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A Home Away From Home

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A Home Away From Home
Today, now more than ever, receiving a proper education is the leading factor in establishing a future that is both rewarding and fulfilling. With more and more Fortune 500 Companies requiring a college degree to enter into a meaningful position within a particular field, parents of pre-college students are seeking viable and affordable alternatives to  educate their children in the most advantageous form there-by providing an opportunity for their children to experience all that life has to offer.

Where academic grades are a major factor reviewed my many college admissions boards, a more profound approach to college preparation has continued to gain popularity at an increased pace.

From Ivy League colleges to a more standardized approach to college preparation, boarding schools continue to receive additional recognition that surpasses all other more traditional approaches to college preparation with the development of a child beyond classroom attendance.

To date, there are literally hundreds of boarding schools across the United States and Middle East as well as Asia, each offering a wide spectrum of curriculum and extended sports activities including specialized schools for troubled teens suffering from emotional and disciplinary problems.

Regardless of the school selected, boarding schools offer students a chance for total fulfillment, developing each on an individualized basis with a long tradition of academic excellence and experiences that exceed, or go beyond the more traditional classroom attendance. From onsite, extended away from home “live on” campuses to localized “day” locations within a local community, boarding school graduates often become the leaders of tomorrow leading exceptional lives today.

Stressing a family atmosphere, boarding schools limit classroom sizes to smaller more intimate, carefully selected groups, to enhance the overall learning experience. With highly qualified instructors, students are introduced to classes that prepare them for a unique college experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

From All Girls, All Boys to Co-Ed and Military, students attending boarding schools are taught to “learn to live” while accelerating academically at an increased pace. From an average of 17-18 hours of homework on a daily basis, students are challenged to achieve their highest potential there-by challenging each individual to achieve their highest potential never before thought possible.

The selection of an appropriate school for any given child should not be done in haste. Careful consideration should be given to each prospective selection with possible “on-site” visitation to as many schools as possible to become familiar with the campus, dorms and local surroundings.

Such visitations reassure the parents of placing their child in the proper school while providing additional supportive information to the prospective child that may be in attendance. Being away from home for the first time can be and often is a new alarming experience for the parents as well as the prospective student who have not ventured beyond a parents love and daily attention.

With a never ending list of possibilities to consider in selecting a proper boarding school, parents and the prospective student should select a boarding school that is a home away from home.

Rise and shine in your career with top MBA courses

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Rise and shine in your career with top MBA courses
Professional management courses are designed aesthetically to cater to the career oriented students with the best resources to groom themselves for better career opportunities and emerge as potential assets to the modern society.

This Is one of the reasons why it's important to land an MBA course at a reputed college. The top MBA colleges in various states and cities in India have become a potential platform for students to get optimum exposure and groom themselves as better professionals in the field.

The best  management college in Uttarakhand definitely deserve a mention when you are considering the top MBA institutes in the country.

Career options to choose after MBA

MBA in finance and human resources are the most sought after options for majority students who want to score big at their professional front and they must have the correct aptitude to handle various responsibilities given to them at office.

While in college, the students doing MBA in finance get the scope of doing internships from top companies and this gives them the experience to handle tough responsibilities in the real work fields and they can also demand better salary with time.

With an MBA degree in finance, you typically develop a foundation in the subjects like marketing, economics, statistics and strategy formation including lessons in developing leadership qualities.

Some of the MBA college in Uttarakhand also offer courses related to business and its management that include accounting and methods of management. Few others might offer general training in business management with complete focus on finances, investment and banking related topics.

If you pursue an MBA course in human resources then you will be primarily focusing on employee management. This field mainly involves hiring, recruitment and orientation and training of new employees.

Your role will also include looking into employee benefits and employee retention. As a human resource professional you will be creating the entire work culture and environment of the the company.

You have to handle employee relations including payroll options. You can either be an HR specialist or a generalist.The top MBA college in Uttarakhand including the leading institutes train you appropriately to handle a host of issues that crop up in a company with direct relation to employees.

The top management colleges in Uttarakhand are well equipped to provide students with all the resources that they require to get through with their courses in management.

They have the best teachers and offer appropriate backing to students in terms of workshops with top management professionals and internships with top companies. They make sure that their students create the best brand names across the industry.

Finding the best management college in Uttarakhand wouldn't be a tough task if you consult the internet and go through the websites of the top colleges in Uttarakhand and find out about their details and do a comparative study about their faculty and resources before you reach out to them for further assistance.

Do you Know that the World's largest open university also provides MBA Courses. Selection of final institutions is allotted to candidates will always be done based on Result of IGNOU Online.

Finding a leading MBA college in Uttarakhand will also require you to do some field work where you might have to visit some colleges personally and interact with students studying there already or interact with students who have already done courses from those colleges.

The top Uttarakhand colleges dealing in MBA are sure to provide you with the best platform to build a bright and prospective career.

Looking for some employment Freelancer writing copywriter jobs

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Looking for some employment Freelancer writing copywriter jobs
Picking independent composition as a calling is the simple choice; the work starts with regards to searching for independent written work occupations and independent written work gigs.

The same number of Freelancer essayists know discovering Freelancer work can be tedious and require a great deal of exertion and grief.

How I Started To Improve My Street-Level Marketing Strategies

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How I Started To Improve My Street-Level Marketing Strategies
For most small businesses, tackling street-level marketing isn’t always the easiest task. After all, this is a practice that requires you to hit the streets and get the word out about your company, which can be discouraging if you get little traction or face rejections.

However, as someone who was in the same boat and needed an effective street-level strategy for my business to survive, I took on a few different routes that helped improve my efforts tremendously. Here’s what I learned:
Have Captivating Branding

One of the first steps you should take if you’re looking to improve your street-level marketing is by having a brand that makes people feel empowered. This can be much harder than it appears, as you’re asking people to become evangelists for you. However, getting to that point requires knowing the fundamentals of branding, which is an art as much as it is science.

Constructing your brand is all about the overall message or ethos you’re trying to convey, which requires looking into the details of what compiles a brand. For example, as noted by Curatti, color increases brand recognition by 80 percent, which is why when I say “Ford Blue” you probably have a good idea of what that means.

Furthermore, you need to think about the type of personality or image this brand is looking to showcase as something inviting (especially if you’re expecting people to be willing to walk up to you on the street). I’ll note this most likely won’t be something solved overnight, but getting in the habit of envisioning will be beneficial in seeing how things will look on a street-level.
Finally, if your brand is going to focus on street-level marketing, think about what your t-shirt mockups are going to look like and what it would be like to approach your brand in person. Why would someone want to walk up to your tent or table? What type of giveaways makes sense for you? The goal is to construct an image worth forming a community around, which should be your primary mission day-in and day-out.
Get Great With Social
Another important aspect of street-level marketing is how your skills are with social media. No matter if your business is currently using social or not, this is a primary way to put both metrics and awareness to your street-level campaigns. To master this comes with a level of understanding of who your audience is and how you can engage with them.
For street-level work, you’re most likely going to be utilizing more visual platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The demographics for these can range tremendously, for example, as noted by Pew Internet, 71 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds are on Instagram, which out of that group, 60 percent use the platform daily (according to Hootsuite).

A good strategy for Instagram here would be to have a quid-pro-quo agreement, such as a follow or post for a giveaway (i.e., sticker or t-shirt). With giveaways, the goal is to find a sweet spot on what your ROI is, as that can be somewhat difficult when it comes to free stuff.
Try to look through either your free takeaways or perhaps a discount code on trying to garner more follows. A smart rule of thumb is to start small; while it would be great for others to post about your company or product, that’s asking someone to advertise a brand they just met, which not everyone will be comfortable doing.

Going after a follow or adding to a story might be more their speed. Social media can be hard to get used to from a business perspective, so don’t get discouraged if things aren’t perfect at first; it’s a practice well worth the patience.
Consistency Is Key
Finally, as you start to garner what works for your street-level campaigns, keeping your output consistent will be crucial. Not only is this smart for visibility, but to begin planting reminders to your potential customer base, because as noted by Zimmer Communications, consistent presentation of brand increases revenues by 23 percent. If you’re looking for numbers like that, mapping out a schedule is crucial.
Make a list of events you’re trying to have your street marketing team at, as well as any potential applications you might need to knock out beforehand. Furthermore, take a look back and estimate what the best days and locations were for your day-to-day efforts and how that’s going to play a role moving forward in trying to establish a pattern.

The overarching mission here is to come up with a schedule that will maximize your efforts for increasing awareness and traffic, so make that your primary goal as you establish a consistent schedule for street-level marketing.
What are some strategies you’ve found useful for your street-level marketing? Comment with your answers below!

Greater Details for the Essential Online Marketing

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Greater Details for the Essential Online Marketing
Every action taken within a business must have a clearly defined purpose and evaluation methods to know what worked and what did not. The same is true of online marketing. Any promotional action starts from a strategy where communication goals and goals are aligned with business goals and goals.

In this article we will present a structure of the online marketing strategy that will work from the first day.
Essential Online Marketing

1.Identifying business goals

Each part of the social media strategy serves a set business goal. You simply cannot achieve a social media strategy if you do not know what you are working for and where you are heading.

Take a close look at the company's general needs and decide how to use social media to help them meet them. Some examples of goals: Increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, reduce marketing costs. With Evolution360 the platform happens to be perfect.

2.Setting marketing goals

Objectives are of no use if there are no specific parameters to see if a goal is reached or not. For example, if one of your main goals is to generate leads and sales, the question is how many leads and sales you have to generate to consider this goal as successful?

Marketing objectives define how you get from Point A (the proposed Goal) to Point B (Successful Goal Completion). You can define your goals from a SMART point of view - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, relevant and timed.

It is important to choose objectives that can be reached, taking into account the resources you have.
Also, timing of goals is essential because it can make a difference between a sustained effort with a result and an effort in vain.

3.Ideal Customer Identification

If a business has a low involvement on social profiles from users, this is largely due to the fact that they do not have a clearly defined client profile.

Ideal Customer Profile helps you get to the right people in the right places at the right time with the right messages.

When we know the age of our main audience, occupation, income, interests, problems, needs, customs, the works that we like and dislike, motivations and objections, it is much easier to build messages and reach the target audience. The more specific we are, the more conversions we will generate.

4.Competition research

When it comes to researching the competition in the online environment, we do not just do it to see who is active in the same field as we do, but also to see what tactics they use and catch for the public.

Start by making a list of 3-5 main competitors and analyzing their marketing strategy. Pay attention to the type of content it promotes and how it answers fans. The most important thing to watch is how users are involved with the content they publish.

5.Choosing channels and tactics

Most businesses create accounts on all popular social platforms without looking at what is the greatest benefit each of them can do. You can avoid losing time by analyzing the ideal customer behavior on each of the social platforms.

If potential customers or customers spend 40% of their time on Facebook and 20% on Twitter, you already know which is the main social platform that you need to focus more.

IFA Annual Convention 2019 Preview: All You Need to Know

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IFA Annual Convention 2019 Preview: All You Need to Know
The set date for the beneficial meeting is quickly approaching and no time should get lost. The well-known franchising community helps veteran and first-time attendees through shared practices.  Possibly the ultimate thing is the evident togetherness from the extended family.

Here competitors become partners and bond toward the same goal. Of course, you need to come for the IFA Annual Convention 2019 to measure your concept. The articles give a clear preview of the upcoming event scheduled for next month. Read on and register to in case you desire to attend!

When are the dates?

If you need to learn more and get your questions answered, everything will be set up in Las Vegas. The exciting information and event sharing on the scene begin from February 24 to 27, 2019.

Without doubts, a lot including starting a business and celebrated partnerships will be in place. Some of the planned activities of the big event to help you see your business in different ways including:
  • Featured Speakers-As it is usual in all conventions, IFA 2019 also prides of some renown hit speakers. The Chairman of VaynerX and CEO and co-founder of VaynerMedia,Gary Vaynerchuk, is the keynote speaker. If you need to know the things GaryVee will say, then come and discover more in February. Besides, there is a listing for the planned Mini-Super Sessions like FranklinCovey’s Chief People Officer, Todd Davis, andMark Levy, Levy Innovation Founder. You will hear Davis share more about the 15 ways to build perfect work relationships, and Levy tells you techniques to discuss your business with others. So, book your chance to learn more.
  • Special Sessions-From the beginning of IFA 2019, additional programs from The Institute of Certified Franchise Executives awaits you. On top of the CFE Special Sessions, you get 10 sessions with the mandatory FRAN-GUARD. What is more, the diversity and wealthy opportunities are topical and make the day successful.
  • Emerging Franchisor Boot Camp-The committee has never failed to listen to all the attendee's requests. Even the developing franchisors having 100 units and below have a schedule when the convention begins unlike at the end his year. The change came following the responses from the earlier boot camp attendees. Mostly described by others as the most exciting part, the audience has limited space for the first registered 500 franchisors. You also need to book in good time for the recommended session.
  • Roundtables and Sessions-The Business Solution Roundtables also form the vast collection of presentations available for long and continues to get improved. You get a chance to share one on one with other people who have experienced similar challenges to make you more productive. With relevant topics, the two days gathering will help you arrange your plan. The incorporated workshops include emerging brands, franchise relations, field support, franchisees, finance, marketing,  and operations. In case you feel overwhelmed with the number, you will get a general track.
  • Connecting-Whether you are aiming to network or engage other business partners, the IFA Convention willick you off to the opportunity. You get to access several franchising experts in the legal, accounting, insurance, software, public relations, human resources, event organizing fields among others.
So, have fun by meeting and interacting with new people. The IFA Annual Convention 2019 must be on your calendar worth considering. Your attendance connects you to the best existing and potential for business concept.

Tutorial Service: Keep up with your Studies and Goals

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Tutorial Service: Keep up with your Studies and Goals
It is no secret that modern classroom education has become very challenging for kids. There is extreme pressure on students to perform well in classroom and to keep up with the concepts taught by their teachers.

They are also expected by teachers to complete their homework and submit their assignments on time. If your kids are lagging their friends in school or college, you need to provide them with expert guidance to help the keep up with their studies.On track learning Lafayette is one of the best methods to help kids with their academics.

Tutoring to help students in keeping on track with their studies

On Track Learning, also referred to as simply OTL, is a tutoring service in Lafayette that has been helping students in performing well in their classrooms. These students gain in confidence as their learning of different subjects taught in school increases. They can improve their grades in school which later on serves as a stepping stone to success in competitive exams.

Get rid of your worries about academic success of your kids

If you are a parent of school going kids and you are concerned about their studies and academic career, enrolling them in OTL classes can solve all your problems.

Tutorial Service

This tutorial service has been helping students in Lafayette stay on track for more than a decade now. With the help and guidance of expert teachers, your kids can hope to achieve their true potential.

These tutors pay individual attention to your kids and customize tuition sessions to make sure that all their academic needs are fulfilled. Help from teachers in OTL comes in many ways such as
  • Assistance in completing homework
  • Help in preparation for tests
  • Improving organizational skills of students
  • Honing study skills of students
  • Boosting the confidence levels of students
In short, OTL can be a wonderful tool for your students to excel in studies in school and competitive exams.

If you are worried about the chances of your kids getting admission in reputed colleges across the country, you can forget all your worries by enrolling them in ACT preparation classes of OTL.

Almost all colleges across the country look at the ACT scores of when deciding on their applications. ACT classes in Lafayette can help greatly in maximizing the ACT scores of your kids.

These classes are designed to help students in getting rid of their anxiety and to help them prepare well for answering questions that are asked in this examination.

Admission Exams: 10 Tips on How to Pass Easily and Fast

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Admission Exams: 10 Tips on How to Pass Easily and Fast
During our years in the academic process of growing up, many of us have dream schools that we would have loved to get in. For some, their desires became, and manifestation and others had to re-adjust.

It’s mainly because different schools have admission exams that potential students have to sit, to determine their fitness to the institution.

However, as with all exams, not many do get away with the last minute rush, as you go through various revision materials.
Pass Admission Exams Fast Easily
Since exams are a dreaded stage for many, even those contemplating on what to include in their statement of intent graduate school; it is something that one can overcome.

Below are tips that will guide you on how to go about it:

1.Have a study plan

A study plan pushes you actually to do the studying. Once you register for the entrance exams, plan your time up until that date. Therefore, it is better to register and start your preparations, early.

2.Give more time to the subjects that give you trouble

The entrance exams test a student’s knowledge that they have acquired this far. Most likely, it will be a test on your understanding of a particular subject, if not course-specific. If you don’t have time to go through all the relevant topics on the subject, then, focus on those that you struggle with.


In your statement of intent, your sole focus isn’t on the statement of purpose formatting. You also need to persuade the reviewer that you are a worthy candidate for the school. The same applies to admission exams.

Show your desire to get accepted by asking those who’ve taken the exam before you, for pointers. Search the web for information, too.

4. Go through Past Papers

Doing this will prepare you mentally of what to expect in the exam room. If you aren’t allowed to use a calculator, then, familiarize yourself with solving problems without it.
Time yourself, too, as per the given time in the papers.

5. Develop an Exam Strategy

I used to attempt exam questions in chronological order until a wise birdie implored me not to. This advice applies to every exam that you sit unless it’s online and you can’t move to the next question until you have answered the current one.
Start with the sections that are easy then end with the difficult ones.

6. Identify your style of learning

One statement of purpose for MBA for a particular program is different from the one suitable for another, and so is each person’s style of learning. Find out what style suits you and make use of this.

Listen to course materials if you are an auditory learner or experiment with the problems if you are a kinesthetic learner, and so on.

7. Make studying fun

It will help you absorb the materials faster. Join a study group. Play review games with a study partner. Use color codes for your notes and more.

8. Familiarize yourself with the testing center

Well, you may not want any more surprises than what comes in the test paper, during the test-taking day. Also, knowing where you will take the test will help you prepare and ensure you get there in good time.

9. Prepare all the essentials

Create a checklist and ensure that you have all the needed materials for sitting the test. That includes a test permit if you need one.

10. Believe in yourself

Trust that what you have covered thus far is good enough to help you sail through the exam.


Fear cripples many students from fully uploading their knowledge on the test paper. Be confident, create a study schedule and purpose to stick to it.

Why Students Need Guidance and Counselling in Education

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Why Students Need Guidance and Counselling in Education
A country like India needs an improved support system in the education sector.

Though great teachers can manage and offer quality education to the students, even after careful methodology, giving attention to each student is not completely practical. And, this is the thing why special bodies like career counselors are required to fill that gap.

Counselling, in simpler terms, is the process of communicating with the person in need and offering him valuable advice. Experts engage in such processes as they are trained professionals who can highlight the best possible alternatives against a career dilemma.

Guidance and counselling in education are quite different from what schools and institutes follow in general. It’s more like a personalised experience rather than general teaching approach.

There’s no room for doubt that schools try to bring the best out of a kid.

But we need to think beyond it. Students with naive brains can be polished with the right guidance and career counsellors are the right people for the same.

Career counseling for students will give you a scope of overall growth whether it’s related to career stability or resolving career-related mental conflicts.

Career guidance and counselling are conducive to achieving better results personally as well as professionally. Find below the summed up advantages of being counselled by a career guidance counselor.
  1. Counselling helps students to deal with their career hurdles in life. Effective counselling will serve invaluable lessons to the students.
  2. Students can learn how to behave properly after career counselling sessions. These interactions prepare them to cope up not only with a career but in other life situations as well.
  3. One can feel helpless when it comes to taking a career decision. It's the responsibility of a counsellor to find their skills, goals, and suggest career options. They share a defined path to achieve targeted goals and success.
  4. Students can learn discipline and grasp the right attitude with proper guidance.
  5. Counsellors are experts that understand psychology aspects and use them to understand the career problems of students. Such guiding sessions are important to make students learn to deal with problems in life.
  6. A career guidance institute supports and encourages problem-solving skills in a person.
  7. It helps in bridging the gap between a student and his dream career.
  8. An individual might be unaware of the latest opportunities in the market. Career counsellors showcase the best career opportunities present in the industry to the students and make them aware of the best courses.
  9. Students can make an informed decision after getting guidance from knowledgeable counsellor entities.
  10. They act as the mediator between a child and his parents and help them to come up with one effective career choice for the child.
  11. It’s the technology-driven methodology followed by the counsellors including scientific tools and tests that help students to know about their true interests and skills. Aptitude and psychometric tests are amongst them.
  12. The clear communication between an individual and a career counsellor help the person to talk about the difficulties they are going through. This is crucial for the counsellors to show them the best solutions and paths.
  13. Career counselling works the best when an individual faces vulnerable stages in a career. It is effective for the students that have just passed the 10th or 12th class and entering higher education.
  14. Career counsellors help children as well as their parents to explore newer and more beneficial opportunities like ethical hacking, soil conservationist, bartending, and others.
  15. Through their years of research and experience, counsellors can help you grab the most forward-looking career tracks and achieving it with smart efforts.
Career selection is a very sensitive topic. You just cannot choose a random field without inspecting your skills and potential.

Talk to career counsellors to avoid any kind of career-related dangerous situation in the future. One of the best ways is the collaboration of institutes with career counsellors making their students career-oriented and industry-ready. Guidance and counselling in education help students achieve great results.

The professional advice of career counsellors along with sharp teaching skills of teachers is what that can shape the mindset and ultimately the life of a student.

Career counsellors are the best person and source of knowledge you can ever have in your life. Head towards a counsellor today and find the best-fit career choice for yourself.

Pre-Employment Test Get You Quality Employees

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Pre-Employment Test Get You Quality Employees
If you are recruiting candidates for different roles in your business, it gets important for your recruitment team to pick only those candidates who are capable and proper for the given designation.

Of course, since you have a single recruitment drive and everybody is scrutinised therein, it would be a good practice to device a pre-employment test in your recruitment procedure.

Vocational test-US-Pre-Employment Test

What are pre-employment tests?

Pre-employment tests are the tests that are extensively used at the time of recruitment. These tests make sure that only the right candidates get recruited for the roles. Pre-employment tests help the recruitment team to have a better decision.

They are in a good position to analyse the candidates and take a decision. The role of these tests is to screen the depths of the candidates and reveal the hidden weakness and strengths of applicants.

Since you cannot assess everything about a candidate during an interview or through their resume; you can use these tests.

Pre-employment tests are designed in a professional, technical and sensible manner. The test is not really a tough test; it is a tricky one. The tests place the candidates in the conditions wherein they have to practice their skills, knowledge and intelligence.

In this way, their current level of intelligence and capability gets assessed without any hurdles. You can opt for a test that suits your needs.

You can pick tests like Vocational test, psychometric tests, and aptitude tests and so on. These tests are powerful and properly designed to get you the clear picture about the candidates.

Vocational assessment

Since there are plenty of candidates and you have different designations vacant in your business, it would be difficult to find out which candidate is right for which role.

Here a vocational examination can be of great help. You can pick a test that revolves around vocational capabilities. In this way, the recruiters would get to know about the apt position of a candidate.

For example, if there is a person who is really smart at accounts, you can find it out through vocational examination. In this way you can filter him out for the accounts department.

Similarly if there is someone who is good with behaviours and communication; you can pick him or her for human resources department.

In case a candidate is really quick and apt at reasoning and languages; he would be good for the technical department. In this way, a single test would reveal the assets of the candidates before you. There won’t be a smidgen of doubts about the candidates.

No Absence of Interviews

If you think that introduction of a pre-employment test is the exit of interviews then you are wrong. Interviews are an essential part of any recruitment. You will definitely have an interview segment in your recruitment procedure.

Once you have a proper recruitment procedure having a test coupled with an interview; you can easily assess the calibre and capabilities of the candidates. You would get an exact picture about the applicants.

Interviews give you the idea about the personality and communication of the candidates.  But since you have a pre-employment test in your recruitment procedure; you would be sure that the people entering in the interview have already been assess on their vocational capabilities.

You would just have to focus on the other aspects like their nature, behaviour and overall attitude. Things get simpler for you and no unnecessary candidate reaches the interview segment.

Tests are result oriented

Whenever you take a test in your recruitment drive, you know that you would get results. You can blindly trust the outcomes of these tests. These tests are designed properly and with utmost information.

Once you have the test on your recruitment procedure, even the candidates who would come to sit in your recruitment drive will alert. They would know that the procedure is going to be difficult and challenging.

A random person would never make a try for time pass if he already knew that the company will scrutinise the candidates through pre-employment tests too. After all, people can pretend that they are good at nature during the interview but they cannot escape the scrutiny of tests.

Best for all types of businesses

These pre-employment tests are good for any type of businesses. Today, industries are filled with pre-employment tests because they know the tests have the potential to help them incredibly in choosing the right talent for their business.

Whether architecture, education, entertainment, engineering or any other field; these tests are effective and helpful. You would not have to stick to a specific test, there are various options and you can choose a test package that falls within your budget and meets your needs.

Even if you are a start-up company and you want to have a small yet strong team of people; you can use these tests. The test would help you assess the candidates in full spectrum and you would get a complete picture.

Since the tests are designed professionally, you would not have to get into the complications of test. The tests would examine the candidates and by the end of the test results will be in front of you.


Thus, the point is that you have to be little more quality oriented. You can get the best talent and candidates only if you have a strong and rewarding recruitment procedure.

Try a pre-employment test and you will never be disappointed.

Perks of the CPA City!

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Perks of the CPA City!
The career choice for many individuals is sculpted by their elementary interests in a particular field.

Likewise, thousands of students opt for a future in the Public Accountancy sector every year.

However, for those already availing the opportunities in the world of public accounting, there is a significant difference between “general” public accountants and those who choose to progress into Certified Public Accountants (CPA)Latest Updated on July 12, 2018

Perhaps, there must be some framework that exclusively distinguishes the two groups of public accountants and gives a higher precedence to CPAs than the rest of the public accountants.

Certainly, such a formulation exists - the Uniform CPA Examination.

In order to filter the influx of candidates opting to become a CPA, the AICPA has developed the Certified Public Accountancy Examination in order to select the candidates who meet the rigorous criteria that is imperative for a CPA to possess.

The CPA exam is an interdisciplinary, 16 hours MCQ based exam that challenges the concepts related to auditing and attestation, financial accounting and reporting, regulation, and business environment in four parts respectively.

While the CPA exam is offered in four testing windows throughout the year, the candidates need to pass through each part of the exam with a minimum score of 75 during a testing window of 18 months for them to become eligible CPAs.

Although the CPA Exam is quite a challenging and nerve-wracking experience for a number of students, it is tremendously worthwhilefor those who manage to transcend the pass rate for the exam.

Here are some of the prime benefits you can reap if you decide to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Pocket greater salary
Undeniably, CPAs make much more money than their counterparts as evident from the fact that most firms offer their employees a massive bonus as soon as they receive their CPA license.

Moreover, it is reported that CPAs earn approximately 5% to 15 % greater than the general public accountants: as a professional CPA, you can earn$1000000 more in the course of your career on average as compared to non-certified PAs.

Skyrocket to the top
The addition of CPA license to your resume is surely going to give your career a potential boost and open up multiple doors for you to step into.

Because of the knowledge and expertise CPAs possess, they have the ability to climb the corporate ladder. All top firm reward CPAs for their hard work and dedication by allowing them to advance through the hierarchy to secure senior managerial positions.

Procure prestige and respect
As a CPA, you are regarded as a professional who has achieved the pinnacle of the accountancy field. Since the CPA examination is one of the toughest exams with an average pass rate of 49%, attaining a CPA certification immensely effects how you are deemed by your employees and colleagues.

Without a doubt, attaining the CPA credentials offers much more than just adding three letters by the end of your name.

Although becoming a CPA may not be an easy task, it can be a great opportunity to advance your career to the next step.

It not only ensures a stable career and job satisfaction but also offers greater job opportunities, monetary inundation, and an overwhelming respect.

Published Date: July 12, 2018 14:56 PM | Updated Date: July 12, 2018 14:56 PM

What qualifications do you want to end up an English proofreader?

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What qualifications do you want to end up an English proofreader?
Proofreaders are mainly helpful for correcting errors found in the written documents. The process of proofreading involves mostly reading files for the format, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

Proofreaders regularly evaluate the content against the research or references to confirm accuracy.

Latest Updated on Jun 26, 2018
A career in professional Legal proofread in has an excellent appealing deal. The convenience of operating from domestic and the achievement of being self-employed are big sights for many people.

The pay, as we will see later, is also highly secure for maximum.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in English Proofreading? Read on to know what steps you may take to end up a proofreader.

  1. Graduate of any subject; or undergraduate running towards a degree in English or a technical situation; or if now not a graduate you have to have proofreading schooling from a recognized training provider which includes the publishing education center,or ‘sfep’
  2. Local speaker of English
  3. Flair for proofreading
  4. United Kingdom resident
Qualification in Detail
  • Must have a bachelor's degree-Employers usually favor hiring Legal Proofreading experts with a bachelor's diploma in English or journalism, which are to be had at many authorized faculties and universities. These bachelor's degree packages generally take four years to finish and that they consist of coursework in English literature, grammar, speech, linguistics and innovative writing.
  • Work experience-Even as access-level employment may be acquired without revel in, employers typically prefer to lease proofreaders with prior experience in proofreading or writing. An internship, either all through or after college, is distinctly useful because of this.

    Editorial internships provide palms-on expertise in writing, proofreading and other editorial roles with local courses.

    It can be beneficial individuals who are looking for a placement inside the industry you aim to paintings, such as politics if you intend to work for a political booklet or generation in case you plan to proofread technical writing.

    You may be able to accumulate employment with the company you intern for, or you can have to pursue outdoor jobs upon the crowning glory of an internship.
  • Don't ignore advancement possibilities-Once after gaining experience in English Proofreading field, the proofreaders might also select to use for employment in better-degree positions, including head proofreader,reproduction editor, and partner editor.

    Such jobs usually involve overseeing different editorial employees and setting up goals and cut-off dates to ensure the timely completion of editorial initiatives. Many superior proofreading positions require extensive enjoy as a proofreader or excellent education.

    Becoming a proofreader requires a bachelor's degree related to English or communications as well as proper experience in the subject.

    Apart from the above point out qualifications, excellent English Proofreading expert must have these qualities.

What traits make a terrific proofreader?

  • Expertise in English spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • An eye fixed for element
  • A methodical approach
  • Suitable awareness
  • Neat and precise handwriting
The bottom line

If you pass into this enterprise, you'll still want to take exact checks from potential clients, even when you have the best qualifications.
 Published Date: Jun 26, 2018 15:35 PM | Updated Date: Jun 26, 2018 15:35 PM

Top 10 Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Take

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Top 10 Online Courses Every Entrepreneur Should Take
As a business owner, you understand the importance of using all available resources. You might use an online slogan generator to aid your marketing or a logo generator to fine-tune your visual branding.

You might post questions on a discussion board or Q&A site to get advice from others in your industry. However, you might not be taking advantage of all the online educational tools available. Latest Updated on May 19, 2018
Whether you’re just starting your business journey and need a solid knowledge foundation or you’re looking to master new skills to take your business to the next level, these online courses provide a wealth of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

1.Becoming an Entrepreneur.
This six-week introductory course from MIT Launch provides a thorough overview of entrepreneurship. Videos and exercises address common myths and explain how to identify opportunities and set business goals. Learn how to perform market research to pinpoint your target audience, design and test products, develop a sales pitch, and handle the logistics of running a business.

2.Starting a Business and Finding the Right Idea.

The business specialty program created by Michigan State University features six mini-courses exploring the major components of becoming an entrepreneur, from developing the right mindset and applying your creativity to mastering the four Ps of planning (principle, proposal, proof, and practice) and building a business structure. The last two courses guide you through the Capstone Experience where you’ll go through the steps to starting a business in real time.

3.Art of the Start: Turning Ideas into High-Growth Businesses.

Bestselling author Guy Kawasaki teams up with business partner Bill Reichert in this 14-part video lecture series on Skillshare. Drawing on their collective experience in product innovation and evangelism, they discuss strategies for bringing your ideas to life and attracting investor interest. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your own pitch deck and get feedback on your latest business idea.

4. Value Pricing and Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs.

In one of her many courses on CreativeLive, Tara Gentile demonstrates how to amplify your earning potential through cultivating multiple revenue streams and using value pricing rather than charging an hourly rate. These video lessons are particularly helpful for freelancers, consultants, and other service providers who are looking for a more sustainable business model.

5. Success Triggers.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people achieve success and find happiness when so many others fail, check out Ramit Sethi’s course on the cognitive patterns of top entrepreneurs and strategies for adopting their game-changing mindset. Find how to dominate your field, double your productivity, develop unshakable self-confidence, make the investments that matter, and open yourself to abundance.

6. The QuickSprout University Marketing Course Library.

Neil Patel and the rest of the QuickSprout team provide 140 free video tutorials, ranging from beginning to advanced, on a wide range of online marketing topics. Learn the basics of SEO and link building. Develop a detailed understanding of paid advertising and content marketing. Master the nuances of reputation management, conversion optimization, and consumer psychology.


Seth Godin’s intensive four-week online workshop is designed for high-performing entrepreneurs who want to kick their careers up a notch. The course focuses on curated readings, teamwork, personalized feedback, and a series of 13 product-launching projects. Alumni from companies like Nike, Google, and Microsoft return to coach new recruits.

8.Copywriting Secrets.

This course covers one of the most essential skills for anyone in the business world: the ability to write compelling sales copy. Learn how to harness the power of words to generate sales leads, apply emotional drivers and real-life examples, leverage features and benefits, craft powerful calls to action, and create professional press releases and white papers. The course also offers tips on interviewing customers for case studies and pursuing guest blogging opportunities.
9.How I Hit #1 on Google.

Matt Jensen’s course on Udemy is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to SEO marketing. Through creating your own Wordpress blog, you’ll learn how to improve conversions, boost click-through rate, optimize your content, create backlinks, and use informational posts to lead visitors to purchase pages. You’ll also find out how to increase your site’s loading speed, make your content mobile-friendly, and use the right plugins to make your posts go viral.

10.The Marketer’s Crash Course in Visual Content Creation.

If you want to learn more about design, this free resource package from HubSpot is a great way to get your feet wet. Discover how to create visual content that will grab a prospect’s attention without spending a fortune on software.

The course includes 10 DIY design commandments, 23 budget-friendly design tools, 60 customizable PowerPoint templates you can use to create social media images, and much more.

What courses have you taken to keep your entrepreneurial skills sharp? Share your thoughts in the comments.
Published Date: May 19, 2018 15:32 PM | Updated Date: May 19, 2018 15:32 PM

Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit

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Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit
You have a decent job that pays you a reasonable salary, which lasts a little longer than three weeks. And your job just barely utilises your brain, so you don't have many accomplishments to boast of or any new challenges and learning opportunities to mention on your resume.

You are doing the same thing day in and day out. Or, you have a job that constantly stresses you out. You feel as if you don't fit in the office. If either of these scenarios feels familiar, then it means that you are putting more into your job than you are gaining out of it. Time to look beyond your office walls!

Our experts enlist the following signs that indicate it's time to quit:

1.There is no upward movement: If you have worked for the same company and at the same position for three years, it's time to rethink. Advancement or upward movement, even in large organizations where promotions are difficult, should have happened within this time frame.

2.You are not learning: Your learning curve should never flatten out. Your core skills should gradually increase, and you should have new challenges that make you strive to pick up new skills. If the scope of a new project, career advancement courses, or conferences and seminars to enhance your skills do not exist in your job, it's a sign that the job is not the right fit for your career development.

3.You lack passion: If you are not waking up every morning with a feeling of excitement toward your job, you will never be able to tap your true potential. If you dread going to work, instead of being enthusiastic about it, you need another job where there are plenty of possibilities for your contribution and passion.

4.You dread your boss: If you get anxious and unhappy just thinking of your boss, and there's nothing you can do to work out the problems you are facing, that's a good enough sign that it is time to quit.

5.Stress at work is affecting you: If your work, your colleagues, or the work culture at your office is unhealthy, and if they impact you in a negative way, don't let it consume you for a very long time. Your physical health and your relationship with your family and friends should not get affected by the stress you are experiencing at work.

Now that you know it's time to quit, the next step is to know where to find a job that doesn't let you settle for less. The sprawling job market in Pune is one of the best options to explore. The scope of jobs in Pune is vastly diversified based on your skill level.

The city has surpassed all others to become a job hub at both middle and senior levels across hundreds of companies producing ample jobs. So, for your next job, research the job market thoroughly to ensure you find a job where you are valued and challenged.

Top Things You Should Work On In Your Resume For A Successful Application

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Top Things You Should Work On In Your Resume For A Successful Application
When it comes to applying for your dream job, remember that there's more to everything than just preparing for the dreaded job interview. A lot of people tend to forget that you can't exactly be in an interview if your resume doesn't make the cut. Having a resume that stands out, however, it isn't easy either.

Statistics from Glassdoor for Employers indicated that for each corporate job opening, there's actually around 250 resumes that come rushing in. Of these, however, only four to six will actually proceed to the next step.

This means 1.6-percent of resumes for every corporate job opening only make the cut.

This seems dreadful at first glance, but you can actually pull off a resume that would surely catch the eye of employers. Here are a few tips:
  1. Keep it short and concise. If you can keep your resume to one to two pages, this is optimal. This also poses a challenge as it forces you to keep all the most relevant information on the first few pages. If you have a summary statement, or three sentences' worth of your objectives as an applicant, put them at the top. Don't keep this generic, and try to make this unique to yourself as this is the gateway to your brand.
  2. Keep your resume relatable to the kind of job you're applying for. If your skillset can switch in between creative and non-creative roles, then perhaps keep a creative and non-creative iteration of your resume. That way, you can at least give a resume appropriate for the style and setting of the workplace you want to work.
  3. Keep your resume packed with things that are related to your work. If for instance you have opportunities to include a link to your social media, LinkedIn, and/or your portfolio, include them especially if it shows off some of your work. In fact, try to get recommendations from LinkedIn that fit the qualifications you've listed inside your resume.
  4. Start by listing your skill set right after your summary of experience. This allows employers to pay more attention to details specifically to your qualifications instead of simply focusing on where you've worked before. Try to see if you can include a bit of numbers with your work, as you can have employers that pay more attention if you use dollar signs and percentages in your resume.
  5. In speaking of lists; try listing all your achievements using the "In X, I did Y to achieve Z" format. This allows you to accurately represent your achievements properly in a way that is easily understood.
  6. Try to include a cover letter with your resume, and if you do, make sure you address the recipient with a name and not just a generic title.

    This shows employers that you've actually taken the time to research about the intricacies of the company, down to the personnel.

Being successful with your application for your dream job means being able to pull everything off properly, which puts you into a disadvantage because you don't know just exactly how your dream company's screening process goes.

Once you nail that resume, however, then this can put you at a great advantage. Executing the top things you should work on in your resume can allow you to best your peers in terms of just how properly detailed and informative your resume is.

If you're looking into other legal things you should study in relation to your potential employment, click here.

Habits To Develop To Ace Any Job Interview

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Habits To Develop To Ace Any Job Interview
Getting into a dream job is something anyone wants to achieve, be it for the sake of improving one's career or for finding a stable job.

However, one of the hurdles you must overcome before getting that dream job is the dreaded job interview, and a lot of people falter at the notion of talking to another person, let alone someone who is out there to evaluate your performance with a single conversation.

Perhaps the approach you should take shouldn't be how to prepare for an upcoming interview, but perhaps to develop habits that can help you ace any job interview. 

Last Updated on : 28.03.2018

According to Glassdoor for Employers, the interview remains a crucial part of the application process precisely because of how many people rarely get to reach this part of the employment procedure.

Statistics show that while at least 250 resumes are submitted to corporate job openings, only four to six people are actually called into an interview. 

This means if you do get this far into the application process, you've got to know how to navigate the interview process properly.

Here are a few habits you should develop:
  1. Always come prepared for the interview. Always make sure you get to study the resume you've submitted, and at the same time conduct proper research on the company and the job you're applying for. A lot of interview pitfalls come from lack of adequate knowledge on the job you're applying for, so develop a habit of constantly trying to get to know everything there is to know about anything you want to learn.
  2. Be dressed, be on time all the time. Always develop a habit of choosing clothes not just appropriate for the situation, but also something that can help define your personality. This is best done if you develop a habit of making sure you allot enough time for preparation, travel, and emergencies. Practicing being early for all of your appointments will make preparing for an interview a breeze.
  3. Get your communication skills in check. Review common interview questions and take note of what responses work best for you. Make sure you don't memorize your responses, however, but keep the main ideas to heart. You have to make sure that you're going to be able to explain yourself when these questions arrive during the interview. While memorizing things can help, knowing how to explain things in your own words isn't just a sign of a prepared interviewee, but a good communicator as well.
  4. Practice spontaneity, authenticity, and confidence. Perhaps one of the most beneficial habits to develop to ace any job interview is to develop confidence through spontaneity and authenticity.
    Expose yourself to crowds and environments you're not used to and start socializing with people. Developing an attitude of spontaneity and constantly starting conversations with people can allow you to get a grasp of different atmospheres available for communication.

    This will allow you to get a good idea on how specific verbal and nonverbal cues look like that you can take advantage of when doing interviews.

    A good part of developing confidence also allows you to be able to express yourself better and be comfortable in the presence of an interviewer.

Getting into a job interview is already an admirable feat for anyone looking at work, but actually doing the job interview can be a bit overwhelming. Being an interviewee extraordinaire cannot be achieved overnight, but it can be trained.

Developing the habits above to ace any job interview can put you at an advantage compared to your contemporaries as you're not only practicing good interview habits, but you're living them as well.

Click here for other legal considerations you may want to take note of as you look into your potential employers.

Your Guide To Find The Right Franchise Opportunity For Yourself

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Your Guide To Find The Right Franchise Opportunity For Yourself
In today’s digital world, the scope for franchise opportunities in India has increased comparatively. Despite of this, many prospective franchise buyers ignore the fact that selecting and ultimately buying a franchise is an emotional decision BUT WHY?

Once you own a franchise you’d no more be an employee, rather you’d from a mere employee to an entrepreneur, which could get very stressful and trying with time.

Your level of commitment would automatically increase, thereby reducing the time you spend with your family, which of course can get very emotional. Also, you need to remember that with time you’ll slowly develop a strong attachment/ emotional connection with the brand you select.

What Would A Franchise Demand From You?

In today’s competitive business world, being exceptionally good is mandatory and most importantly you need to possess good digital skills.

Also as mentioned earlier, a franchise would demand a strict balance between your professional and personal life because you’d succeed only once you master this skill well.

Once you’re clear on these grounds and have no doubts in mind whatsoever, making an informed decision on whether or not you should go ahead and own a franchise followed by which one would ideal for you.

Ask yourself, Is This The Real You?

Before you begin, ask yourself is this what you really want to do. Also, consider your personal style and how well it matches with that of the franchise you’ve chosen.
  1. Are you comfortable communicating with people over a call, through texts or emails?
  2. How often would you prefer communicating with its franchisees and through what medium?
  3. Would you opt for a 9 to 5 job?
  4. Do you like carrying out administrative tasks?
  5. Do you like to work at a position where you’d be supervising others?
This list does not end here but these are a few you need to ask yourself. Be honest with yourself while you answer these, one small mistake can put you in a huge mess.

Have a  Cursory glance on Fastest Growing Franchises in USA

Once you have your mind all set, you need to make sure that you have your finances in place. Franchisees offer great earnings potential, so do not panic while investing in it.

The ROI that you receive would surely cover up for what you’ve put in. We’d like to conclude by saying that a strong financial background and excellent digital and marketing skills are the three main ingredients to success.

If you have them all, then you’re good to go!

What is the future and career scope of web design?

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What is the future and career scope of web design?
The IT Industry and all accompanying technological changes have introduced to the world a domain of Web Design. While it started off as simply creating designs for websites, it isn’t like that anymore.

With so many people now not just hopping on and off the net but staying online literally, all the time, web design has evolved and taken a key role to also develop an Android app. In this light, there are now several online web design courses that train people on web design.

So what does the future look like?

Web Design is surely here to stay. And there are many reasons why. Read on to know some of the key reasons.

Internet Penetration

Initially, web design was only about developing a design for browser-based websites. That was also because internet penetration was low. But with time, a lot more people have shifted to the online realm. Even though the global penetration might still not be as high as the industry would want, it’s still great potential. With people using handheld devices this penetration percentage has increased and brought forth greater possibilities.

App Design

Wes Design has also integrated within it the design of apps owing to the wider acceptance of app-based business models. This has increased the scope of work and now there is genuine demand in the market for individuals who are trained to design mobile-based apps to replicate the browser-based design. This is more on the lines of responsive designs.

User Experiences

Whereas web design earlier was only about designing the page and working on the look and feel. The tweaks back then were only about colours and sizes when web designing was at a primitive stage. Now, however, this has changed. Web Design has evolved like every field and the concept of not creating a design but using the design to voice your brand and create an everlasting user experience has emerged.

So what is the career scope really?

Well, you could start working as either a front-end designer or a back end designer once you are trained and eventually. It would be a good idea to also take up project management certification courses to handle larger pieces of work.

But there are many more options within web design teams like design and layout analyst, user interface Designer, user experience designer and more! These domains are rather specialised in an area.

What is also interesting is that in the market there are several opportunities for freelance work so if you end up being a competent designer, you could end up starting your own startup for web design.

To sum it up there are many opportunities and a lot of work in the market in this domain. You could be a student, an experienced professional, an entrepreneur and knowledge of web design would still be relevant.

21 Must Have And Best Education Apps For Smart Students

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21 Must Have And Best Education Apps For Smart Students
The upcoming time mandates the student population to use prodigious gadgets that stimulate technologically improved knowledge and refine their creative minds.

One has to accept the fact that several innovative Apps launched through the handsets significantly enhance the potential and garnish the raw ideas with additional beneficial information.

Both Apple and Android provide amazing set of programs and apps for college students that acts as a helping hand by offering a reincarnated or advanced learning process.

We are here to share 21 best Education apps for students,one must use once and forever after then.

1. Star Walk
Review : Extremely nice app! And what the H*ll, it might be a bit pricey with everything added up, but it just seems to do everything right! And the Info you get on Objects in friggin’ awesome!!! If I had one complaint, it would be to get a closer view of Satellites (see what they look like) and actually watch them.

2. EasyBib

Review : Oddly enough, my cheap phone is not having any of the issues everyone else is reporting. App working smoothly, camera did job in seconds. There are a few bugs & annoying things etc., and app hasn’t been updated in a while, but for me it does its job.

3. Ready4 SAT

Review : This app is LIT. Out of the three I’ve tried, Ready4 is the best! I tried 2 other BIG NAME SAT prep apps, and I regret wasting my time. Now, I’ve recommended Ready4 to three of my friends! We all are already doing better and the future seems brighter!

4. Dictionary.com

Those who are passionate to play with words, this application bring about a baggage of words and help you to make out easily through numerous tricky words. Dictionary.com makes you smarter to handle and receive the complicated meanings without giving a moon’s expression at the ones used by your friends that you might fail to understand occasionally.

5. Quizlet

Review : The new app is great! I get bored very easily by memorizing words, but this app makes it fun and easy to do it. I prefer this one to Duolingo app!

6. CamScanner

Review : It’s amazing working, any where,any time we can use, send mail r uploaded doc.for office purpose.without scanner mechine. Some times not available scanner that time we can use, scan clarity.very nice, photos pic if wants print it will get very dork. But its very clearly images/doc/photos will get printouts. No need of expenses I advise to everyone.

7. Learnist

Review : Good All around Good All around way to catch up on news, tech, movies, happenings, and more.

8. Due

You can think of the aptly-titled Due as a robust alarm clock, one that functions without an account or Internet connection. With Due, you can set reusable countdown reminders and implement both daily and weekly reminders that capitalize on nearly 60 alert tones. Moreover, reminders sync across your devices and automatically shift as you cross time zones.

9. Evernote

Review : For the past few weeks I noticed that Evernote was pretty buggy. Lots of notes synced incorrectly and some became duplicates of each other while deleting the other note. When I finally reached out to customer support, I was impressed with how hard they tried to fix the problem for me. They emailed back and forth to make sure that everything was back to normal and told me that they were aware of the problem and were working on finding a solution.

10. YouTube

Review : Stop changing the layouts and theme jesus christ. You’s are not making it easier for anyone to use the app if you keep changing everything that doesnt need to be changed. If you’s like change so much then might aswell add a theme/colour setting that people can change on their own. Because this update made youtube look ugly as hell.

11. Udemy

Review : Udemy is a great platform for accessing tutorials. However the app is very unreliable, it crashes frequently, and even though you’ve downloaded videos from a courses you occasionally get the message that offline content isn’t available. But when it works it’s quite decent, at least the downloaded courses are saved as .mp4 -files, so you can watch them when the app isn’t working.

12. SoloLearn

SoloLearn is a developer on Google Play. They have a large selection of learning apps that teach computer programming. They support web languages like HTML, more common languages like Java or C++, and even some more specialized stuff like Python. Each language has its own app and each app is completely free. Eventually, you’ll need to graduate to something a little more complex.

13. Math Duel: 2 Player Math Game

Review : I like it because my favorite subject is math. I love it because it helps us solve in mind faster and it is very challenging.

14. Screentime Ninja

Review : The basic idea behind this app is fun and attractive, using cute ninja girls and maths questions to motivate kids to earn more minutes. However, it is not as user-friendly as it could be. 1. Kids cannot “switch user” themselves without the parent’s password. So parents cannot leave the device to more than a kid when they need to leave the children alone.

15. Amazon Kindle

Review : If you’re a bookworm, this app is a life saver! As an Amazon prime customer, I get several good deals on books, some even free. This app also allows me to instantly sync ebooks checked out from my local library’s website. No more leaving the house and worrying about late fees if I forget to return on time! I’ve been using this for over year and love it!

16. Coursera

Review : While the option to download videos for offline use is wonderful, it would be even more wonderful if it worked reliably. Too often, when it’s time to access the videos, I get “Something is wrong with the downloaded video file. Would you like to re-download the file?” I’m usually not in a good downloading place.

17. Duolingo  

Review : Great app for language learning, also MOST IMPORTANTLY its encouraging. This is what I feel makes it so successful, because even when you make small spelling or accent errors it encourages you to try again, and thats what learning is all about! It also allows you to test your knowledge of the language frequently, AND the lingots you earn help you learn new phrases.

18. Khan Academy

Review : Mad people are calling this app boring. Leave studies no if you find study boring. This app has actually helped me in my AS and i don’t take tuitions because Khan Academy is everything. Thank you Sal Khan! The downloads are a bit buggy though.

19. Lynda

Review : Should add a Notes feature similar to desktop on this app. So users can take down notes when watching videos on the go. Will make it easier for us when there’s no need to switch between Lynda app and our phone’s Notes app.

20. Periodic Table

Review : LOVE the app but what’s not making it 5 stars is that the elements 113, 114, 115, 117 just been officially named and I would like the information on the elements updated to date with video.

21. StudyBlue

Review : I love study blue. It helps me in tutoring allot and tell me things that I wouldn’t know by just using flash cards

Tips to Have a Career in Project Management

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Tips to Have a Career in Project Management
It can be a very demanding role for a person who wishes to have a career in project management.

But, that doesn’t mean that it won’t be rewarding. You may have to face challenges and questions that differ from one another on the basis of situation and background.

Managing a project from scratch and dealing with all the ups and downs can be an extremely satisfying process.

Your world will be quite extensive with a lot of career opportunities and paths lining up for you.

Career in Project Management

If you want to be a project manager or are searching through agile project management jobs online, you will have to get a few things sorted in order to attain success.

To make sure that you have everything right, here are some outstanding tips that can help you build a career in project management.

Get Qualified

To start with, you need a qualification for a career in project management. By having a qualification, you will be able to show potential employers that you are determined and serious with respect to your career and have obtained skills of managing your role efficiently.

It will also show that you are competent enough to take the job role. You can take a diploma course in project management which will allow you to work as a pert time or full time employee along with your studies.

If you want to fill knowledge gaps along with supplementing your experience, you can take up additional courses and training through night classes in online courses. This will let the inner project manager inside you to return back to speed.

Get Focused

No doubt you will have to use similar fundamental skills in a variety of projects, but you shouldn’t ignore focusing on a specific area. An able project manager must manage projects in multiple industries, but many choose to specialise in a particular area to gain expertise with the set of skills he/she possesses.

You should think about the type of projects that interest you and try to focus your learning experience in that area.

Communication Skills

Communication is extremely crucial at the part of a project manager as he/she will be required constantly to convey messages to project stakeholders and team members.

In the case, the project takes an unexpected turn, the project manager must be able to communicate the status to the people concerned as quickly as possible.

There is always a different approach that needs to be taken to approach different people which may require phone calls or personal visits depending of the situation.

Key Attributes

To become a successful project manager, there are quite many attributes that you have to possess.

You need to be a good communicator to be able to inspire your team members. You must possess leadership skills along with management skills for motivating the employees.

You must also know how to deal with pressure and bring out the best from the situation.

To become a successful project manager, you will require hard work and determination. Work for your goals using the step by step process if you want success to stand beside you.