Tips on How to Answer Any Multiple Choice Questions

For few individuals multiple choice questions have always been a random choice or picking the right answer with the help of a rhyme. As multiple choice questions methodology are often used for competitive exams like Bank Exam.

Here are few tips that helps individuals have a better approach towards multiple choice questions and help choose the right answer in a more efficient way. Updated on 03.06.2017
Guide-How to Answer MCQ

Ignoring Conventional wisdom:Often individuals who take up objective type tests have the usual habit of guessing the middle option as the answer if it is not known to them. Or they judge the right answer based on the answer to the question above and below. Conventional wisdom has never helped much throughout the exam and hence ignoring it is vital.
  1. Terminating Incorrect Ones:Terminating the incorrect answers is a good method to be followed while answering the multiple choice questions. For those questions where the answer is not known, the options can be checked individually and terminated if the answer doesn't seem to be right. It will also help in cases where the candidate might first pick out the wrong answer.
  2. Testing the options:The options can be tested with a true or false test after reading the question carefully. The answers which result as false can be ignored and the most appropriate answer can be found.
  3. Handling all of the above:In a multiple choice question if there is an option as “all of the above”, make sure there is a minimum of two or more right answers before the ‘all of the above’ choice is opted.
  4. Longest options:While taking up multiple choice questions there are questions that have options of variable sizes. If the answer to the question is not known and this condition applies, the longest option can be opted as it is a fact that the question designer couldn't format a short answer.
  5. Focus on the keywords:By Focusing on the keywords in the question the candidate will get a better idea of the options and will help in narrowing down the meaning. By this method the right answer can be matched with the keywords of the question.
  6. Opposites:In a multiple choice paper if two questions are completely opposite there are chances that one of them might be the right answer. It is usually a trick by the professors to check the knowledge of the student in the subject.
  7. Practicing:‘Practice brings Perfection’. As it is said for any exam, the best way to score maximum marks is through sufficient amount of practice. Practising previous question papers, mock test and various guidelines can be a way to revise for these types of exams.
  8. Learning from mistakes:Going through the answer sheet once it is returned back to you is always a good way to check the mistakes and learn from it. The wrong answers can be reviewed and analyzed how the mistake had occurred and by figuring out what had made you to pick the incorrect answer. Analyzing these points will prevent you from making these mistakes again.
With the help of these tips the candidates will have a better approach towards the exam and the method of attempting any multiple choice question for answer to questions that are not known. These tips will help in scoring good marks in these competitive exams as there are many number of individuals who are attempting these exams like IBPS PO, sbipo as the perks of bank jobs are high. For more guidance in bank exam subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube channel.

A guide to choosing Uni Accommodation for Students in Portsmouth

So you’ve been successful in winning a place at University, and you’re off to Portsmouth. Congratulations!

However, just before you get carried away dreaming about all the fun you will be having in your new student life, there’s one big thing to sort out beforehand. Yes, it’s a pain, but you will need to think about choosing uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth - and quickly!
University of Portsmouth
University of Portsmouth

Why? Because it’s one of the biggest headaches, and having the right university accommodation is one of the main aspects for a settled student life. Whilst there’s many tales of student accommodation hell, it need not be stressful when choosing uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth - as this article will show.

Start with thinking about your ideal uni accommodation

We’ve heard all the stories about students struggling for money, and it’s not just through partying. Living costs, transport, rent, utilities and other costs can soon eat into your budget if you’re not careful.

Be wary of choosing university accommodation for students in Portsmouth that is too expensive, as you certainly don’t want to blow all your money on rent and have none for everyday life.

Equally, you don’t want to scrimp too much on university accommodation, as you need to be settled, rested, comfortable in your new student life to have the best chance of success.

So take a few moments and think about the following:-

Would you rather have student uni accommodation in Portsmouth on your own, or share with a group?

Whilst it can be fun - and cheaper - to share costs with other students, don’t forget why you’re at university in Portsmouth in the first place - to study!

You need a space to retreat to, to get away from stresses, noise and chaos and so it’s sometimes worth checking how you can get this? Is it a private room in a shared uni accommodation, or a room in a Hall of Residence?

If you really want to stretch your budget, you could take a private bedsit, studio apartment or similar but remember our advice on keeping the costs down.

Don’t forget your living expenses

When you are choosing uni accommodation for students in Portsmouth, don’t forget everyday living costs - and we’re not talking about cider here!

You may be able to afford the rent, but take care to consider the following:-
  1. Transport costs to/from Uni (and home)
  2. Utility bills
  3. Ground charges - e.g. council tax, car parking, lease or security charges etc.
  4. Food (and drink)
  5. Cooking facilities (despite what students say, you can’t live on takeaways!)
  6. Gym charges/lifestyle fees (e.g. social clubs or groups, sports clubs etc.)

Stay flexible

Even if you think you’ve found your dream university accommodation for students in Portsmouth, remember that things can change quickly.

You may change course, campus, or meet ‘that special someone’ and want to move in with them, so ensure you’re not overcommitted contractually on student accommodation.

Our advice is to choose the most flexible commitment for university accommodation in Portsmouth. 

This means don’t commit to one place for the full duration - e.g. two or three years - of your course unless you’re certain it will still be as suitable for you in three years as it is today.

Early Education for Expat Children

The expat life certainly has its attractions, with higher than average, tax free salaries and general benefits that lure many professional people to exotic and faraway places. Expat communities are commonly found in many Middle East countries, as their wealth allows for rapid development, and with the major players all having a strong presence there, the need for professional people is always at a premium.

The majority of British professionals who opt for an expat posting are single, either that, or their partner remains at home and takes care of the children, but there are some young couples who decide to take the family and settle in a strange land for the duration of the employment contract. Updated on 31.05.2017
Early Education for Expat Children
Early Scholling for Expat Children

Early Schooling

With both mum and dad hard at work each day, a young toddler will need to be cared for, and the ideal situation for this first separation would be a nursery school. At two years old, a child is ready to explore the world of others, and if you have a single adult taking care of the child at this time, they will miss out on the social aspect of being around other children of similar ages. If you and your partner are about to sign a contract to work in Dubai, you might want to look at, where you can learn about the best British nursery that will prepare your child for the UK curriculum.

Social Development

This is perhaps the most important aspect to nursery education. By immersing the child in an environment with others of a similar age, important social skills are introduced, and these form the basis for a well-balanced academic education. Learning to share and help each other will give the child self-confidence, and with guided activities that are designed to develop specific social skills, the young learners learn how to live in the presence of others.

Creativity and Imagination

Modern education requires the learner to develop both creativity and imagination at a young age, and this is primarily the role of nursery education. Trained adults model the concept of make believe and with storytelling and drama productions, the young minds are guided into self-exploration, and these qualities will empower the child to pursue their chosen interests later in life.

The Role of Parents

During this time, your child will experience being apart from the two most important people in their life. For a toddler, mum and dad are the only thing they really know, and when it comes to the time for branching out, parental support is essential. Once you have sourced a nursery school, take your child along for a short visit, and when the program begins, at least they have experienced the environment on one occasion.

The first day can be an emotional experience, for both parent and child, and if your child is not yet ready to see you walk out the door, wait a while and join in with the activities, which is usually enough to hold their interest.

You can use the Internet to make a shortlist of potential nursery schools, and if you are British, try to find a nursery that follows the UK curriculum.

Create a Bond with Your Customers

Thankfully, expert copywriters recognize and apprehend what needs to be executed so as for a website to acquire effective seek engine results. Although there's no mystery or magic formula, numerous vital elements really do want to be considered while writing replica with SEO in thoughts web copywriter. Updated on 31.05.2017

Here at Mint candy, we are capable of supply all of these essentially essential copywriting advantages to your corporation. For any inquiries, get in contact with us today. Any replica you operate in your advertising is a reflection to your enterprise. It need to carry the nice and professionalism that you carry for your paintings.

It’s the photograph clients will in all likelihood form about your commercial enterprise and the phrases they may use whilst describing it to their friends, whether or not without delay or on social media.

Specifically, what advantages can you derive from nicely-written reproduction on your marketing materials web copywriter?
  • Make your name and message stand out amid the muddle
  • Differentiate your business from its many competitors
  • Establish credibility as an enterprise authority
  • Build your emblem’s photograph and recognizability
  • Clarify the blessings of ordering your product or deciding on your service
  • Help you set up an immediate rapport together with your prospects
  • Improve conversion prices of potentialities to customers. Ka-ching!
  • Increase patron loyalty by confirming to the customer that he/she has made an excellent selection in selecting to do business with you
Quality replica is a vital component in growing a bond with your clients, both in first of all gaining their agree with and later in sustaining their loyal patronage.

We live in an generation of sound bites and one hundred forty man or woman messages, however appropriate writing nevertheless topics in relation to advertising and marketing your business.  In truth, some would argue it’s more vital than ever in nowadays aggressive landscape, specifically with the burgeoning function of social media.

Good Copywriting Is Invisible

Well-written replica gives you your message without attracting interest to the mechanics of your sentences.  If you’ve ever examine poorly-written reproduction, you know the alternative takes place.

You locate you’re now not centered on the message however as an alternative the awkwardness of the announcement or the careless preference of phrases.  It slows your studying tempo and distracts from the thoughts you’re seeking to deliver.

What Constitutes Good Writing?

Readers want you to get to the point.  They’re busy.  They produce other media competing for their attention.  Make it clean and enjoyable for them to waft through your paragraphs.

Good writing is easy. 

It’s clean to recognize.

It lacks pointless complexity.

The vocabulary is varied but no longer pretentious.  Why select a flowery, multi-syllabic phrase while a shorter one will do (i.e. Use vs. Make use of, often vs. commonly)?

Weed out greater phrases to enhance clarity.  Get rid of redundancies, clich├ęs and fluff.  Delete energy-sapping phrases like: very, truly, simply, pretty and rather.

What makes writing even greater thrilling than its style is its substance.  Focus on content over craft.

Deliver your message in its purest shape.  

Your content will percent extra electricity and inspire more response.

Bad Writing Can Damage Your Business

If the benefits by me are not sufficiently compelling to justify the cost of hiring an expert copywriter, bear in mind the turn aspect.  Bad writing will have a profound terrible impact in your commercial enterprise.

Specifically, here’s what poorly-written reproduction can do for you:
  • Fail to get you observed
  • Hamper your efforts to attract clients, buyers and fine employees
  • Damage your company image by means of making you appearance unprofessional
  • Enhance your competition by using making them appearance higher via contrast
  • Result in misplaced sales
  • Make existing clients question their decision to do commercial enterprise with you
  • The Art of Persuasion Begins with Good Copy
Think of your replica–whether for an advert, brochure or website–as your mystery salesperson.  Its process, similar to a salesperson’s, is to influence the reader to buy your product or service.  Be positive it's going to make a favorable impact, one this is constant together with your branding.

In these day’s media-rich global, there’s no scarcity of messages competing in your clients’ attention.  You don’t want to lose out because your replica is useless.Quality content written by means of a professional copywriter may cost a little you cash up front, but your go back on funding in leads and sales generated must make it pay for itself in many instances over.

Three Top Tips to Ace Your Medical School Interview

If you are applying to study at medical school and have been short-listed as a suitable candidate, then it’s likely that you will be invited to take part in an interview.

At medical schools, admissions officers will use the interview to determine the best candidates for the program by identifying which applicants are the most suitable in terms of personality traits such as empathy, maturity, and interpersonal and communication skills.

When you apply to study medicine, the school will want to know exactly what kind of person you are before they agree to let you enrol on the program.

So, what can you do to improve your chances of standing out for all the right reasons in your medical school interview? Let’s find out.

Medical School Interview Preparation Tips
Medical School Interview Preparation Tips
Royalty Free Photo

Tip #1. Research Beforehand:

Once you have sent your OMSAS application and have been invited to an interview, it’s a good idea to carry out some extensive research on the school that you are hoping to study medicine at.

During the interview, you’re likely going to be asked questions such as ‘why do you want to study here?’. Of course, your reason may be something as simple as the fact that the school is conveniently located to where you currently live or work, but remember that that won’t sound very impressive to your interviewer.

Learn as much as you can about the school, teachers, past students, and the programs that they offer so that you can showcase your knowledge.

In addition, you should become familiar with the kind of values that the school adheres to so that you can demonstrate how well you would fit in.

Tip #2. Make a Good First Impression:

Studying at medical school usually means that you want to work in a highly respected medical career in the future, such as a physician or a surgeon.

When medical schools select their students, they are looking for individuals who can make a great first impression; they want people who take great pride in looking after themselves.

After all, you are going to be training for a job that involves the looking after and caring for others.

Remember that the tone of your interview will quickly be set in the first few minutes or seconds; if you fail to make a good impression, you may find it more difficult to convince the interviewer why you are a good fit.

Along with dressing smartly and bringing all the relevant documents along in a portfolio, you should carry yourself with confidence and a smile.

Tip #3. Prepare Great Questions:

During a medical school interview, it’s not only good to be prepared for the questions that you’re going to be asked – you should have some great questions of your own to ask, too.

This is also a good way to demonstrate your knowledge of the school; don’t ask questions that you could have easily found the answer to by simply looking on their website or in the prospectus.

Make a list of anything that would be important to you when studying at medical school, for example internship and work experience opportunities, teaching styles, and classroom or workshop sizes.

Good luck with your application!

UP Board Re-exam-Date 2017

UP Board High School-Intermediate Re-exam: Date for 2017 session has declared for the paper that were canceled. The UP Board cancels paper re-examination date is 21 and 22 April, 2107. The paper will in two shifts: morning and evening pally.

Latest Update 26 May,2017

UP Board will follow the CBSE and HC order for Marks moderation policy

U.P. Board High School (Class X) cancel paper (Re-exam) 2017 Date

On the 21.04.17 in first meeting following subjects’ paper scheduled /scheme In first meeting. The morning shift starts from 10 AM.
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Prarambhik Mathematics
22.04.17-1st Shift time is 10:00 AM
  • High School Agriculture cancels exam paper

UP Board Intermediate Re-Exam (Canceled paper) 2017

22 April, 2017, First morning from 7.30-10.45 AM for following subjects First Paper (FP)
  • Hindi (FP)
  • Samanya Hindi (FP)
  • History (Itihas) FP
  • Gerh Vigyan Home Science (FP)
  • Art/ChitrKala/Alekhen (FP)
  • Samaj Sastra (FP)
  • Physics/Bhottik Vigyan (FP)
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
Intermediate 2nd Shift on 22.04.17 from 2:00 PM to 5:15
  • Hindi 2nd paper
  • Samanya Hindi
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Account (Bahi – Khata and Lekha )

What is the UP Board Re-examination?

Actually, the Uttar Pradesh Madhyamic Board has canceled a few papers in this session, because of different reasons officially or cheating complaint or whatever, and now Asia’s largest education board organizing that cancel exams on new dates. You have to appear in reexamination, so that High School/Intermediate Result clearly shows them pass.

Students Have not to pay any extra fee, no need to download/change admit card, all things will same, you have to just attend and solve the paper in the usual manner. You have not to worry, it is similar to other exams.