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Creating Educational Training Videos with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review

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Creating Educational Training Videos with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio Review
Do you need to create educational training videos to teach a particular skill or method to others? If it involves anything on a computer then the best way to do so is by using screen capture to record the video footage that you need directly from your screen. By doing so, you can quite literally show viewers the steps as you guide them through the process.
Creating Educational Training Videos

Multimedia Courses: Give a boost to your imagination through multimedia

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Multimedia Courses: Give a boost to your imagination through multimedia
The aspiring candidates, who wish to do multimedia courses, can opt for either full-time degree courses or part-time diploma courses. A multimedia course generally includes studies on topics like films and web designing.
Multimedia courses iN Delhi
Multimedia courses

9 Unconventional Career Options Anyone Can Pursue!

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9 Unconventional Career Options Anyone Can Pursue!
If you are keen to pursue a career that is different from the conventional ones, you have got a number of options.

Thanks to the digital revolution, students and young professionals are exposed to several lucrative career opportunities.

When you undergo training in the short term courses after your 12th grade or graduation, you can go for various unconventional career options. Latest Updated on May 14, 2018

Here are nine such (Offbeat/ Unconventional ) Careers you can pursue.

1. Web designer
Unconventional Career

Students completing the computer courses after their college can become web designers and earn good money. Companies are on the hunt for fresh energy in the domain, and you can grab this opportunity. Get across to a reputed institution to master the digital skills.

2. Network security expert
Unconventional Career
With cyber crime on the rise, companies are seeking experts with knowledge on network security. You can enroll for the courses after graduation and brace up for these jobs. You can also learn ethical hacking and keep the system protected against security breaches.

3. Blogging
Blogging-Unconventional Career
If you love writing, you can create your own identity in the digital space. However, you will require certain digital skills to train yourself up. Students often undergo the courses after graduation to acquire the desired skills.

4. Food tasting
Unconventional Career in Food Tasting
Leading food and beverage brands hire experts who can identify tastes. Well, if you are a foodie, you can go for these jobs. You will have a wide variety of edibles to taste.

5. Animator
Unconventional Career
After undergoing training through the computer courses, you can establish yourself as an animator. It involves creativity and technical skills. Trained animators enjoy lucrative job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

6. Pet sitters
Unconventional Career
Well, if you are fond of animals, you can be a good pet sitter. These people simply need to spend time with other peoples’ pets and take care of them.

7. Video game tester
Unconventional Career
In case you are fond of playing video games, you can make good money, being a video game tester. The gaming industry is evolving, and the game-makers are looking for dynamic people to test new games and recommend positive changes. You can complete your ccna course to bolster your CV.

8. App tester
Unconventional Career
The role of an app tester is similar to that of a video game tester. However, you need to have the digital skills and a comprehensive knowledge on the type of apps you are going to test.

9. Ethical hacker
Ethical hackers are in great demand, as companies need to try and test the security of their systems.

You need to enroll for the short term courses in order to master the desired skills.

The computer courses will help you to establish an unconventional and exciting career.

 Published Date: May 14, 2018 16:35 PM | Updated Date: May 14, 2018 16:35 PM

Top 10 Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Take

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Top 10 Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Take
As a business owner, you understand the importance of using all available resources. You might use an online slogan generator to aid your marketing or a logo generator to fine-tune your visual branding.

You might post questions on a discussion board or Q&A site to get advice from others in your industry. However, you might not be taking advantage of all the online educational tools available. Latest Updated on May 19, 2018
Whether you’re just starting your business journey and need a solid knowledge foundation or you’re looking to master new skills to take your business to the next level, these online courses provide a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

1.Becoming an Entrepreneur.
This six-week introductory course from MIT Launch provides a thorough overview of entrepreneurship. Videos and exercises address common myths and explain how to identify opportunities and set business goals. Learn how to perform market research to pinpoint your target audience, design and test products, develop a sales pitch, and handle the logistics of running a business.

2.Starting a Business and Finding the Right Idea.

The business specialty program created by Michigan State University features six mini-courses exploring the major components of becoming an entrepreneur, from developing the right mindset and applying your creativity to mastering the four Ps of planning (principle, proposal, proof, and practice) and building a business structure. The last two courses guide you through the Capstone Experience where you’ll go through the steps to starting a business in real time.

3.Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses.

Bestselling author Guy Kawasaki teams up with business partner Bill Reichert in this 14-part video lecture series on Skillshare. Drawing on their collective experience in product innovation and evangelism, they discuss strategies for bringing your ideas to life and attracting investor interest. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your own pitch deck and get feedback on your latest business idea.

4. Value Pricing and Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs.

In one of her many courses on CreativeLive, Tara Gentile demonstrates how to amplify your earning potential through cultivating multiple revenue streams and using value pricing rather than charging an hourly rate. These video lessons are particularly helpful for freelancers, consultants, and other service providers who are looking for a more sustainable business model.

5. Success Triggers.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people achieve success and find happiness when so many others fail, check out Ramit Sethi’s course on the cognitive patterns of top entrepreneurs and strategies for adopting their game-changing mindset. Find how to dominate your field, double your productivity, develop unshakable self-confidence, make the investments that matter, and open yourself to abundance.

6. The QuickSprout University Marketing Course Library.

Neil Patel and the rest of the QuickSprout team provide 140 free video tutorials, ranging from beginning to advanced, on a wide range of online marketing topics. Learn the basics of SEO and link building. Develop a detailed understanding of paid advertising and content marketing. Master the nuances of reputation management, conversion optimization, and consumer psychology.


Seth Godin’s intensive four-week online workshop is designed for high-performing entrepreneurs who want to kick their careers up a notch. The course focuses on curated readings, teamwork, personalized feedback, and a series of 13 product-launching projects. Alumni from companies like Nike, Google, and Microsoft return to coach new recruits.

8.Copywriting Secrets.

This course covers one of the most essential skills for anyone in the business world: the ability to write compelling sales copy. Learn how to harness the power of words to generate sales leads, apply emotional drivers and real-life examples, leverage features and benefits, craft powerful calls to action, and create professional press releases and white papers. The course also offers tips on interviewing customers for case studies and pursuing guest blogging opportunities.
9.How I Hit #1 on Google.

Matt Jensen’s course on Udemy is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to SEO marketing. Through creating your own Wordpress blog, you’ll learn how to improve conversions, boost click-through rate, optimize your content, create backlinks, and use informational posts to lead visitors to purchase pages. You’ll also find out how to increase your site’s loading speed, make your content mobile-friendly, and use the right plugins to make your posts go viral.

10.The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation.

If you want to learn more about design, this free resource package from HubSpot is a great way to get your feet wet. Discover how to create visual content that will grab a prospect’s attention without spending a fortune on software.

The course includes 10 DIY design commandments, 23 budget-friendly design tools, 60 customizable PowerPoint templates you can use to create social media images, and much more.

What courses have you taken to keep your entrepreneurial skills sharp? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Published Date: May 19, 2018 15:32 PM | Updated Date: May 19, 2018 15:32 PM

The CPA Exam Prep Guide

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The CPA Exam Prep Guide
If you are particularly intent on pursuing your career in the public accountancy sector, either owing to the impressive professional outlook or your interests, you must be well aware of the Certified Public Accountant – the CPA. Latest Updated on Mar 13, 2018

CPA is regarded to be the gold standard of the field of public accountancy: with an astonishing pass rate of approximately 49%, the CPA exam distinctly discerns the CPAs from standard public accountants by strategically assessing the expertise that is indispensable for excelling in the public accountancy domain.
CPA Exam Prep Guide
For candidates preparing for the CPA examination, abundant of CPA prep and review courses are offered to lead the individuals along the way of securing high scores in the first attempt.

However, the candidates are rather disoriented when it comes to selecting the most apt preparatory course that matches their requirements.

Following are brief reviews of the top CPA Prep Courses that are promising when it comes to procuring high scores in the CPA exam:

Roger CPA Review

The Roger CPA Review, taught by Roger Philips, is widelyappreciated for helping over 85000 students with a pass rate of 87%! It offers over 120 hours of engaging, zestful video lectures wherein hard-to-understand concepts are broken down into comprehensible lessons.

The use of mnemonics and other memorization tools aids the students to efficiently retain the learned concepts. In addition, the students are provided with a collection of practice questions and around the clock homework help center such that they can master every concept and clear out any confusions by accessing experts for help.

The Roger CPA review course is integrated with SmartPath technology which keeps track of your progress and compares it to those who have successfully passed the exam, providing feedback regarding areas that need to be focused on extensively.Moreover, the Roger CPA Reviewcourse is available in an audio version too that focus directly on the CPA syllabus for those who prefer audio learning over video.

The detailed insights on Roger CPA Review review can be viewed here.

Wiley CPAexcel

CPA review course by Wiley CPAexcel consists of bite-sized lectures that are the best option for those who have troubles with managing time for the exam prep. The core topics are divided into smaller yet informative lectures that are easily digestible.

Along with a wide array of practice questions, Wiley deliversdiagnostic exams for each topic to master your concepts. Moreover, a stimulated CPA exam at the end of the coursework gives the student a taste of what to expect on the actual exam day!

The Wiley CPAexcel app is mobile friendly and permits the students to make use of the study material no matter where they are. Further, the unlimited course access never expires so you can make use of the study resources without worrying about the subscription period.

Surgent CPA Review

The Surgent CPA review course is taught by seasoned instructors who have years of experience in the CPA exam prep – this increases the efficiency of the course which is trimmed down to essential topics as the instructors offer insightful tips that they have accumulated over their teaching years.

The lifetime access enables the students to study freely without having to worry about the expiration of the course; the money-back guarantee by Surgent is certainly an indication of the confidence they have in their services.

Although the CPA exam is a laborious one as it demands intense hard work, victoriously passing it with a good score is now straight-forward because of the CPA exam review courses that are offered. If you are planning to register for the CPA exam, it is definitely a good idea to enroll in one of the programs and start your preparation!

Want a Better Rank in JEE? Choose Digital as Your Learning Mode

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Want a Better Rank in JEE? Choose Digital as Your Learning Mode
IIT JEE is one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in India. The exam tests the true grit of a student who wants to get admission to the engineering college in India.

Clearing the exam is about patience, determination, strong fundamentals and the ability to manage time effectively.

However, even after putting hard work and abilities to the maximum, students are not able to achieve good score in the exam. Latest Updated on Jun 21, 2018

The bridge between clearing an exam and achieving good score can be filled with the immense study resources available on the digital platforms. One such platform is Aakash iTutor – a program that provides online coaching for JEE.

This program provides you with high quality recorded video lectures, comprehensive eBooks, and practice tests.

In addition, this program enables you to study at your home in a contented environment and choose your own pace for learning so that you achieve better results.

There are many other advantages of learning through digital platforms that help you in achieving a better score.

  1. Coaching at Your Doorstep When you opt for learning via digital platforms you do not need to concern yourself with every day travel.

    You can receive top-notch coaching at your doorstep. Enroll in the program and study with high concentration in your suited environment.

    With no distraction, you can focus better on studies and achieve a good rank in the JEE entrance exam.
  2. Convenient and Flexible Programs such as Aakash iTutorallow you to access study material and lectures anytime and anywhere.

    You can schedule your study timetable according to your preferences.

    Be it midnight or early morning you can access highly comprehensive study material produced by experienced faculty.

    You can also study at your pace to gain maximum benefit from the recorded video lectures.
  3. Pocket-friendly Learning via digital platforms is extremely pocket-friendly for those residing in a non-metro city with no proven coaching centres.

    For students who cannot relocate to other towns for studies due to financial problems or cannot afford high fees of regular coaching classes, this platform provides everything they need to score a good rank in JEE.

    With the availability of eBooks, this program helps you in avoiding any extra expenses on extra books.

    The program also provides you access to All India Test Series such as AIATS, through with you can evaluate your performance on a national level and boost your efforts to increase the chances of your selection.
  4. Digitalized content As the complete study platform is digitalised, it can be accessed anywhere, any time on a tablet,laptop or mobile phone.

    All the study material available can also be accessed offline, in case you do not have access to the internet on a daily basis.

    You can access the study material with ease and devote your time in achieving a good rank in the exam.
  5. Strong Platform for Better Connections Online learning also provides you with abetter platform to connect with other IIT JEE aspirants.

    You can contact students sharing similar dream and help each other with different problems you are facing in studies.

    E-learning also helps you in clearing your doubts with ease as many students have common doubts while studying and can help each other in removing those doubts by participating in the discussions on various forums.
  6. Expert Solutions for Doubts Doubts during studies are a sure sign of effective study methods. But many times, students are not able to ask the faculty to clear their doubts in classes due to their shy nature.

    In E-learning you can get any doubts resolved you are facing with the help of online faculty. The faculty happily provides proper instructions on how one can achieve best results by enhancing their performance.

    You can contact them by email or chat to discuss the problems that you think can minimize your chances of clearing the exam.
The competition is fierce for IIT entrance exams,and a good rank is essential to secure a seat in the best colleges of the country. With hard work, excellent study material and faculty support you can easily clear the entrance exam.

But the edge to secure a good rank in the entrance exam can only be provided by effective utilisation of the resources.

Online coaching for JEE offers students the required resources to clear the exams with flying colours. Published Date: Jun 21, 2018 13:01 PM | Updated Date: Jun 21, 2018 13:01 PM

Important Preparation Tips For CAT 2018 Exam

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Important Preparation Tips For CAT 2018 Exam
Numerous MBA aspirants appear for the CAT exam every year to get into their preferred institute. CAT is conducted by the IIMs every year and the scores are required as a selection criterion in all the IIMs and several other B-schools in the country.

The CAT includes 3 sections with 100 questions. To ace the CAT, aspirants need to be thoroughly prepared and confident. Here, a few important preparation tips are given to help the CAT aspirants to prepare more effectively for the exam.


Last Updated on 19.03.18

  1. Start Early-For CAT, it is extremely important to dedicate enough time for preparation. The CAT preparation includes learning the concepts, practicing, taking mock tests, analyzing them and revising. Ideally, this whole process requires at least 8-10 months. So, it is important to start CAT preparation early.
  2. Strategize-Having a proper preparation strategy is probably the most important step in CAT preparation. Analyze the weak and strong topics properly and strategize a preparation plan accordingly. A mock test can be taken initially for self-analysis. It is also important to give equal importance to all the topics in CAT syllabus. Stick to the preparation plan and take mock tests periodically.
  3. Practice-To tackle CAT questions efficiently, rigorous practice is necessary. By practicing different question variations, one can easily be confident to solve any question in the exam. It is suggested to solve several CAT sample papers along with previous year papers to know the actual pattern and difficulty of the questions.
  4. Mock Tests-CAT mock tests can help to analyze the current preparation level. By taking periodic CAT mock tests and analyzing them properly can help to understand the weak and strong topics and thereby, strategize accordingly. Taking CAT mock test can also help to know the exam better and get acquainted with the actual exam scenario. This can help to strategize test-taking and time-management strategies for the CAT.
  5. Revision-A periodic revision is very crucial to be able to retain the learned concepts for longer. It is also important not to learn any new topic at the last minute and focus only on revision and practice at that time. Having notes about the important concepts prove to be a great help during revision.
These were a few important tips that can help to prepare for CAT in a more effective way. The exam is conducted by the end of November every year and the CAT registration starts by August. Almost a quarter of a million MBA aspirants register for the exam every year. So, it can be said that CAT is an extremely competitive exam and one needs proper dedication to ace it.

Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel and check the video lessons of various important CAT topics.

Learn from those engaging video lessons and have a more effective CAT preparation.


Top Tips to Remember Formulae for NEET 2018

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Top Tips to Remember Formulae for NEET 2018
Preparing for competitive examinations like NEET is a tough nut. Even if you have all the NEET study material by your side, it can become super difficult to mug up all the formulae.

However, if you study only to remember all of them, you will eventually forget, but if you study with an aim to understand, remembering even the tough ones will become a cakewalk.

Also, remembering all the formulas in a single day is not possible. This tough task requires much patience and should be spread all over your study schedule.

So, if you are aiming to crack NEET 2018, here we have listed a few tips that will help you remember formulas like a pro.

UGC NEET 2018 - National Eligibility Entrance Test 2018

NEET 2018

Tip 1 – Pay Attention

Many students have a habit of not paying attention to what is being taught in the class. Giving heed to the formulas when they are being taught in the class is one of the beat ways to remember them. The reason is that when something is taught for the first time, the brain’s absorption power at that time is at its peak.

Even if you are taking help from pre-recorded video lectures from any of the platforms like Aakash iTutor, pay good attention when watching the video for the first time. Doing this, you are etching them in your mind for a long time while decreasing the burden of revision.

Tip 2–Visualise Them

Another great way to learn and remember formulas is by creating a visual picture of them. By visualising everything you learn, your brain will have an imprint of all the formulas,and it will make you recall them at a faster rate.

Whether you are drawing them on a chart and pasting it in front of you or creating small sticky notes, the choice is yours. You can also keep the formulas scattered at all the places so that you get to see a few whenever you reach your study table.

Tip 3–Read, Read, Read & Revise

Understanding the formulas repeatedly will significantly help you memorise them. Also, this will create a concrete picture of each of the formulas in your mind.

Also, you can also pen each down while reading (it bolsters learning). If you have a proper study schedule planned, make sure you have at least an hour dedicated to reading and revision of formulas.

Tip 4 – Know Your Problem Areas

Many students just try to mug up formulas without identifying their problem areas. You may find a few easy and others difficult. So, make sure you have two lists with the easy ones and difficult ones divided separately.

Understanding your weak areas and hovering onto them will make you learn faster. The moment you have the list of your weak areas separate, it will help you take your preparation further in an easy way. Learning formulas is not rocket science, but not an easy task either. So, make sure you know how to approach them well.

Tip 5–Understand Them Well

As stated earlier, mugging up formulas will do no good. You need to understand them well to get a better understanding of each. A better understanding will help you apply them efficiently and recall them well on the examination day.

In addition, understand the basics that will help you build them up well. Break them down into parts and then try learning them up.

If applied well, these techniques will help you ace in the upcoming NEET 2018 examination. Keep all the NEET study material at one place and make sure you take advantage of the learning tips provided above.

Record-Repeat and Revise Classroom Lectures

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Record-Repeat and Revise Classroom Lectures
Technologies for the purpose of education are ever increasing and growing. For instance, nowadays, Internet based learning activities have become so popular, they provide multiple possibilities for international communication.

One often wonders that what if such technologies could also be used for personal learning.This would not only enable students to improve retention, but also they can master a particular topic or else could understand the subject matter better with repetitions.

Not only students, but educational institution, all around the world are highly recognized the importance of such education values. The principal task is to examine solutions available in the market to find the best one.

Record Classroom Lectures
Record Classroom Lectures

The Best Solution:

In this case lecture video recorder comes up as the best answer. Lecture recording is the process of capturing the visual and audio components of a lecture. Two basic components of a lecture recording process are:
  • Hardware: It consists of the capturing equipment, the server, repository and the viewing component. These instruments are microphone and video input. A lecture recorder capture analog signals, digitize them and let one view the same by further processing through the software.
  • Software: Software processes the captured signals and works in synergy with the hardware to provide an effective recording and broadcasting service if required.
Further, there are two types of recording:
  • Synchronous: It refers to the process when at the time of recording, the lecture is broadcast to a live audience.
  • Asynchronous: A recorded lecture can be assessed after the recording has been made.
Types of Equipment Available for Recording:

A large number of solutions are available today for performing this activity. These can be mainly listed in the following categories of equipment:
  • Systems which can be integrated with room and are portable
  • Course management systems
  • Screen Casting systems
Advantages of Recording Lectures:
  • It aids in recording presentations, lectures and training.
  • Recorded content can be uploaded on internet and a vast range of users can view and benefit from it.
  • One can make the self assessment regarding the movements and voice pitch after recording a presentation made by the same person.
  • Institutes can add important lectures in their course management systems. They can also keep a check on the quality of education being imparted at their institute.
  • The audience can watch the content anytime and anywhere. Training can even be published on different platforms and in different formats.
The recordings are often ruined by poor equipment, there is a lot of factors to be considered for clear recording which are all being taken care of in a professional equipment. Such especially made for recording purpose lecture capture solutions are therefore considered to be the best equipment.

Moreover, they have an amazing ability to make a student's life a whole lot easier. And at the same time they can also be used to create an archive of all lectures for the purpose of accountability and educational purposes, which could benefit the educational institutions.

LSAT Prep Courses: Prepare for your LSAT Exam

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LSAT Prep Courses: Prepare for your LSAT Exam
The applicants to Law Schools are enlightened with the pivotal role the LSAT scores portray in the admission process of their dream schools.

Since the LSAT score is the common characteristic amongst all the received applications,the LSAT score is deemed as the single most significant factor that forms the criteria upon which admissions are granted in a majority of the Law Schools. Latest Updated on July 14, 2018 

However, securing high scores in the first attempt of the LSAT examination is unquestionably back-breaking!
The exam, based upon five 35-minute sections, is tactically framed to assess the knowledge and skills that are indispensable for excelling in the law schools – the comprehension of complex texts with precision to extrapolate inferences from it; the evaluation and interpretation of arguments and reasoning; and the capability to reflect critically.

To aid the applicants in the preparation of the LSAT exam, many educational institutions and organizations have developed their versions of LSAT Prep and Review courses.

Nonetheless, due to the diversity of courses being offered, one is left rather muddled-while identifying the prep course best suited to their needs.

Here are some of the top LSAT prep courses in the market along with their most notable features.

LSATMax Prep Course

LSATMax prep courses are the finest option for tech-savvy students as the LSATMax mobile app, loaded with various learning tools, enables you to view as well as download material to your mobile phones, no matter where you are.

Moreover, the app determines your performance to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to focus on your weak areas. The LSATMax Prep Courses are offered in a series of packages that can cater to the needs of multiple students and accommodate any budget as well.

Alpha Score LSAT Prep Review

Alpha score presents comprehensive and commanding lectures that are synchronized with the pace of the student – they can be viewed at varying speeds as required by the student. In addition, you can avail personalized assistance from competent and seasoned instructors to provide you with additional guidance during your LSAT exam prep.

Alpha Score prep courses are supplemented with a collection of practice questions and full-length exams, allowing the students to master their concepts.

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep

The Princeton Review not only delivers one-on-one time with instructors but also allows the candidates to acquire their assistance out of the scheduled sessions. All of the course packages by Princeton are accompanied by an array of study material that includes video lectures, online drills, practice questions and much more! Further, Princeton also promises a money back guarantee if an individual is unable to achieve high scores on the first attempt.

The prominent thing about all these review courses and others on the market is the fact that they offer amazing discounts to help you save up for your Law School. To avail Princeton, Alpha Score and LSAT Max Promos and discounts along with many others, please visit here.

Exceptional LSAT scores are just a choice away, thanks to the resources delivered by the online LSAT prep and review courses. With an LSAT prep course that adapts to your learning style and abilities, it is guaranteed that the LSAT exam can be passed with excellent scores to open the doors to your dream school!

21 Must Have And Best Education Apps For Smart Students

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21 Must Have And Best Education Apps For Smart Students
The upcoming time mandates the student population to use prodigious gadgets that stimulate technologically improved knowledge and refine their creative minds.

One has to accept the fact that several innovative Apps launched through the handsets significantly enhance the potential and garnish the raw ideas with additional beneficial information.

Both Apple and Android provide amazing set of programs and apps for college students that acts as a helping hand by offering a reincarnated or advanced learning process.

We are here to share 21 best Education apps for students,one must use once and forever after then.

1. Star Walk
Review : Extremely nice app! And what the H*ll, it might be a bit pricey with everything added up, but it just seems to do everything right! And the Info you get on Objects in friggin’ awesome!!! If I had one complaint, it would be to get a closer view of Satellites (see what they look like) and actually watch them.

2. EasyBib

Review : Oddly enough, my cheap phone is not having any of the issues everyone else is reporting. App working smoothly, camera did job in seconds. There are a few bugs & annoying things etc., and app hasn’t been updated in a while, but for me it does its job.

3. Ready4 SAT

Review : This app is LIT. Out of the three I’ve tried, Ready4 is the best! I tried 2 other BIG NAME SAT prep apps, and I regret wasting my time. Now, I’ve recommended Ready4 to three of my friends! We all are already doing better and the future seems brighter!

4. Dictionary.com

Those who are passionate to play with words, this application bring about a baggage of words and help you to make out easily through numerous tricky words. Dictionary.com makes you smarter to handle and receive the complicated meanings without giving a moon’s expression at the ones used by your friends that you might fail to understand occasionally.

5. Quizlet

Review : The new app is great! I get bored very easily by memorizing words, but this app makes it fun and easy to do it. I prefer this one to Duolingo app!

6. CamScanner

Review : It’s amazing working, any where,any time we can use, send mail r uploaded doc.for office purpose.without scanner mechine. Some times not available scanner that time we can use, scan clarity.very nice, photos pic if wants print it will get very dork. But its very clearly images/doc/photos will get printouts. No need of expenses I advise to everyone.

7. Learnist

Review : Good All around Good All around way to catch up on news, tech, movies, happenings, and more.

8. Due

You can think of the aptly-titled Due as a robust alarm clock, one that functions without an account or Internet connection. With Due, you can set reusable countdown reminders and implement both daily and weekly reminders that capitalize on nearly 60 alert tones. Moreover, reminders sync across your devices and automatically shift as you cross time zones.

9. Evernote

Review : For the past few weeks I noticed that Evernote was pretty buggy. Lots of notes synced incorrectly and some became duplicates of each other while deleting the other note. When I finally reached out to customer support, I was impressed with how hard they tried to fix the problem for me. They emailed back and forth to make sure that everything was back to normal and told me that they were aware of the problem and were working on finding a solution.

10. YouTube

Review : Stop changing the layouts and theme jesus christ. You’s are not making it easier for anyone to use the app if you keep changing everything that doesnt need to be changed. If you’s like change so much then might aswell add a theme/colour setting that people can change on their own. Because this update made youtube look ugly as hell.

11. Udemy

Review : Udemy is a great platform for accessing tutorials. However the app is very unreliable, it crashes frequently, and even though you’ve downloaded videos from a courses you occasionally get the message that offline content isn’t available. But when it works it’s quite decent, at least the downloaded courses are saved as .mp4 -files, so you can watch them when the app isn’t working.

12. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a developer on Google Play. They have a large selection of learning apps that teach computer programming. They support web languages like HTML, more common languages like Java or C++, and even some more specialized stuff like Python. Each language has its own app and each app is completely free. Eventually, you’ll need to graduate to something a little more complex.

13. Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

Review : I like it because my favorite subject is math. I love it because it helps us solve in mind faster and it is very challenging.

14. Screentime Ninja

Review : The basic idea behind this app is fun and attractive, using cute ninja girls and maths questions to motivate kids to earn more minutes. However, it is not as user-friendly as it could be. 1. Kids cannot “switch user” themselves without the parent’s password. So parents cannot leave the device to more than a kid when they need to leave the children alone.

15. Amazon Kindle

Review : If you’re a bookworm, this app is a life saver! As an Amazon prime customer, I get several good deals on books, some even free. This app also allows me to instantly sync ebooks checked out from my local library’s website. No more leaving the house and worrying about late fees if I forget to return on time! I’ve been using this for over year and love it!

16. Coursera

Review : While the option to download videos for offline use is wonderful, it would be even more wonderful if it worked reliably. Too often, when it’s time to access the videos, I get “Something is wrong with the downloaded video file. Would you like to re-download the file?” I’m usually not in a good downloading place.

17. Duolingo  

Review : Great app for language learning, also MOST IMPORTANTLY its encouraging. This is what I feel makes it so successful, because even when you make small spelling or accent errors it encourages you to try again, and thats what learning is all about! It also allows you to test your knowledge of the language frequently, AND the lingots you earn help you learn new phrases.

18. Khan Academy

Review : Mad people are calling this app boring. Leave studies no if you find study boring. This app has actually helped me in my AS and i don’t take tuitions because Khan Academy is everything. Thank you Sal Khan! The downloads are a bit buggy though.

19. Lynda

Review : Should add a Notes feature similar to desktop on this app. So users can take down notes when watching videos on the go. Will make it easier for us when there’s no need to switch between Lynda app and our phone’s Notes app.

20. Periodic Table

Review : LOVE the app but what’s not making it 5 stars is that the elements 113, 114, 115, 117 just been officially named and I would like the information on the elements updated to date with video.

21. StudyBlue

Review : I love study blue. It helps me in tutoring allot and tell me things that I wouldn’t know by just using flash cards

What Different kinds of Online Learning Resources Are there Available?

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What Different kinds of Online Learning Resources Are there Available?
Nowadays, as access to so many things has really speeded up and are at the easy access of our fingertips, the very same goes for online learning. This has definitely increased in its popularity, and there isa great choice of websites which are offering online learning resources to make the whole process so much easier and advantageous.

This involves resources for both the students and the teachers of online learning courses, in a wide range of items from additional instructional materials to helpful curriculum samples to help teachersto design their courses.

Different Online Learning Resources

Online Learning
Online Learning Possible everywhere anytime
Training and Careers

There are a number of online learning resources are available for free online, or for a small fee. Some others offer online courses to provide training for students seeking a career in fields such as IT and architecture. And even students who are not registered in online classes, can at times make good use of the many resources simply for reasons of personal learning enrichment.

Some of the most common types of online learning resources, ones that will be advantageous for students interested in the IT sector, include Comptia a+ course. There are various others from video recorded lectures from a number of different universities. These lectures are often free and put up on different websites that can be accessed by anyone who happens to be interested.

Helping Students Understand
  • These can be extremely helpful for any students who are in similar types of classes and who are having difficulty understanding the learning material, for instance.
  • A lot of published articles and seminars are usually also available online, and can be of great benefit to all students studying and of these subjects.
  • Various other online educational resources can include lecture notes, or study guides for specific topics, as well as reference materials such as language grammar guides, or formatting guidelines.
  • Often conceived by instructors or schools, and then made available to students who are struggling with a particular topic, these can be priceless.
Also and becoming more and more popular, people are now providing online tutoring services to students worldwide. These are usually not free, but they do offer the chance to work one on one with someone who is a specialist in his or her particular field. However, it is of importance to check the tutor's credentials and make sure that he or she have the skills, especially if face to face interactions are out of the question.

So Much Easier

Teaching strategies and assessment strategies, are the two things that are moreexclusive when you compare online education to conventional education, and are shared on an array of different websites.

For anybody who is involved in any aspect of online education, whether as a student, teacher, or just someone who is interested in learning more about a chosen subject, the amount of online learning resources available right now can make this whole process that much easier.

Become Host Parent-Loving Warm Embraces

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Become Host Parent-Loving Warm Embraces
Become a host parent and share the experiences of a lifetime. Although an important decision that should not be taken lightly, to become a host parent involves many hours of research and consideration for all that is involved. With an opportunity to experience the cultures of those from distant countries, becoming a host parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences with memories that will be a part of the hosting parent and the exchange student lives forever.

Help international students feel at home
"Become a global citizen. Help international students feel at home"

Throughout the Internet numerous websites are available with video blogs and online forums readily available to those who wish to become host parents. Seek out a reputable hosting agency, such as the Better Business Bureau, with a strong history in exchange programs. Talking to other families that have been host families in the past is another form of valuable free information. The opportunity to share cultures of different Worlds has never been better.

Become a host parent entails specific details and instructions, including a criminal background check of the hosting family by the State Department. With exchange programs often categorized into two different groups, Long-term, which typically last for eight weeks (8) or more or short term program, lasting less than eight (8) weeks.

Taking into consideration current family structure and daily activities is a good determining factor which will help in making a decision as to which exchange program would be more adequate for your present family and living conditions.

Although to become a host parent requires fore-thought and due diligence, with life-altering changes to be made, a host parent must understand the responsibility associated with such a decision. With a strong supportive family network in place, hosting an exchange student is a wonderful experience for the hosting family and exchange student.

Become a host parent is taking on another life that is the responsibility of the hoisting family. Specific requirements are part of any family hosting an exchange student which may vary from program to program. Essential requirements include a safe and comfortable home to live in with warm and welcoming environment clearly present, provisions for transportation either by the host family or public transportation and adequate preparation of three meals a day with access to late night snacks if needed.

Become a host parent is not only taking on an additional family member but additional workload as well with preparation for added sleeping arrangements preferably in an, well-ventilated adequate room without any other family members present. If such arrangements are not available, the foreign exchange student may sleep in a room with another family member with no more than four (4) to five (5) years difference in ages.

Become a host parent is sharing lives between countries. Without such programs we remain in the dark, oblivious to the exploration and discovery of distant lives that are willing to communicate, eager to learn while lessening the differences between countries that have been prevalent for past generations. Become host parent reaches out with loving warm embraces.

The hectic work of learning made easier through classroom training

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The hectic work of learning made easier through classroom training
The success of any organization very much depends on the projects they deliver. Indirectly it’s the project manager who governs the organization with his wits and tricks. His acquired knowledge helps him grab better job placements and to successfully get listed in the list of highly qualified professionals, Project Management Classroom Training is the right pick.

The virtual classroom helps him in picking up the basics and essential fundamentals of the training. These fundamentals and concepts assist him in delivering razor cut projects efficiently. He is the one who can get best out of his team and leading his organization or firm on the development path.

I Need Business Materials Translated, What Should I Do?

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I Need Business Materials Translated, What Should I Do?
If you’re a business owner, manager or entrepreneur and you need business documents translated, don’t make the mistake of using Google Translate or another online translation tool, as you need the services of a qualified translator.

There really is no substitute for the services that qualified translators provide, so if you need a website created for a new target market in a foreign language, software localised or subtitles added to a marketing video, you’ll need to source a professional translation agency.

Get to know about Abraham Lincoln University

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Get to know about Abraham Lincoln University
Today you are having the best way of getting the degree and that is the online degree that you can have because now the most popular university that is providing the facility to the students from all over the can have th4 course done that is online. This is the school of law that the students that are interested in law degrees then they are having the opportunity to do the course online.

You can say that online you are having the affordable and accessible law school that will let you have the best type of degree that you like to have. They are also providing the juries doctor degree online. This is the Abraham Lincoln University that is registered with the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of law in the unaccredited distance learning school category).

Job Posting Sites to Find Suitable Jobs for Profession

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Job Posting Sites to Find Suitable Jobs for Profession
The best free job posting sites differ from other websites in certain ways providing access to opportunities completely free of charge to the job seeker.

On a job posting site, employers directly post their jobs on the site, while other job sites aggregate job listings from other job search sites or company websites.

Find Suitable Jobs
Find Suitable Jobs
Additionally, job posting sites are much more likely to appeal to a candidate who is looking to connect with.....
  • Full-time.
  • Part-Time.
  • Temporary, or 
  • Freelance
positions within a certain geographical area.

You can search by industry, company or a host of other fields to find an hourly job in your area of preference.

The site which you are applying for free job there has a specific tool to improve your resume and tips on enhancing your hourly job search.

When you registered in the certain website, if they have any offer they will send updates directly to your email with new jobs that fit your profile or search criteria.

The free job advertising sites provides you an effective way to instantly discover the latest opening in your area. It has the ability to reach people with its simplified platform. It provides many jobs for the employers in the well-reputed company for their profession.

The sites includes many positions at different of agencies across the country.Individuals with disabilities can find information on Schedule positions. Information on how Selective Placement Program Coordinators can help your job search is also available in the free job sites.

Each and every free job sites has different positions, posting, and in many countries throughout the world.

As their recruitment the people can choose their place where they want to work as a profession.

Potential candidates can show off hidden skills or talents or create their own Video Biography.

They can also share past experiences or projects using social media platforms. You can post a status update about your job posting for free.

You should target one or more of the many free online job boards that talented candidates frequent when they need a change in working environment.

This site is very basic and user-friendly, and all job postings are free. In fact, recruitment marketing strategies which include a healthy dose of free job board utilization are quickly becoming a best practice leveraged by industry leaders across a number of verticals.

In free job searching you should spend time for the creating and managing you posting and this will result you in good position.

Corporate Training-Blended learning for company coaching

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Corporate Training-Blended learning for company coaching
Corporate Training: If you want only one phrase to describe making use of blended learning for company coaching, corporate training that is flexibility

Combining natural with on-line coaching will enable you to have entire control over how, when, and the place you wish to have to educate your workers, with the intention to support them enhance their talent sets and for that reason boost their work efficiency.

corporate training
Corporate training-Blended learning for company coaching
A blended studying technique can advantage your staff, as a form of studying techniques can stimulate their interest and develop their engagement, and has additionally been confirmed to broaden their productivity phases.

Listed here, i will share 7 top blended finding out advantages for corporate coaching in order to aid you appear beyond typical boundaries and motivate your staff to transform their coaching into corporate training motion.

NID Entrance Exam- NID DAT

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NID Entrance Exam- NID DAT
National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, government of India.  Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, government of India recognize NID as a scientific and industrial design research organization.

As per the Business Week, NID ranks amongst the Top Design schools in the world.

NID Entrance Exam 2015
National Institute of Design (NID)