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KMTC 2019: Intake and the courses offered

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KMTC 2019: Intake and the courses offered
The leading medical training center Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) was founded in 1927 under the Ministry of Health.

Though it started with only four students at Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) Kabete, the institution currently hosts more than 22,000 scholars pursuing over 50 KMTC courses.

Last Update Dec 22, 2018

Consequently, KMTC graduates more than 6,000 medical professionals annually to serve in the private and public healthcare sectors.

This amounts to an approximate of 80 percent of Kenya’s medical workforce.

KMTC 2019

KMTC courses and qualifications

The different levels available for KMTC courses include higher diplomas, certificates, and diplomas, and the institution has in the recent past introduced new courses to gather for the ever-increasing healthcare needs. Here are some of the courses available for KMTC 2018 intake and their respective entry requirements.

KMTC 2019 certificate courses

Certificate in nursing

This certificate course takes two and half years to complete where students seeking to join must have obtained a C- in Kiswahili or English and Biology or Biological Sciences.

They must also have a D+ in Mathematics, Physics, Physical Sciences, and Chemistry.  The students who qualify to enroll for the Certificate in Nursing course can study at MTC colleges in Kabarnet, Lodwar, and Garissa.

Certificate in Orthopaedic Plaster Technology 

The minimum entry requirements for this course include a C- in Kiswahili or English, a D+ in Physics or Maths, or Physical Science. It also requires a D+ in Home Science, Agriculture, or Chemistry and is offered at KMTC Nairobi talking two years to complete.

Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing

The entry qualifications for this course include a C- in Kiswahili or English, Biology or Biological Sciences and D+ in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry. Offered at KMTC Mathari, the certificate course in Psychiatric nursing take runs for two and half years before the students are graduated.

KMTC 2019 intake Diploma courses

There are various courses offered by KMTC for 2019 intake as detailed below:
  • Post-Basic Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health-On a full-time basis, this course takes a full academic year to complete and is offered at KMTC Nairobi. Those seeking to enroll for a Post-Basic diploma in Occupational Safety and Health include serving as Public Health Officer (PHO).
  • Post-Basic Diploma in Food, Science, and Inspection-While this KMTC course is offered at KMTC Nairobi branches on a full-time basis, the entry requirements for those seeking to enroll include serving PHOs. This enables the learners to function well and specialize in environmental health management where they take on year at the institution.
  • In-service Diploma in EHS (Regular)-The course is meant for the technicians in the public health sector who want to advance to PHOs. It is offered in various KMTC colleges in Kabarnet, Machakos, Nakuru, Lodwar, Kisumu, Nyeri, Embu, and Kakamega.
  • Basic Diploma in Environmental Health Science-The entry requirements for this course include KCSE mean grade C with a C in Kiswahili or English or one of the three sciences. It is offered at various KMTC colleges located across the country in Nairobi, Embu, Kakamega, Kisumu, Kabarnet, Nyeri, Machakos, Mswambeni, Kitui and Nakuru. For students to complete the course, they must study full-time for three years.

KMTC Higher Diploma Courses

The following are some of the leading higher diploma courses offered at various KMTC campuses in the country:
  • Higher Diploma in Epidemiology (Parallel)-The minimum entry requirements for this course include Diploma in Community Oral Health, Medical Laboratory Technology, Public Health, Health Records and Information, Clinical Medicine, or Nursing from KMTC.
  • Diploma in Pharmacy-Students who want to enroll for Diploma in Pharmacy must have obtained a KCSE mean grade C with C in Kiswahili, English, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology or any other qualification as determined by KMTC academic board. While the course is full-time and takes two years to complete with lab practical, it includes an attachment of seven months in any community pharmacies, company and hospital. Qualified applicants will study at various KMTC colleges in Kisumu, Nakuru, Nairobi, Manza, Nyeri, and Mombasa.

Latest KMTC Courses for 2019 intake

KMTC 2019 Courses intake
In its efforts to help the government in handling emerging healthcare issues, KMTC has introduced some new courses that students can apply for in 2018. These courses include the following:
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Health Systems Management
  • Nurse Anesthesia
  • Nephrology
  • Orthopedic trauma medicine
  • Enrolled Community Nursing
  • Palliative care nursing

KMTC 2019 intake and admissions

KMTC offers both regular (government-sponsored) and parallel (private-sponsored) programs where the parallel program's intake is held in March while regular programs intake is in September. The registration for 2018 parallel program closed on the 28th January.

Usually, KMTC course advertisements are published in October in the local newspapers. Students are advised to attach relevant academic certificates and national ID or birth certificate with the application form.

Students who apply for the different KMTC courses must pay Kshs. 2,000 non-refundable fee or $50 for foreigners through Banker’s Cheque or National Bank deposit.

This fee payment, however, does not offer admission guarantee into the college as that only depends on the applicant’s qualification.

KMTC 2019 fee structure/ application form

Where to find KMTC fee structure and application form

KMTC fee structure depends on the student category whether regular, parallel or foreign. The fee structures for each of these categories can easily be downloaded from the institution’s website www.kmtc.ac.ke and the completed applications addressed to the following address:

The Director
Kenya Medical Training College
P.O. Box 30195-00100
Nairobi, Kenya

All KMTC campuses are strategically located near district or provincial health facilities for students to seamlessly complete their clinical attachment. KMTC is also well-endowed with experienced and qualified instructors and administrative personnel.

Hence, the institution attracts international students from East and Central Africa countries like Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, and Sudan.

The rapid growth of KMTC from its humble beginnings is attributed to the constant government support, commitment of the staff and the diligence of the scholars.

4 Industries Where a Liberal Arts Degree Makes a Difference

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4 Industries Where a Liberal Arts Degree Makes a Difference
According to common wisdom, success comes with a STEM degree like science, technology, engineering, or math. If you get a degree in something else — perhaps literature, philosophy, or social sciences — it’s thought that you have a much lower chance of landing a well-paid job.

But like much of common wisdom, this just is not true. Liberal arts degree are more in demand than ever, and it’s just a matter of learning how to apply the skills the liberal arts teach you.

Whether you go to a traditional college or pursue an online liberal arts associates degree (perfect for the person who needs to work and study at the same time), here are four industries that are hungry for people with a liberal arts diploma.


Law and legal services

Law is one of the great bastions of liberal arts practice. Several skills taught by a liberal arts degree, such as close reading, clear writing, and argumentative analysis, are useful to an individual in the law field. Furthermore, many fields in the liberal arts — philosophy and ethics, civics and government — are directly affected by the work of lawyers and lawmakers, and require both academic and professional study.

In the legal field, you could work at a personal injury law firm, a government agency, or a large corporation. With a diversity of areas to specialize in, you can be sure to find the right area for you.

If you are interested in law, that doesn’t mean that you must go to law school. The legal field has several professions to choose from that do not necessarily require a Juris Doctor or even, in some cases, a bachelor’s degree.

Paralegals are essential to lawyers, and they draft documents, assist clients, and do legal research. Legal secretaries are administrative assistants who take care of the day-to-day work of running law offices.

Other ancillary legal careers, such as compliance specialists (who make sure large organizations function according to government rules and regulations) legal recruiters (who provide law firms with employees) and court reporters (who transcribe legal proceedings) all require the skills a liberal degree school provides.

Compliance specialists must be strong readers and problem solvers; legal recruiters have to understand psychology; court reporters need to be strong writers and memorizers.

Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that positions for paralegals and legal assistants will grow at more than twice the average growth rate for all occupations.

Health care administration

Health care administration and management is an industry poised for phenomenal growth. Health care administrators’ jobs grew by 3,200 percent between 1975 and 2010.

Healthcare administrators need a deep understanding of health care policy and laws, the ability to communicate with and coordinate multiple medical specialists at once, and the ability to envision and implement future health care services.

A liberal arts degree provides excellent preparation for all of those requirements in the field. And the field, furthermore, is wide, with plenty of entry-level jobs and lots of space at the top.

Positions range from high-powered health care CEOs to the office administrators for your local pediatric dentist.

A health care administrator must have a strong understanding of bioethics, which involves the ethics of medical and biological research.

The truth is that, while the resources that go towards in the medical field are vast, they are still limited, and an administrator must decide how to best extend them.

These are ethical questions that no business course will prepare you for.

Additionally, a person in this field has to consider the ways in which their decisions affect the community that relies on the health system that they administer.

These issues require an understanding of the cultural and social factors that lead community members to make certain health decisions.

An understanding of cultural heritage and sociology can help an administrator understand how those decisions are made, and how they can best serve the needs of the people.

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD

How does a liberal arts degree meet the needs of the growing cannabis industry? The cannabis industry is brand new, and therefore is in desperate need of policymakers and innovators who can create the services that cannabis entrepreneurs need.

The number of professions that support cannabis growers and distributors is skyrocketing. Banking and insurance businesses need people who can build savings and insurance vehicles appropriate to cannabis. These require legal literacy, as well as skills in contract drafting.

Additionally, we return to, once again, the particular skills of the compliance specialists. The complex web of state, local, and federal regulations that govern marijuana has created an entire class of industry consultants who help growers through the legal minefield.

A liberal arts degree also provides a foundation for those interested in working directly in the cannabis industry.

The cannabis business may involve lots of shiny new technology, such as filtration for hemp and CBD oil extraction, but anybody in the industry must also understand the history of the drug, the history of science, the history of race, and the ways in which those histories intersect with injustices particular to the cultivation and distribution of marijuana.

Without an understanding of the challenges that cannabis cultivation has faced in the past, any aspiring bud entrepreneur faces an uphill climb making their business succeed.

Cultural literacy is key to succeeding in any field in a transitional state. Cannabis, in particular, needs people who understand the history of the drug to help bring it out of the shadows.


Many people fall in love with the liberal arts because of a great teacher. A college professor revealed the secrets of a novel that unlocked something in their heart.

A teaching assistant explained a sociological idea that revealed a truth about society. A high school history teacher shared an insight about the past that changed the present.

As it happens, the liberal arts are also a path towards becoming a great teacher. A deep knowledge of the subject matter, whether that is literature, sociology, or history, must be paired with the communication skills necessary to convey that knowledge clearly. A liberal arts degree prepares you with both.

Furthermore, education is a rapidly growing sector. The US education industry is expected to reach $2 billion by 2026.

These estimates include not just teachers, but support staff, curriculum designers, textbook authors, and researchers. These fields also require a mix of skills that a liberal arts degree is uniquely poised to fulfill.

For example, textbook authors and editors need top-notch language skills; curriculum designers require an understanding of both educational philosophy and psychology to build effective instructional materials.

But above all else, inspiring educators are driven by a love of learning, and they inspire that love in students.

A liberal arts education, as it is said, educates the whole person, and thereby sparks a genuine curiosity about the world and its workings.

Once that is instilled in you, nothing can take it away from you, and you are driven to pass it along to others.

The most in-demand careers in the healthcare sector

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The most in-demand careers in the healthcare sector
Healthcare just became the largest employment sector in America. As of 2017, it surpassed manufacturing and retail, largely due to the collective aging of the nation and a growing demand for senior care. Within the next decade, over a quarter of Americans will be over the age of 55.
careers in the healthcare sector
Many blue collar and knowledge work careers are staring down the face of automation and falling prey to outsourcing via cost-cutting measures. Meanwhile, healthcare-related jobs retain strong, even growing prospects.

Nearly all healthcare jobs require local support and can’t easily be transferred offshore to regions with more favorable currency exchange, and growth includes significant support, administrative, technical, and management posts, not just more primary caregivers like nurses and doctors, or pharmaceutical roles.

Students looking for a good return on their educational investment would do well to look into healthcare. Here are five of the most in-demand healthcare-related careers:

Health Services Manager

A health services management career is an excellent choice for someone who has strong leadership, motivational, and organizational skills. It requires a broad knowledge of healthcare services in order to advise patients, and good business skills.

Health Services Managers might need an Associate degree or above and might combine traditional business education with health sciences courses to position themselves for success. This is a role that requires more education but is also more valuable and flexible in the long term.

Healthcare IT Support

An emerging field, IT specialists who serve healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, suppliers, and healthcare-adjacent on-demand services, are poised for impressive growth. While healthcare is strongly resistant to automation as a whole, it has also been slow to take advantage of the efficiency and opportunities afforded by technology.

Roles might include medical systems analysts to help organizations understand and take advantage of opportunities for more effective systems, programmers to develop specialist systems, and medical coders to support the ongoing administration of new systems.

These roles would require staff to study computer science, engineering, and other technology programs and may or may not require any actual healthcare studies.

Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides are in increasing demand, mainly to support the care of seniors. They perform non-technical services such as bathing and assistance in a seniors’ care facility. A personal care aide can find work almost anywhere and requires relatively little education. Pay rates are modest, but there can be the opportunity for supervisory or management roles as you gain experience.

Home Health Aide

Home health aides offer non-technical support in remote locations. They travel to clients’ homes to help them with challenges like bathing, dressing, or taking medication, and often serve seniors or those with injuries, disabilities, or chronic health concerns.

This role requires relatively little education, and is paid at a modest level but offers more flexibility and freedom than many healthcare roles. It’s possible to be a freelancer, contractor, or employee, and to set hours that work for you.

Registered Nurse

While there’s a huge rise in healthcare support roles like administration, management, and technical support, there’s also a continual demand for registered nurses. Hospitals employ RNs to provide primary patient care and to support doctors.

They may also operate out of clinics. It takes a specialist degree to become an RN that involves classroom studies and practical work experience, and pay rates are good, with the opportunity to move up the ranks to management positions.

Since it can be hard to know which type of healthcare career would best suit you, it’s a good idea to look for a college that offers a range of courses and can give you exposure to different areas. If you think you’d like to become a medical administrative assistant, you could start with a program geared toward preparing you for becoming an assistant, and then pivot to a more specialized, longer, or a more basic program depending on your interests and strengths.

With the amount of change in the job world, it can be bewildering to know where to start. The last thing you want to do is invest time and money into educating yourself for a specialized career that vanishes by the time you get out of school or before you’ve paid your student loans off. Invest wisely by finding a career that suits you in the healthcare sector.

If primary care isn’t of interest, there are still many different types of jobs that offer strong career prospects where you can put your skills to use.

Unlike most other sectors, healthcare jobs are resistant to outsourcing and automation, meaning you’ll have excellent job security and a steady future.

Information about Noble Career in Healthcare

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Information about Noble Career in Healthcare
Thinking of choosing a career in the healthcare field? Actually to be honest, it is one of the noblest fields in rendering services to people who are sick and in need have cared. Healthcare Industry is a wide arena and the role of each and every health care personal plays a vital role in the process of healing patients. This field involves healthcare officials starting from the Pharmacist, Nurse, Physiotherapist to all the Doctors specialized in different fields. To work in a healthcare one must have immense patience and good skills.
Career in Health
Career in Healthcare

How to deal with the Overworking Issue at the workplace?

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How to deal with the Overworking Issue at the workplace?
Overworking Issue-Time and again studies have shown that maximum employees have to deal with the issue of overworking where they sacrifice something as precious as their health.

The impact on health is grave that includes a host of a problem like panic attacks, fatigue, headaches, lack of sleep, and continuous irritability disturbing the biological clock to a great extent.

How to deal with the Overworking Issue at the workplace?
Overworking Issue at the workplace?
People who are encountering this issue of overworking are not complaining about their jobs.

The majority of the employed population facing this problem enjoys their challenging work environment and they tend to be more satisfied when stuffed with work rather than sitting idle in their workspace.

A passionate job-seeker with a focused mindset after checking through extensive job alerts when nabbing their dream opportunity, they are not bothered by the extreme workload.

They are more engaged and love to be busy.

IAS Preparation: Follow the keyhole towards success

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IAS Preparation: Follow the keyhole towards success
In life, no matter whichever the path is,motivation is something which always boosts our strength and confidence for attaining our goals.The higher the target to be achieved, higher motivation is required.

An IAS aspirant has a very tough and complicated journey and to deal with it, lots of positive motivation and inspiration is required. Latest Updated on Sep 9, 2018

Nowadays, competition is getting tougher due to fewer vacancies and more applicants. And being an IAS is a dream career of the majority of youth today, due to which they have to face lots of pressure.

IAS Preparation
IAS Preparation
Learn not just grasp

Everyone is fighting to win not to learn. The focus is just to clear the IAS exams with the help of Best IAS Coaching in Delhi and getting selected, but what about the knowledge? With every new attempt we are exploring our knowledge more.

But no, nobody thinks like this, we all are scared of failures and get de-motivated. Failure is a part of every journey and it is the only thing that gives you one more opportunity to learn and experience. So always take your failure positively.

It is the fact that, when we put our feet on a smooth floor there are maximum chances of being slipped, on the other hand, if the surface is rough and hard initially it hurts, but you can have a better grip on it.

Similarly, we wish to face less difficulties ignoring the fact that as many difficulties we deal with we earn more experience.

Focus on health too

In this highly competitive environment, whether a fresher or a veteran determination and focus are necessary. While preparing for IAS student feels burdened, and they ignore their health and get into depression.

An IAS aspirant should always attend motivational lectures to avoid these types of situations. Yoga and Meditation are also fruitful to distress ourselves.

Everyone has his own journey, so never get stressed by correlating with others. Do your best and leave the rest. Optimize your time and resources in the best possible way. An IAS aspirant should always attain a positive attitude towards his goal. Never study just for clear the exam extend your limits and study to learn and explore more which increase your curiosity and motivate you to do more efforts.

Make your best attempt

As far as success is concerned not only knowledge and hard work are enough. What else is a matter is fate and destiny, but it is also true that fate only favors those who help themselves. So don’t bother about the facts that you can’t change, just take out the best out of you and leave it on destiny.

Examination and competitions are only a part of life. Life doesn’t finish with this exam only. It will give you further better opportunities which might be more positive for you. So exam should be treated like exams only not like the matter of life and death.

Bottom Line…

Every new morning brings new light and new hopes. Good things always take time to happen, so what today doesn’t happen will take place tomorrow. What matters are; determination and the efforts, an IAS aspirant should never lose. Join Best IAS Coaching in Delhi start your preparation in full swing.

Five Business Lessons That You Might Have Learned Back in High School

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Five Business Lessons That You Might Have Learned Back in High School
Businesses worldwide invest thousands in conducting conferences, buying guidebooks and magazine subscriptions for improving their management skills.

Well, one thing which never really came to anyone’s realisation is that most of the business management knowledge needed is something you learned back in high school.

Strange, but true!

We have come up with five business lessons every entrepreneur might recall learning in their high school years.

1:Control Your Own Learning
If you remember your time in high school, you will have a nostalgic flashback of how every student would enthusiastically take detailed notes, sit in the front row and participate in class discussions.

Schools highly encourage this behaviour even today as it improves retention and performance of students.

Similarly, while you learn to run a business empire by yourself, the leader in you should take an active participation in business activities just like the students in high school do.

For instance, if your marketing skills are on point but you have poor accounting knowledge, then at learn basic accounting tactics that will help you manage your finances. It is important that entrepreneurs learn to effectively manage company finances before they find themselves struggling with it.

In case you are already struggling with shortage of money, especially due to late payment issues, opt for invoice finance. Invoice financing has been helping entrepreneurs borrow money against the amounts due from customers.

You certainly don’t have to be an expert straight away, but it is important to understand the fundamentals. Once you learn to no longer rely on others to analyse new opportunities, you are shaping your company’s growth rightly.

2: Do Not Procrastinate

Well, it is for certain that nobody retains anything they learn a night before the test. Similarly, entrepreneurs need to dedicate a lot of time towards research before starting a new project or making any important business decision.

If you happen to regularly make immediate decisions or make decisions at the last moment, you might as well reconsider your leadership and management practices.

3: Utilise Your Time Effectively

You might recall yourself juggling with assignments, exams and projects for several classes and extracurricular activities. You might also recall how difficult handling high school would have been if you haven’t adapted time management.

In the same manner, entrepreneurs struggle doing everything on their own. This makes them stressed and overworked, which is not only good for their health but not even good for company’s health.

When running a business empire, you should be able to manage your time well. In other words, you need to understand when to delegate, when you can expand and when you need to invest in latest technology.

4: Create Incentives for Yourself

Remember how difficult it was to concentrate on studying for a test while your friends are out enjoying the weekend? In fact, all of us would agree to the fact that grades often serve as a strong motivator in high school. However, in the business world it is just as important to set incentives.

As you encourage your employees to keep up with the good work by offering incentives every now and then, why not do the same for yourself? This can be so relaxing especially after dealing with a challenging business week or quarter. You can create small incentives for yourself such as treating yourself at your favourite restaurant, a massage or a mini-vacation.

5: Cultivate Multiple Options

If you ask your high school toppers, they definitely must have had multiple college options instead of one. When the acceptance letters arrive, they must have then evaluated factors such as financial aid, campus amenities and academic programs to choose the one suitable for them.

We are sure that you must have done the same.

College is a one-time investment for which we analyse multiple options and explore the long-term effects of each option. Likewise, the investments you make in your business should be based on well-researched and informed decisions.

One wrong decision can cost you millions of pounds and waste of resources. So think wisely and research well before making any investments.

Ultimately, the single most essential lesson everyone learns in high school is to always ke

How to Remain Happy During UPSC Preparation

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How to Remain Happy During UPSC Preparation
Only an aspiring UPSC candidate understands the pressure and hard work that goes into the preparation stage of this exam. Under these circumstances, staying happy and motivated so that you don’t lose your mind, feels like an added burden.

Your own thought processes, constant day dreaming, expectations, every day pressures, and desire to perform well get in the way of your happiness. If you see yourself nodding to these instances, here are a few tips that can help you stay happy during UPSC preparation.


Get Rid of the Pressures in your Head

This is easier said than done, but you need to learn to compartmentalize. Free yourself from all kinds of negative thoughts such as expectations of parents, your future, and the likes. Prepare for the exam by focusing on the present day. Make note of the things you have to accomplish for that day and see that you work hard to achieve them.

Find the Will and Motivation to Pull Through

Motivate yourself to do better, even when no one tells you to do so. After all, it is your goal and so you need to put in the effort and study for it. You have to find the strength from within to persevere and persist without waiting for external factors to tell you to do so. Also, accept the fact that if things don’t turn out according to your plan or you do not get the score you expect, you will be okay.

Enjoy What You Do

When you do something you love such as going shopping, indulging in sports or watching a movie, you automatically enjoy it. The same goes for UPSC preparation. When you begin to enjoy studying, you won’t feel like it’s such a burden. Opt for subjects you genuinely have a liking towards. Learn to create curiosity around the topics. Think of it as a chance to learn and become more knowledgeable.

Focus on the Things You are Good at

Develop an understanding about your strengths and work on them. There will be instances when you encounter hurdles and low times during your civil service preparation. It is during these times you need to pay attention to the things you are good at. For instance, you can tell yourself that you are good at English; you can definitely handle Maths.

Keep a Track of Your Advancement

Sometimes, it’s good to look back at how far you have already come. Whenever you feel blue, you can look at your track record and feel pumped up to carry on. It gives you an idea of your past struggles and how you fought to overcome them. This naturally fills you with pride and you are left feeling happy and eager to achieve more while still being content about how far you have come.

Eat Healthy and Stay Active

It is important to eat properly and have a healthy diet. This also includes adequate amounts of water. You also need to devote a part of your time to staying active. This encompasses exercise, going for a jog, cycling or whatever other activity suits your fancy. This helps keep your body in top condition and also betters your mental health. You are also better equipped to concentrate and pay attention.

Inspire Yourself and Imagine

Imagining yourself as a civil servant without day dreaming about it works wonders. It helps you when you are feeling down. You can also look at your favorite personality for inspiration. You really have to believe in yourself, even if you can’t, pretend to do so. Eventually you will get there.

Avoid Negative People

The last thing you want is people telling you that you can’t make it. This works like a deal breaker. It is best to stay away from the cynics of the world for your own mental health and peace of mind. Staying in the presence of such people eventually causes their negativity to rub off on you. It’s best to avoid them altogether.

Attempt to do something productive each day and get a good night’s sleep. Try to minimize anxiety levels and make a choice to be happy and positive regardless of the circumstances. Remember, happiness and progress is interconnected. If you strive to remain happy while studying hard, you will succeed and ace the UPSC exams.

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How to Evaluate the institutes before getting enrolled

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How to Evaluate the institutes before getting enrolled
If you are planning for higher studies, then you should not only consider selecting the course program, but various other aspects that is related to a quality educational institute.

It is very essential to evaluate the institutes, before getting enrolled into one because a degree is accepted worldwide only when you earn it from a recognized university.

Apart from an authentic degree, factors like faculty members, infrastructure and various other elements are to be considered, if you want to sketch a successful career graph.

Many reputed institutes in the country like, the UGC recognized universities in UP provide numerous facilities for the students, so that they can develop their overall personality traits.

However, if you are not aware of these elements, then we are here to assist you. Below, some of the essential elements of a quality educational institutes are discussed that will help you to evaluate an institute.
  1. Class Size: When the class size is small and students are less in number, the teachers can teach the students properly, focusing on each and everyone in the classroom. The professors can use effective teaching-learning methods, which will allow the students to take active part in the class.
  2. Faculty Members: A renowned institute provides highly qualified and well-experienced faculty members for the students. These lecturers leave no stone unturned in order to make students learn all the necessary knowledge and skill sets. In addition to that, they groom the students with all the essential qualities that will help them in the professional field.
  3. Placement: It is another most important factor that you should consider, while evaluating the institutes. Quality institutes make sure that the graduates are well-placed from the campus interview itself. For this, the institutes even arrange special classes, so that the students can prepare themselves for the interview sessions.
  4. Broadband Connectivity: Many high class universities provide high speed internet for students both in college as well as in hostels and also allowed to take private internet connections on our own expenses.
  5. Have their Own Gymnasium: Universities also take care of health and fitness of their students and provide GYM to them to make them fit and healthy.
  6. Student health clinic: Provide On-campus nurses for first-aid treatment to students and staff members and avail information and referrals on general medical and family planning matters.

    Students can also take an appointment with a bulk-billing doctor or also get dental services at a very cheaper cost. Many Educational institutions may provide access to a full team of doctors and nurses, and some institutions may also house an on-campus pharmacy which is available at very cheaper cost.
Apart from the above discussed factors, there are various other aspects and facilities that are provided by the reputed institutes like, the UGC approved university in UP or for that matter anywhere else in the country.

Therefore, you should get enrolled into one, which will offer excellent facilities and allow you to enjoy numerous opportunities.

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The Varied Courses offered by the Management institute in Uttarkhand

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The Varied Courses offered by the Management institute in Uttarkhand
There are number of management institutes in Uttarakhand providing the advanced training program to the students.

The management courses are widely chosen by the students, especially who want to aspire a challenging role and position in the management domain.

The Management institute in Uttarakhand offers various courses and programs including bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctoral, executive education program and others.

The post graduate program offered by the Management institute in Dehradun is the two year program.

This is the PGDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Management flagship programme, which is also considered equivalent to MBA programmes.

Some of the specializations of the post graduate programmes in management will include:

  • Specialization in marketing, Finance, Operation and HR
  • Research and Business analytics
  • E-Biz
  • Business Design
  • Health Care Management
  • Retail Management
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Rural Management and much more
There are also many other management programmes offered by the colleges in Dehradun and to point a few:
  • Post graduate program in entrepreneurship
  • Program in healthcare management
  • Health care management
  • Business management for legal professionals
  • Post graduate programme in media and entertainment management
The management college also offers one year and six months short term diploma courses in management to choose.

Students are also flexible to choose their specialization in MBA courses such as:
  • MBA in systems
  • MBA in marketing
  • MBA in finance
  • MBA in production
  • MBA in HR
  • MBA in logistics
  • MBA in supply chain management and much more
Besides knowing the various courses available to choose from the post graduate management, you should also know the eligibility criteria, which is essential to get qualified.

To do your post graduate diploma management, students should be aware of the subjects, which is also very important in their selection process.

Some of the major subjects involved in this management course includes, quantitative methods, managerial economics, IT for management, financial accounting, marketing management, corporate communication, operation management, human resource management, principles of management and others.

The post graduate diploma in management is the three year program. You can also choose to do this course in part time, which is beneficial to the working executives.

This programme is hugely recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources.

There is also executive post graduate diploma in management course, which helps the students to achieve leadership position in the industry.

This program provides various skills to the candidates especially in the functional and management area that emphasis on the cross-cultural and international exposure.

This programme will provide opportunity for both professional and personal growth through various interactive learning environments in the institute.

The main purpose of this training program is to help the candidate achieve functional area knowledge, management skills, analytical skills, skills to take decision and much more. This program will further provide them a better learning platform to handle the cross-cultural issues, especially to manage global business.

The curriculum designed is advanced that it enable the students to learn prepare themselves to adopt to the current trend and scenarios in the business world.

This will also help them to improve their management and administrative skills in an efficient way.

IELTS Exam Tips: Make Your EXAM Impressive And Stand Out

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IELTS Exam Tips: Make Your EXAM Impressive And Stand Out
Are you thinking to prepare for the IELTS exams? Well, you are in the right place. For many students that are uninitiated, the idea of the exam might be a little bit intimidating to them. Even though the candidate is fluent in the language, sitting in such exams will require a great deal of attentiveness and concentration. 

So, for those candidates who are not so fluent in English, we are here to tell you that you will require a lot of hard work and commitment for IELTS preparation.

Tips To Prepare For IELTS Examination

Here are some tips that will help you prepare with the IELTS exam. With the help of these IELTS preparation tips, the candidates can get boost themselves up for the examination and score better.


Make sure to follow each instruction carefully.
  • Watch TV, Movies And English News - The IELTS test is basically designed in such a way that it can test the operational usability of the person and not just the basic knowledge that is on the book. So, it will be better for those people who are not so fluent in the language to watch TV shows, movies and news in English.

    They can also English newspaper, magazines etc. One more thing they can do is to keep speaking the language with the person who is familiar with it. In this way, the former will get some knowledge and improve his skills in the language.
  • Time Management - Management of time is another great factor that every candidate has to excel in. Even though you know the answer to all the question but are not able to manage the time then it will be of no use.

    It is obvious that during the study and on the day of IELTS exam, the candidates will be under constant pressure and it becomes difficult to respond to the correct answer quickly. So, the practice you do at home is the main key to excel in such cases. Fix a certain time in which you are going to spend on one question. This will help in better IELTS preparation.
  •  Practice Test Series-One of the best things to do in order to excel in anything is to keep practicing. There are many centers that provide the candidates with mock test and study materials which can be of great help for the actual test.

    When you practice the mock tests at home, they will give you an idea about how the actual test is going to be and what each section consists of.

    This will help you to get all your concentration on the actual test rather than just following the guidelines.

    However, though the actual test and the mock test are nearly the same, it is advisable for the candidates to listen to the instruction that will be given on the examination hall.

    For knowledge about the IELTS exams here we have some of the statistics that will help the student to know better about the exam.

    1. The candidates who are sitting in the examination for the purpose of employment, around 18% got 6, 4.5% got 8 and 21% got 7.
    2. However, the nurses score quite well in the exams. This is because they need this examination so that they can work in foreign countries as nurses. 26% got 7 and 16% got 6
    3. For the students who want to apply for the university with the help of these scores, only 9% of them scored 7 while 21% of other employees and 26% of the nurses have already scored it.
    4. The candidates who are sitting in the examination for the purpose of employment, around 18% got 6, 4.5% got 8 and 21% got 7.
    5. However, the nurses score quite well in the exams. This is because they need this examination so that they can work in foreign countries as nurses. 26% got 7 and 16% got 6
    6. For the students who want to apply for the university with the help of these scores, only 9% of them scored 7 while 21% of other employees and 26% of the nurses have already scored it.
  • Check If The Hardware And Headphones Are Okay- Before the start of the listening test, the candidates are provided with an example. This is the best time the candidates familiarise themselves with the audio that is played on the headphones.

    Try to see if you are comfortable with the audio and check if there is any kind of default in the software. When you find any default then immediately address it to the examiner before the test starts. Once the test is started, it can’t be stopped in the middle to address such issues.
  • Listen To All The Questions Carefully - When the audio is being played, it is essential that the candidate listen to them very carefully and also read the question that is corresponding to the part that is played at that very moment. Keep on listen to the audio till it ends even there are no more questions left.
  • All Is Not As It Seems-Most of the times the candidates will find out that the answers are not very similar or obvious. When it comes to finding the answers, the candidate needs to know that it is basically implied in the words of the speaker. What actually is spoken in the answer might not be the answer itself.

    This is where practice again comes to help the candidates out. With proper training and practice, the mind will be able to find out the answers from just these basic applications. This is one of the most important things that the candidates have to learn about.
So, these are some the tips that the candidate can use to score well in the examination. Make sure you practice and manage the time wisely.

About Author: Garima Sharma is a versed blogger. She tries to discover new trends in the world and love to write blogs. She writes for a wide variety of topics including Education like GMAT, GRE, IELTS industry and also writes for Digital Marketing, Health, Fitness and Technology, and many more.

Study abroad: What parents need to know?

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Study abroad: What parents need to know?
Being a parent, it is obvious to worry about your child's education. If you are planning to make your child study abroad, then there are numerous things which you need to look into.

If you are financially strong, then there is no need to worry much, but if you are not so stable financially, then you need to think about the expenses abroad. In today’s growing economy, it is natural for a child to study overseas to grab future opportunities.

You must be aware of the scenario and environment in the country you are sending your child to study. Students going abroad need to manage on their own and face many challenges while completing their course.

For this purpose, boarding schools abroad can be a good way for them to reach the maturity and independence necessary to face these challenges from an early age.

what are the things you need to know about studying abroad?

1.Stay informed

When your child is travelling to a different place, insecurities are normal. By gathering sufficient information regarding the curriculum, locality, and the lifestyle will help you in gaining trust and dependability. Use the online resources at your disposal, and stay in touch with your child throughout the years. Contacting the university representatives is also a good idea to keep an eye on your child.


Make sure that you help your child in packing the essentials, as children tend to forget important stuff and then regret it. Pack only the things which are essential and will not be available in the foreign country, as anything else will only increase the load. Calculate the weight of the luggage, and check if the child is comfortable while carrying it. They might have to carry the load for a while, so it is essential for the weight to be convenient while moving from one place to another.

3.Plan of communication

Conversations become a challenge when children are in a foreign country, due to the time difference, packed schedule, and signal availability. Form a plan before the child’s departure and be ready to be flexible regarding it.

Delays and weakness of signal will be a common issue, so prepare for them. It is wise not to expect daily calls and messages, as the child’s routine may not allow them. The time and event must be comfortable enough for both you and the child.

You must support your child because it is about their career and it is a great decision to study abroad. It opens up various doors for your child in the future. It is said when an opportunity knocks on your door you must grab it. And this opportunity will come on its own if your child studies abroad. Studying overseas can let your child score the job they have always dreamt off.

Overseas education consultants have an understanding of every student’s study abroad needs and compliments the same with the right solution.

You must arrange for all the required needs for your child like a regular visit to a physician for proper health, the area they are heading in and many other things.

The laws and living standards are entirely different from India. So, these are some of the points you must know as a parent if your child wants to study abroad.

CBSE Board Exams: Last Minute Exam Tips

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CBSE Board Exams: Last Minute Exam Tips
It’s an exam day, finally, the day has approached. Even after thorough preparation, most of the students feel nervous and several questions arise in their mind.  As there is a little time left to revise, students will be confused, where to start from, which is important, what not to skip, etc. However, with a proper preparation strategy and smart work, students can easily perform well in their exam.

Since from the beginning of their academics, students were busy in their preparations, and by now almost all have completed with their syllabus and with a number of revisions. This is the day, where they can prove themselves by performing well in their exams. During the day of the exam, almost every student will be tensed and to help them, here are some last minute preparation tips.

Last minute preparations for CBSE class 10 and 12 board exams.

  1. Always maintain a positive attitude and believe in yourself. Positivity leads to miracles.
  2. Discuss or have a general talk with your friends regarding your preparations.
  3. Have a quick glance at the important terms, diagram, formulas, and other important terminologies from NCERT Solutions for Class 10.
  4. Never try to start preparing with the new topic. By doing this, you may become nervous and worried, which may drop your confidence level.
  5. Always hope for the best. Never think about the previous failures.
  6. Make sure to keep all your requirements such as your admit card, a pair of pens, pencils, calculators and other required stationery.
  7. Maintain your diet and avoid eating heavy, starchy food before an exam, has it makes you feel sluggish and lazy.
  8. Avoid referring more books on the day of the exam. The best way to have a quick revision is by referring NCERT Solutions for Class 12.
  9. Never try to compare the answers and about the preparations with your friends as it may make you anxious before the exam.
  10. Never get panic with the left out or missed topics. Just stay calm and relaxed as nothing more can be prepared during the last minutes of the exams.
  11. In order to avoid last moment chaos and confusion, just recollect all the important points studied last night.
  12. Have a quick glance on mind maps, flashcards, and other important terminologies.
  13. As there is very less time left out, students cannot go through the entire syllabus. Therefore, have a quick glance at the weak topics.
These were some important last-minute preparations for CBSE class 10 and 12 board exams. As per the experts and toppers advice, students are advised to prepare for their CBSE board exams by referring NCERT books as all the question papers are prepared based on these books. Apart from the preparations, students should also take care of their health and other belongings.

Therefore, have a check if you have a admit card, and all the required stationery items. Follow a healthy diet and avoid junk food as it may feel you full and makes u feel sleepy during the exam hours.

Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love

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Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love
There are several young entrepreneurs who have kick-started their businesses brilliantly. But, it is equally important for them to understand the fact that with time the number of employees in the firm is likely to increase.

Managing 5 employees is comparatively easier than 50 employees.

In order to fulfil this role effectively, a company needs to understand employee grievances and work on them.  Latest Updated on July 19, 2018

An unhappy or distracted employee is less likely to be productive at work. One effective way to keep your employees happy and motivated towards their work is to provide them with much needed breaks or some benefits.

Listed below are some of the perks that every employee would love their employer for:

Frequent Breaks During The Day
Most workplaces would have strict norms for employee attendance and consider irregularity and frequent late comings as a behavioural issue.

While being punctual is important an employer needs to understand the actual reason behind this irregularity.

Employees have to deal with tough deadlines which results in mental exhaustion. This exhaustion and lack of rest are two major causes of showing up late at work.

These two causes are often observed in employees especially working in a creative hub and several other businesses as it involves meeting deadline on a short notice.

Frequent breaks during the day give employees and employers a chance to refresh their minds. This refreshment of mind and soul ultimately leads them to a lucrative solution.

If a small business owner experiences financial crunch they constantly worry about the amount of investment made in the company and its effect. Instead, they should look for solutions that help them to manage cash flow finance and continue their process.

To make this happen, they can get in touch with one of those companies which offer business loans rather than applying to a bank. There are a handful of good companies who do not charge hidden fees and are upfront about the charges levied on owners. Such companies do not take several days for the procedure. On the contrary, it is done within a span of few days which is quicker than most banks.

Unlimited Vacation
Giving your employees the liberty to decide the duration of their vacation can be yet another benefit that you could offer them. Most employers disagree to this but they do not realise that this motivates employees to work harder and be more productive.

This policy can be only effective when there is mutual trust amongst both employee and employer. To be on a safer side, you can set rules so that there is uniformity amongst all your employees. Besides, employees are responsible enough to understand their duties towards their work.

Such a comfortable work environment assures employees of their job security.

Flexible working hours

You might have noticed young entrepreneurs working round the clock. In fact, they work from every part of their house including the rest room. In order to meet with strict deadlines they are constantly in touch with their employees and so they too have to work odd hours to meet the targets.

In order to avoid this situation, you can implement flexible working hour policy so that companies can simply work when they are required. Additionally, employees are focused on accomplishing set goals and not just the working hours.

 You can adopt two policies- one where employees work for X number of hours but the work schedule is as per employee’s convenience. The second policy gives complete freedom to employees which means they focus on work quality and not the number of hours they put in.

Feasible commute
For some employees reaching the workplace on time can be a big task every morning. If they take the public transport, they cannot afford to be even a minute late or if they are driving, they might get stuck in the traffic. This can be one reason why they are often late for work.

You can resolve this issue by offering a convenient commute option or an extra sum for commute so your employees do not have to bear the financial crunch. This way, they do not have to worry every morning about missing their bus or train.

Free Food
Preparing meal is one essential and time consuming task of the day. Most individuals choose to pick a take-away instead of preparing their own people as this saves time. Employees stick to unhygienic routine by consuming junk food on a daily basis.

You can motivate your employees to choose healthy meals by offering them free food coupons. You can also ask them to indulge in a healthy week campaign where they have to eat healthy for 7 consecutive days and win something in return.

In this manner, your employees will save money and be healthy at the same time. However, it is your responsibility to offer healthy combos to your employees so that they do not go back to junk food.

Fitness Provision
Imagine your employee taking a sick leave after every fortnight. This is definitely counts as an unprofessional behaviour and it also increases the medical expense. This can be avoided by offering free gym coupons or vouchers to employees.

You can pick special occasions like Valentine’s Day for couple vouchers or Women’s Day for all the ladies, etc. This will motivate them to hit the gym regularly and maintain their health. You can also keep occasional Zumba classes or Yoga sessions to encourage them and pursue it further for a healthy living.

A combination of all these workplace benefits offers freedom and motivation to continue working happily.

MBBS is the best choice if you love medical field

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MBBS is the best choice if you love medical field
There are lots of students who really love biology and have great interest in the medical field. If you are also one of them then you should think about pursuing MBBS degree.

You will become a qualified doctor after completing this course and you will get a lot of opportunities as far as having a great career is concerned.
There is always a huge demand for medical practitioners in the government as well as private hospitals.

Latest Updated on May 29, 2018

So, you will have a really safe as well as fulfilling career by being a doctor. Many people think that doctors earn very well but in reality it is a noble profession where the sole purpose is to help mankind.

Thus, if you are willing to provide medical help to the mankind then you can best do it by becoming a doctor.

General aspects about MBBS degree

You will have to study a lot if you are thinking to pursue MBBS degree. But when biology is your favorite subject then there is nothing to fear about. .

You will study every aspect about the human body like the structure, functioning of various organs, the reactions that take place inside the body, symptoms associated with various diseases, the right way to diagnose an illness, the right medicines that are to be prescribed, intricate details of surgery and much more.

MBBS is one such degree where you will get to study the theoretical as well as practical aspects. The duration of the course is 5+ years and in the last year you will have to do internship for practical experience.
So, MBBS degree will provide a complete practical exposure and you will learn how to handle the medical cases in a proficient manner.

Options that you can consider after getting MBBS degree

You can apply to government as well as private hospitals for job after completing MBBS degree.

There is always a really high demand for bright candidates in this field. After gaining some experience you can even start your own practice. You can also work for NGOs and state health programs by being their medical representative.

You can also go for higher degrees like MD and specialization after completing the MBBS degree.

There are lots of students who opt for the fields like medical research and teaching profession after completing MBBS. So, there is a world full of opportunities waiting for you.

It is a highly knowledgeable domain of study and you can make a career in any segment of your choice.

The best place for pursuing MBBS

If you are facing really tough competition locally and are unable to grab a seat in the medical college of your choice then think about pursuing MBBS in Moldova.

Moldova is located in Eastern Europe and it is bordered by Romania and Ukraine. There are really good medical colleges in this region and the entrance criteria are very simple.

You will never face any issue while applying visa for Moldova.

The educational standards are unprecedented in this region and you will get access to world class educational facilities at most reasonable rates. It is one of the favored destinations of students when it comes to pursuing MBBS degree.

So, keep Moldova on the topmost position in your priority list while planning for MBBS.

 Published Date: May 29, 2018 12:55 PM | Updated Date: May 29, 2018 12:55 PM

Midterm Writing Exams Guide: 11 Tips and Tools to Show Your Best Self

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Midterm Writing Exams Guide: 11 Tips and Tools to Show Your Best Self
If you’ve got exams ahead, then you need to make sure that you are fully prepared. Follow our Midterm Exams top 11 tips to make sure that you start off from the right possible position!  

Last Update Dec 22, 2018

1.Study Space

You need to make sure that the space that you will study in works for you.
Ask yourself:
  •  Do you have enough room to spread out all of your notes and textbooks?
  •  Do you have a comfortable chair? Is there sufficient light in the room?
  •  Are all distractions out of the way? Distractions are something that you need to avoid and be sure that you are comfy and can focus.
Some of us like to revise in silence whilst others like to have some music on in the background. Some of us like to work in a cluttered environment and some prefer to be organized and tidy.

You need to consider what works best for you and make sure that you spend time getting this right.

2.Use Diagrams and Flow Charts

When revising, visual aids can be very useful. 

When you start revising a topic, begin by writing down everything that you know and use a highlighter to highlight any gaps in your knowledge.

When you get closer to an exam you will need to condense this information so that you have a one-page diagram.

By doing this you will be able to quickly recall everything that you need to know for an exam.


There are plenty of apps available to download which can aid your revision. Custom writing services are also at your disposal to help you out.

4.Time/ Study Schedule

When it comes to revision, make sure that you leave enough time to revise and that you haven’t left it until the last minute.

Although some students like to cram at the last minute, you’re probably aware that this is not the ideal approach to take when it comes to exam preparation.

To organize your time efficiently, create a timetable for your revision. Begin by noting down the number of exams that you have and the days/dates that you have to sit them.

The next step is to organize your revision accordingly. It may be that some exams need more revision time than others, so you need to create a balance that works well for you.

5.Past Year(s) Exam Papers

A great way of preparing for an exam is to practice old papers. This way you will be prepared for the format of the questions, and you can also time yourself so that you know that you are taking the correct amount of time per section.

6.Study In Groups

Organize study sessions with friends. This way, you can answer each other’s questions.

It may even be worth setting a specific time to study, and this way, you can ensure that you all remain focused and on task. 


Use the people around you at exam time. Explain answers to them as this will help you to get answers clear in your mind and should also help to highlight aspects that you may need to do more work on.

8.Brain Food

You may crave treats, and you don’t have time to cook. Remember what you eat can affect your focus and energy levels so try and stay clear of junk foods.

Choose nutritious food which will fuel your brain and body; opt for blueberries, yoghurt, seeds, nuts, and fish to help memory and concentration.

On the day of exams, make sure that you eat a meal consisting of foods that give the body a slow release of energy. Although sugar may be tempting, you will find that it causes energy levels to plummet.

9.Take Breaks

You may feel like you need to revise for hours on end but this is actually ineffective. Consider if you were getting prepared for a marathon, you wouldn’t run all day and night.

So when to comes to revising for exams, it’s a known fact that in order to retain information, regular breaks are useful.

We all work best at different times of the day. If you study better first thing, then start early and remember to take a break before lunch.

If, on the other hand, you study better at night, then take a longer break earlier in the day so that once it’s evening time, you can focus and settle down.

Don’t ever feel guilty for getting out and enjoying the sun as vitamin D plays an important role in the health of your brain.

10.Drink lots Water

In order for your brain to work at its best, it needs to be hydrated. Drink lots of water whilst you revise and also drink water on the day of your examinations.

11.On Exam Day

Don’t leave being prepared for the day of your exams.

Make sure that you know what you need to take with you and that know the route you will take to get to the exam and how long it will take to get there.

If possible, do a test run of your route and if you haven’t had a chance to do this, then write down some clear directions.

When you know how long it will take you to get to the place where your exams are held, allow some extra time.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have to run half of the distance or get confused about the directions. If you prefer you could make arrangements to travel with classmates or friends as long as they are punctual and won’t end up making you late.

About author: Todd Hale is a dropout student of the Humanities faculty. With no degree in his pocket, but with some wit and irony in his head, he shares valuable tips that are aimed at making students’ life far more enjoyable and amazing.

His MidTerm blog is the well of know-hows and life hacks. Todd Hale is a dropout student of the Humanities faculty.

With no degree in his pocket, but with some wit and irony in his head, he shares valuable tips that are aimed at making students’ life far more enjoyable and amazing.

His MidTerm blog is the well of know-hows and life hacks

Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit

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Signs that Indicate it’s Time to Quit
You have a decent job that pays you a reasonable salary, which lasts a little longer than three weeks. And your job just barely utilises your brain, so you don't have many accomplishments to boast of or any new challenges and learning opportunities to mention on your resume.

You are doing the same thing day in and day out. Or, you have a job that constantly stresses you out. You feel as if you don't fit in the office. If either of these scenarios feels familiar, then it means that you are putting more into your job than you are gaining out of it. Time to look beyond your office walls!

Our experts enlist the following signs that indicate it's time to quit:

1.There is no upward movement: If you have worked for the same company and at the same position for three years, it's time to rethink. Advancement or upward movement, even in large organizations where promotions are difficult, should have happened within this time frame.

2.You are not learning: Your learning curve should never flatten out. Your core skills should gradually increase, and you should have new challenges that make you strive to pick up new skills. If the scope of a new project, career advancement courses, or conferences and seminars to enhance your skills do not exist in your job, it's a sign that the job is not the right fit for your career development.

3.You lack passion: If you are not waking up every morning with a feeling of excitement toward your job, you will never be able to tap your true potential. If you dread going to work, instead of being enthusiastic about it, you need another job where there are plenty of possibilities for your contribution and passion.

4.You dread your boss: If you get anxious and unhappy just thinking of your boss, and there's nothing you can do to work out the problems you are facing, that's a good enough sign that it is time to quit.

5.Stress at work is affecting you: If your work, your colleagues, or the work culture at your office is unhealthy, and if they impact you in a negative way, don't let it consume you for a very long time. Your physical health and your relationship with your family and friends should not get affected by the stress you are experiencing at work.

Now that you know it's time to quit, the next step is to know where to find a job that doesn't let you settle for less. The sprawling job market in Pune is one of the best options to explore. The scope of jobs in Pune is vastly diversified based on your skill level.

The city has surpassed all others to become a job hub at both middle and senior levels across hundreds of companies producing ample jobs. So, for your next job, research the job market thoroughly to ensure you find a job where you are valued and challenged.

Increase Your Employment Chances by Doing BBA courses in Lucknow

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Increase Your Employment Chances by Doing BBA courses in Lucknow
The BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is the undergraduate level course of management. It is considered to be the perfect course for anyone interested in doing MBA in future. You can apply for the course irrespective of your senior secondary background. The admission to this course is mostly done on the basis of the class 12th marks, though, some colleges or universities take entrance tests too.

The BBA courses in Lucknow are a precursor to the highly recognizable MBA program.

Key Stats for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The undergraduate program is more concerned with the various fundamental topics related to business operation and its management.

If you want to learn all the basics of management then this is the course for you.

The three-year program will teach you about the basics of the following topics:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and Health Management
You can select any of them for your specialization in the MBA program after graduating from this program.

Apart from these topics, you will also have to complete various projects and undergo several internships and training similar to the postgraduate management program.

The BBA courses in Uttar Pradesh will equip you with enough knowledge that you can start your own venture with confidence.

The startups are the toast of the nation right now. The “Startup India” initiative of the Indian Government is geared towards promoting entrepreneurship in India. It’s the best time to open a company in India.

The interaction with the fellow students from diverse cultures and backgrounds will widen your thinking ability and knowledge. The several seminars and projects will prepare you for the life ahead as a management professional.

You will learn to think in an analytical way by calculating all the pros and cons before making any decision. Many students find their business partner during the course of their BBA program.
BBA courses
BBA courses Students

The life of the management professionals requires them to manage a group of people. At times, the various people in the group can have different opinions or suggestions, however, it’s the job of the management professionals to lead them in an effective manner to get the maximum work output from them. They should keep everyone motivated towards their work so that that they perform up to their best level.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program will develop your communication skills.

The ability to effectively communicate with every concerned person is the key to management. Often, you have to give presentations in front of people or speak in front of a huge audience. Your undergraduate program will prepare you for such occasion through its various course module.

The job market is getting tougher by each day. Currently, only the highly skillful candidates are able to get a good job.

That makes the BBA courses in Lucknow all the more important. Various industries need such graduates offering them good remunerations compared to other graduates.

Apart from job opportunities and the higher studies, it provides the perfect knowledge to individuals to become entrepreneurship.