There also happens to be pharmaceutical industry places for those people who are interested in representing these companies and their products being offered to consumers.

These representatives will frequently have to travel to places such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, and medical conventions to let medical professionals know about the new products and their different benefits and side effects.

Corporate Structure, Marketing and Advertising

A number of pharmaceutical industry jobs are reconnected to the running of a business, usually with a focus on corporate structure. A lot of pharmaceutical companies are:
  • Corporations with a basic set up just like other businesses, requiring swathes of workers and officers to manage the day to day operations.
  • Such people usually have a professional background in business or marketing, instead of science or industry, and these positions vary little from other collective opportunities.
And finally, there are a range of pharmaceutical industry assignments for those who work in other types of industries, such as the likes of marketing, as medications will require professional advertising and customer support just like practically every other kind of retail product.

5 Reasons to consider PMI ACP Training

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The Agile development process is seen coming into picture like an option for an established plan driven option. One can find in the waterfall model of the project management techniques in the early nineties.

One can find the approach simply working smoothly over the small projects, which has made the popularity of Agile. Well, you have enough reasons to consider the PMI ACP Training, how about catching up the five as under:

1). Get Strong Career Options

With Agile environment, one can end up creating a very strong kind of career opportunities for the IT professionals including the Testers, Quality Assurance expert and the IT Project Managers who can reach out over the specialist positions including the Agile Mentor or the Agile Scrum Master, Agile Coach or Technical Business Analyst.

There are several groups all across the world that have been looking for competent professionals who along with good knowledge of Agile can get the certification and thus get authoritative positions.

2). Boost up the Productivity

There are many surveys which clearly indicate that the business organizations are executing Agile methodologies that seem to prove more productive rather than other methods in respect to getting better time for market, taking care of the lesser time along with the budget and time frame.

One can find the Agile methodologies to boost up the cost and increasing efficiency. It can even be seen increasing the team performance along with creating amicable environment for joint decision making and doing a number of other things.

3). Get Instant Validation

Being certified with the Pmi acp training is often remain synonymous to quality professionals. You get instant recognition with this certification in the market and thus can find higher designations once you end up getting this degree. Due to this very reason, one can find a number of organizations are relying on professionals who have this certification.

They end up getting their projects deployed on time with greater efficiency and professionalism. You get an edge with this certification, which you realise the very second day of your certification.

4). Better Salary Packages

As per the recent reports shared by Project Management Institute, the PMI ACP Training can lead you good amount of salary and perks who have gained the certification. In countries like the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Holland and Germany, one can get salary more than 100000 USD.

The difference between the professionals with this certification and without certification is at least 30 percent in salary and positions. Thus one can see the surging trend among the professionals to have PMI ACP Training.

5). Get Hands on Experience in Quality Management

Unlike a few other certifications, one can find can good exposure to industry projects along with a decent amount of experience along with the implementation of several theoretical principles  to gain the real life scenarios. Gaining the PMI ACP Training, one can easily arm himself or herself with modern methods of project management giving you nothing but success.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for, keen on getting the PMI ACP Training for the certification

How to Evaluate the institutes before getting enrolled

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If you are planning for higher studies, then you should not only consider selecting the course program, but various other aspects that is related to a quality educational institute.

It is very essential to evaluate the institutes, before getting enrolled into one because a degree is accepted worldwide only when you earn it from a recognized university.

Apart from an authentic degree, factors like faculty members, infrastructure and various other elements are to be considered, if you want to sketch a successful career graph.

Many reputed institutes in the country like, the UGC recognized universities in UP provide numerous facilities for the students, so that they can develop their overall personality traits.

However, if you are not aware of these elements, then we are here to assist you. Below, some of the essential elements of a quality educational institutes are discussed that will help you to evaluate an institute.
  1. Class Size: When the class size is small and students are less in number, the teachers can teach the students properly, focusing on each and everyone in the classroom. The professors can use effective teaching-learning methods, which will allow the students to take active part in the class.
  2. Faculty Members: A renowned institute provides highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members for the students. These lecturers leave no stone unturned in order to make students learn all the necessary knowledge and skill sets. In addition to that, they groom the students with all the essential qualities that will help them in the professional field.
  3. Placement: It is another most important factor that you should consider, while evaluating the institutes. Quality institutes make sure that the graduates are well-placed from the campus interview itself. For this, the institutes even arrange special classes, so that the students can prepare themselves for the interview sessions.
  4. Broadband Connectivity: Many high class universities provide high speed internet for students both in college as well as in hostels and also allowed to take private internet connections on our own expenses.
  5. Have their Own Gymnasium: Universities also take care of health and fitness of their students and provide GYM to them to make them fit and healthy.
  6. Student health clinic: Provide On-campus nurses for first-aid treatment to students and staff members and avail information and referrals on general medical and family planning matters.

    Students can also take an appointment with a bulk-billing doctor or also get dental services at a very cheaper cost. Many Educational institutions may provide access to a full team of doctors and nurses, and some institutions may also house an on-campus pharmacy which is available at very cheaper cost.
Apart from the above discussed factors, there are various other aspects and facilities that are provided by the reputed institutes like, the UGC approved university in UP or for that matter anywhere else in the country.

Therefore, you should get enrolled into one, which will offer excellent facilities and allow you to enjoy numerous opportunities.

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Executive Search Consultants - The Best Way to Get Top Notch Candidates

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A lot of businesses are not very conversant with the advantages that can be derived from employing the services of a reputable and competent executive search firm. It is only smart for a cost-conscious business to hire human resources solutions that will provide them with the ability to manage their financial resources and time effectively and efficiently since most business' expenses are associated with human resources, including benefits, compensation, recruitment, absenteeism, and turnover.

The executive search consultants in today's world have a stable network of contacts, make use of sophisticated methods, utilize deep assessment techniques, and draw from an ocean of qualified candidates, thereby providing them with an edge that places them above the scope of most businesses.

There are a lot of reasons why some companies are hesitant to employ an executive search consultant firm to help them get leadership talents. It might be because they feel they can do it on their own, they are skeptical of the process, or because they simply don't want to pay what it costs to retain a firm.Whatever their reasons may be, these companies are losing out on the best opportunity to hire top notch candidates/leaders for their companies.

For you to be aware of what you stand to enjoy when you hire an executive search consultant, we have compiled a short list of benefits for you below. Go through them and you'll see that hiring executive search consultants is the best way to get top notch candidates for your business or company.


One of the major reasons why companies and business hire executive search consultants is because of their ability to make researches. A good executive search firm will find who the "A" players are, they'll engage them, and ensure that these talents get excited about joining your team. And all of these will be done with honesty and integrity.


A top notch candidate will not just grow your business, he/she will also grow with your business. Having this type of talents on your team is what executive search consultants are for. A competent executive search consultant sets the goal of significantly reducing turnovers by hiring only candidates with talent development in mind.

The candidate you employ for your business must be one who must be willing to work with you for years while making significant impact on your business. Only a competent executive search consultant can provide you with such talent as they look at each candidate from the perspective of future and present success.


Executive search consultants go with why you need a candidate when they are helping you to search for one. They will want to know about the goals of your company so they can find you a talent with the exact type of service you have in mind.

They won't just provide you with resumes that say a person can do something, they'll ensure that the talent they provide you with is one who can do what your company is looking for.

Increase Your Employment Chances by Doing BBA courses in Lucknow

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The BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is the undergraduate level course of management. It is considered to be the perfect course for anyone interested in doing MBA in future. You can apply for the course irrespective of your senior secondary background. The admission to this course is mostly done on the basis of the class 12th marks, though, some colleges or universities take entrance tests too.

The BBA courses in Lucknow are a precursor to the highly recognizable MBA program.

Key Stats for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The undergraduate program is more concerned with the various fundamental topics related to business operation and its management.

If you want to learn all the basics of management then this is the course for you.

The three-year program will teach you about the basics of the following topics:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and Health Management
You can select any of them for your specialization in the MBA program after graduating from this program.

Apart from these topics, you will also have to complete various projects and undergo several internships and training similar to the postgraduate management program.

The BBA courses in Uttar Pradesh will equip you with enough knowledge that you can start your own venture with confidence.

The startups are the toast of the nation right now. The “Startup India” initiative of the Indian Government is geared towards promoting entrepreneurship in India. It’s the best time to open a company in India.

The interaction with the fellow students from diverse cultures and backgrounds will widen your thinking ability and knowledge. The several seminars and projects will prepare you for the life ahead as a management professional.

You will learn to think in an analytical way by calculating all the pros and cons before making any decision. Many students find their business partner during the course of their BBA program.
BBA courses
BBA courses Students
The life of the management professionals requires them to manage a group of people. At times, the various people in the group can have different opinions or suggestions, however, it’s the job of the management professionals to lead them in an effective manner to get the maximum work output from them. They should keep everyone motivated towards their work so that that they perform up to their best level.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program will develop your communication skills.

The ability to effectively communicate with every concerned person is the key to management. Often, you have to give presentations in front of people or speak in front of a huge audience. Your undergraduate program will prepare you for such occasion through its various course module.
The job market is getting tougher by each day. Currently, only the highly skillful candidates are able to get a good job.

That makes the BBA courses in Lucknow all the more important. Various industries need such graduates offering them good remunerations compared to other graduates.

Apart from job opportunities and the higher studies, it provides the perfect knowledge to individuals to become entrepreneurship.