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How to become a Chartered Accountant in India

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How to become a Chartered Accountant in India
The chartered accountant is one of the most lucrative professions that attract students from commerce streams. With its growing popularity, students from science stream are eyeing on it as well. No wonder it’s the 5 figure salary that lured scholars from both streams: commerce and science.

Keeping the growing demand of chartered accountant in India, CA institute in Bangalore comes up with all needful tools that you need to enroll yourself in this field.

One of the most astounding features of the institute is that it pays individual attention to all the students whosoever has enrolled for the course.

Starting right from enrollment till bagging the CA tag, the entire journey is eased with the help of trained faculty who targets at providing best of education to its students.Well-equipped library, spacious classrooms, trained and experienced teachers, reading rooms are just to name some of the features that you get once you enroll in the institute.

The daunting pathway of becoming a CA is cracked either at intermediate (10+2) level or after completing graduation.

Foundation course is for students who wish to apply after 12th. The graduates need to pass intermediate and final course to make career in this handsome paying job.

The faculty at institute aims at much focused approach by taking small batches so that attention is paid to every individual. In a bid to provide quality education and to relieve study pressure, flexible teaching hours are organized so that they can grasp the syllabus with a fresh mind.

In an effort to provide them with the best of education, there are regular assessments and mock tests so that students grasp the basics of the subjects and excel in its advanced concepts.

Best of all is the doubt clear session where they can come up with their doubts and get crisp knowledge on each and every point.

With millions of students enrolling every year for this course has made it bit tricky and difficult. Only a trained institute can help students crack this hard nut shell.

To help the weaker section of the society, the fee is kept at nominal so that maximum students can avail benefit of quality education. Apart from nurturing young minds in becoming fully fledged chartered accountantsSuccessEdge is grabbing popularity as one of the premium CS coaching centers in Bangalore and explored more by scholars for its US CMA classes in Bangalore.

Why Students Need Guidance and Counselling in Education

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Why Students Need Guidance and Counselling in Education
A country like India needs an improved support system in the education sector.

Though great teachers can manage and offer quality education to the students, even after careful methodology, giving attention to each student is not completely practical. And, this is the thing why special bodies like career counselors are required to fill that gap.

Counselling, in simpler terms, is the process of communicating with the person in need and offering him valuable advice. Experts engage in such processes as they are trained professionals who can highlight the best possible alternatives against a career dilemma.

Guidance and counselling in education are quite different from what schools and institutes follow in general. It’s more like a personalised experience rather than general teaching approach.

There’s no room for doubt that schools try to bring the best out of a kid.

But we need to think beyond it. Students with naive brains can be polished with the right guidance and career counsellors are the right people for the same.

Career counseling for students will give you a scope of overall growth whether it’s related to career stability or resolving career-related mental conflicts.

Career guidance and counselling are conducive to achieving better results personally as well as professionally. Find below the summed up advantages of being counselled by a career guidance counselor.
  1. Counselling helps students to deal with their career hurdles in life. Effective counselling will serve invaluable lessons to the students.
  2. Students can learn how to behave properly after career counselling sessions. These interactions prepare them to cope up not only with a career but in other life situations as well.
  3. One can feel helpless when it comes to taking a career decision. It's the responsibility of a counsellor to find their skills, goals, and suggest career options. They share a defined path to achieve targeted goals and success.
  4. Students can learn discipline and grasp the right attitude with proper guidance.
  5. Counsellors are experts that understand psychology aspects and use them to understand the career problems of students. Such guiding sessions are important to make students learn to deal with problems in life.
  6. A career guidance institute supports and encourages problem-solving skills in a person.
  7. It helps in bridging the gap between a student and his dream career.
  8. An individual might be unaware of the latest opportunities in the market. Career counsellors showcase the best career opportunities present in the industry to the students and make them aware of the best courses.
  9. Students can make an informed decision after getting guidance from knowledgeable counsellor entities.
  10. They act as the mediator between a child and his parents and help them to come up with one effective career choice for the child.
  11. It’s the technology-driven methodology followed by the counsellors including scientific tools and tests that help students to know about their true interests and skills. Aptitude and psychometric tests are amongst them.
  12. The clear communication between an individual and a career counsellor help the person to talk about the difficulties they are going through. This is crucial for the counsellors to show them the best solutions and paths.
  13. Career counselling works the best when an individual faces vulnerable stages in a career. It is effective for the students that have just passed the 10th or 12th class and entering higher education.
  14. Career counsellors help children as well as their parents to explore newer and more beneficial opportunities like ethical hacking, soil conservationist, bartending, and others.
  15. Through their years of research and experience, counsellors can help you grab the most forward-looking career tracks and achieving it with smart efforts.
Career selection is a very sensitive topic. You just cannot choose a random field without inspecting your skills and potential.

Talk to career counsellors to avoid any kind of career-related dangerous situation in the future. One of the best ways is the collaboration of institutes with career counsellors making their students career-oriented and industry-ready. Guidance and counselling in education help students achieve great results.

The professional advice of career counsellors along with sharp teaching skills of teachers is what that can shape the mindset and ultimately the life of a student.

Career counsellors are the best person and source of knowledge you can ever have in your life. Head towards a counsellor today and find the best-fit career choice for yourself.

9 Unconventional Career Options Anyone Can Pursue!

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9 Unconventional Career Options Anyone Can Pursue!
If you are keen to pursue a career that is different from the conventional ones, you have got a number of options.

Thanks to the digital revolution, students and young professionals are exposed to several lucrative career opportunities.

When you undergo training in the short term courses after your 12th grade or graduation, you can go for various unconventional career options. Latest Updated on May 14, 2018

Here are nine such (Offbeat/ Unconventional ) Careers you can pursue.

1. Web designer
Unconventional Career

Students completing the computer courses after their college can become web designers and earn good money. Companies are on the hunt for fresh energy in the domain, and you can grab this opportunity. Get across to a reputed institution to master the digital skills.

2. Network security expert
Unconventional Career
With cyber crime on the rise, companies are seeking experts with knowledge on network security. You can enroll for the courses after graduation and brace up for these jobs. You can also learn ethical hacking and keep the system protected against security breaches.

3. Blogging
Blogging-Unconventional Career
If you love writing, you can create your own identity in the digital space. However, you will require certain digital skills to train yourself up. Students often undergo the courses after graduation to acquire the desired skills.

4. Food tasting
Unconventional Career in Food Tasting
Leading food and beverage brands hire experts who can identify tastes. Well, if you are a foodie, you can go for these jobs. You will have a wide variety of edibles to taste.

5. Animator
Unconventional Career
After undergoing training through the computer courses, you can establish yourself as an animator. It involves creativity and technical skills. Trained animators enjoy lucrative job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

6. Pet sitters
Unconventional Career
Well, if you are fond of animals, you can be a good pet sitter. These people simply need to spend time with other peoples’ pets and take care of them.

7. Video game tester
Unconventional Career
In case you are fond of playing video games, you can make good money, being a video game tester. The gaming industry is evolving, and the game-makers are looking for dynamic people to test new games and recommend positive changes. You can complete your ccna course to bolster your CV.

8. App tester
Unconventional Career
The role of an app tester is similar to that of a video game tester. However, you need to have the digital skills and a comprehensive knowledge on the type of apps you are going to test.

9. Ethical hacker
Ethical hackers are in great demand, as companies need to try and test the security of their systems.

You need to enroll for the short term courses in order to master the desired skills.

The computer courses will help you to establish an unconventional and exciting career.

 Published Date: May 14, 2018 16:35 PM | Updated Date: May 14, 2018 16:35 PM

Engineering course India salary, jobs profile and career prospectus

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Engineering course India salary, jobs profile and career prospectus
India is the world’s largest educational area, where approximately 1.5 Crore academic award issued by Universities every year.

On other hand, CBSE, ICSE, and other State Education Board combindly provide 3.5 Crore academic documents/results every year.

But, do you know what the interesting thing?

Approximately, 1/3 students opt Engineering courses for continue their higher education in science stream. Read other details below...


Engineering Job profile

In India, here are different engineering branch, such as in IT, Design and in Civil. Engineering apply in every field, even in daily life, from ITI to IIT everywhere engineering exist. (Engineering ka danka bajta hain). The basic details given below

Textile Engineering

Engineering in Design -In short, textile engineering and designing apply science formulas and practical for calculate coordinates, edge and other required calculation. For make career in textile, candidate must have good knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Here are several polytechnique centers, Colleges and Universities offering Textile designing and engendering job oriented degree and courses.

Engineering Graduate Degree

For choose course after 12th in science stream, bachelor degree B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) candidate must pass out 12th class in science stream (Mathematics) with 50% marks in 12 exams.

Admission in IIT

For admission in Indian Institutes of Technologies (Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Khadgpur, Roorkee, Chainy, and Guhati IITs), candidates have to get 75% marks in 12th. After, complete degree in B.E. or B.Tech.

You can make career in professional field or can choose to apply for master degree in Engineering such as M.Tech. or PhD.

Textile Engineering Top Colleges/Institutes

  • Seven IITs (check name above).
  • National Institute of Design, Paldee, Ahmadabad
  • WLC College India, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
  • Yashvant Rao chavhan Maharastra Open University, Nasik
  • Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Durg
  • Government Polytecnique college, Naagpur
  • Banarsh Hindu Visvidhalya, Varanasi
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Pillani, Rajasthan
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Ranchi
  • Annamalai, Visvidhalya, Annamlai

Civil Engineering

In India the Civil Engineering is one of the most popular and oldest branches of engineering. Engineering’ this branch not only involves designing, construction, and development, but also monitors,  supervisions of tunnels, roads, buildings, highways, dams and sewage systems.

Civil Engineering Subjects

Here are two types of subjects:
  • Elementary engineering subjects.
  • Engineering core subjects
The core subjects are:
  • Surveying
  • Building Construction Materials
  • Building & Town Planning
  • Water Resources & Irrigation
  • Advanced Construction
  • Foundation Engineering, etc.

Civil Engineering Career Opportunities

This branch provides ample opportunities in diverse fields. Even, have the possibility to work with the Government as a graduate or post graduate can seek employment in construction projects (public development works) carried out by the government like, Airports, Highways, Sewage boards and Railways.

Private Sector

Engineers from this field can also work in research and teaching. They can also start their own business and provide services of construction, design and maintenance.

Areas of Specialization

This is a deep field of technical education. It has various areas of specializations after completion of the B. Tech degree.

Top Notch Companies:

Emmar Properties, PCC, Shapoorji & Pallonji, European Contracting, White Young, these are the name of few top employers reputed firms which hire civil engineers.

Army bharti rally online registration ultimate guide 2018

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Army bharti rally online registration ultimate guide 2018
So you are planning for online registration for the Army Bharti rally 2018, or for army open Bharti online registration?

If yes, then you are not alone.

Every year 30-35 lakh individuals appear for recruitment in the Army.

Army Bharti Rally Online Registration Ultimate Guide 2018

Here, are two ways of join Indian army: Entrance exam (for graduate persons who want to become Indian army officers) and Open Bharti rally (the 10/12th pass out candidates, for solder cadre). If you over 17.6 years old, you are eligible for fill form.

Army Bharti Rally Online Registration

Time has gone when anybody can participate in the rally, now for make recruitment transparent and for stop fraud, Indian Army bharti rally online registration start, only register candidates can take part in rally for Medical, fitness, and physical test.

By completing these 11 steps you can get registered yourself to appear in Open Bharti rally 2018

Army Bharti rally 2018: Online registration ultimate guide

Army Bharti rally Online registration ultimate guide
  1. Visit Indian army official website for applying or registration and the url is: www.joinindianarmy.nic.in. This site is BOT protected, and only a human can visit the site so for proof that you are not a bot (a computer program), enter the captcha image in the box. Sometimes a captcha error show, even you enter correct image, in such case calm down, and wait for single or couple minutes, and try again.
  2. On the home page you have to look for option/link ‘JCO/OR apply logic, yes!! You get right just click the button/link, and because you are a new user, you must have registered by click on the ‘registration link/button. Enter your E-mail id, and here most important thing is that you must remember this email id, because this is your user id /login id, you need this later for access login page.
  3. Although you can skip the content on this new page, but it is highly recommended to read the instructions carefully, before click on continue.
  4. So, now you will on the personal information page, here you have to fill the information such as, personal details, contact details, educational details, and password requirement correctly. Before, save the details given a look to all fields for recheck the details. If every field detail is correct, click on save button.
  5. Now, email id role start, when you finish the above steps, the website generates and sent an OTP (One Time Password) to your registered Emil (Now you got, why I mention it above to remember the email id J). Now you have to enter this OTP in online registration website, and then click the “Submit” button.
  6. By visiting “check eligibility page” and by filling the required details you will find out which trade shoot to you for applying. On this page you have to give extra caution, because of wrong input will show the wrong thread for apply based on the information provided here.

    Additional tips: Don’t forget to choose the special category option, if you have any special certificate such as, relation certificate, sports certificate etc.
  7. Again a new page will open with a list of rallies (of different trades) for which you can apply. Just click on the “apply” button next to the rally you want to apply for. Make sure that you choose the right Bharti, as you will not be able to undo it later.
  8. Once again, a page with detailed instruction will appear. Read it carefully and then click on the “continue” button.
  9. The main application form will open with the following tabs : Instructions, personal information, communication details, details and educational details.Fill all the information correctly in each tab. When you are done then click on the “save & continue” button for each tab.
    Note :
    the information once filled can not be changed by the user after submitting the form, therefore be very careful while filling the details in this form.
  10. After filling all the details, the summary of your form will be displayed. Read all the details and cross check them, if the details are correct, then click on the “submit now” button.
  11. After submitting the form successfully, you will see a pdf icon at the bottom right corner, click on the “download” button present below the pdf icon. This will download your application form on your system. You can take a printout of it for future reference.
Army Open Bharti rally Common trades 
Army Open Bharti 2018
  • Soldier GD (General Duty): All arms- Those candidates who will be selected as soldier GD will be dealing mostly with physical tasks.
  • Soldier (Technical): Technical Arms, Artillery, And Army Air Defense: If you are recruited as a technical soldier then you need to be good in computer and other technical stuff, as this is what you will be doing in the army for the rest of your life.
  • Soldier Tech (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner)
  • Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms): Clerks have to work mostly with papers and documentation part.
  • Soldier Nursing Assistant (Army Medical Corps): You will be working in the medical department if you are recruited as the nursing assistant.
  • Soldier Nursing Assistant Veterinary (Remount Veterinary Corps)
  • Soldier Tradesmen (All Arms): You act as a support system that helps in the smooth functioning of the arm.
Indian Army Bharti 2018 Age limit

Age criteria change for Indian army GD, and Clerk, Technical and tradesmen given below
  • For soldier, General duty 17 years and 6 months to 21 years.
  • Clerk, Technical and tradesmen trades, minimum age as above while the maximum age is 23 trades. Clerk, Technical and tradesmen trades, minimum age as above while the maximum age is 23 trades.

Right from their childhood, the several Indian youth dream for Join Indian Army, they live life accordingly; they work hard to keep them fit for army physical test. The youth respects their country, country flag and army. This Patriotism motivates the new generation for applying for Indian Army either by entrance exam or by army Bharti rally conducted by the Army Recruitment office (ARO) or head office.
Join Indian army through Entrance exam required graduation, it opens the door for officer ranks. While the Army Bharti rally is for fill soldier vacancies in above trades.

Common Board exam preparation tips for Students

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Common Board exam preparation tips for Students
Let me clear one thing that the 10th or 12th results are only a few numbers or percentage that awarded for your full year hard work and performance.

But always keep it in mind it’s not your life evaluation. But, it doesn’t mean that the marks have not importance in students' life, of course it has.

CBSE, ICSE, UP board and other State education board’s Students takes the 10th and 12th board exam very seriously. They always look for Board exam preparation tips for getting success in exam.

After all Board exam results open door for Higher education. Your performance in board exams is the result, and it definitely affects your further life, so that almost students work hard and follow Board exam preparation tips for score good marks in the board exam.

But, only hard work not sufficient to getting high marks, you have to follow the smart strategy for getting extra marks for your knowledge.

Not to worry, examandinterviewtips.com team collected few mind blowing tips from board’s old students i.e. listed below….

List of Board exam preparation tips

Integrate Mnemonic Technique for study

The Mnemonics make learning and remembering fast and easy, by this technique student can easily remember mathematics formulas, place, name and other difficult things. It’s very useful techniques when you are studying about Facts, Names, Dates or places.

Have you remember the word BODMAS. We all know that it is the initial letter of the operations (B – Bracket, O – Order of power, D – Division, M – Multiplication, A – Addition, S – Subtraction) and we use it for mathematical operations, on the other hand it’s not hard to recall or remember.

Even, I highly recommended the BODMAS formula as my favourite 10th board study tips, to my coaching class students.
While the acronym PEMDAS use in the United States. The PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction) mnemonic is "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally"

Change your study location

You are reading right, changing the location for study is not time wasting.

Believe me!

Okey, lets me prove.

Actually, scientifically Researchers confirm the fact that studying the same stuff in different places every day can make you less likely to forget the information and facts you read.

No, No, I’m not saying to go to park, sit in a corner and start study, it can be a coffee shop, your friend home, or school library etc

The main reason behind change the location is that, when you change your study place, actually you forcing your mind to associate with the study material, so that it become more stronger in your memory.

So from today, spend some time to search place where you can study effectively.

Write notes manually

You are reading this, point that means, you serious about “Board exam preparation tips”, so now it’s time to say bye-bye for your laptop, or desktop to write notes.

If you want to scoring good marks in board exams, then you have to write down your notes or main points manually, what we write store for a long time in our memory, instead of what we type of keyboard.

The Pam Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel Oppenheimer of UCLA Los Angeles, research on students, and prove that the “Students who wrote their notes by hand learned more than those who used laptops for taking notes”.
Makeover your notes with color and visual effects such as a diagram, list, etc. Highlight main points, relates the facts or number with stories, use your own example, these make your notes more easily memorized and recall in the exam hall.

Create a Study Group

Although, it’s depend on your personality, because the Group studying not work for everyone, so that I said it’s depending on you. If you get much effectively in a group, you can try this technique also.

Just asks to your classmates, school mates or friends become member of your study group. Set a time to meet and discussion, it can alternative day or once in a week, as it fits, apply it.

Group studding big benefits is that you not hesitate to ask questions, even you can ask many times if the basic or confusion not clears because you are more comfortable with your friends that are group member.

Tips from 2016 Delhi topper

“Sukriti Gupta” topped the CBSE Board exams with 99.4 percent, in May 2016. A Student of science stream scored 99 in English, 99 in Mathematics, 100 in Physics, 100 Chemistry and 99 in Computer Science. Her advice for those who will be taking the exams next year is to...

"follow NCERT books strictly, not fall into study 14 hours a day trap and not expect any last minute miracles".
Happy reading, share this article if you enjoy these Board exam preparation tips

After 12th: Top notch Offbeat Courses for Girls and Boys

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After 12th: Top notch Offbeat Courses for Girls and Boys
The selection of the course after 12th is not an easy task neither for students nor for the parents,they have to fight with confusion about the course, job or career opportunity in course, and the future of course. Last Updated : Dec 21, 2018

These common things trigger in most students mind, when they studding 12th standard. While the parents’ have another thing in mind for their children’s help ;

After 12th: Top notch Offbeat course” border=

Course after 12th?

Of course the answer is not simple, and the main reason is the lack of knowledge. The Lack of knowledge, no proper guidance, not research before applying for course, these are the reasons of why fewer students leave studies in the middle. And, the solution is simple don’t fully rely on what your relatives or friends suggest, nor run behind the trendy course, instead you have to check what appropriate skills you have and for which you are passionate.

Well, on exam and interview tips you can find the list of courses after 12th, you can opt it wisely

Offbeat Course after 12th for opt

Fire engineering

From diploma to Degree course available to choose after 12th, engineering this field connected to Civil, Electrical, and Environmental engineering. As the degree is an essential ingredient in other traditional field to make a career; similarly, a bachelor degree is must in this field also. Diploma courses listed below...

Diploma Course in Fire Engineering

These diploma courses make you a qualify firefighter
  • Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering
  • Certificate Course in Fire Fighting
  • Fire Technology And Industrial Safety Management
  • Industrial Safety Supervisor
  • Diploma in Rescue & Fire Fighting
Diploma course’s time-duration is six months to three years. While the Bachelor of Engineering (Fire) is a three year undergraduate degree, students can apply after the pass out the 12th standard.

Journalism Course 

Best Offbeat Courses After 12th, for those students, who love for multi-subjects, such as Arts is your favorite, but you have also had good knowledge about Sports, and the Science is your life, what need more? Just join the journalism course and make bright career by writing and become a journalist in online or print media, the choice is yours.

Aviation courses

Every year 10 Crore New passengers are travelling by Air in Asia. In the next 25 years, every year 5000 new planes to be introduced to handle the increasing number of passengers in Asia.

Is it not good news for opt Pilot and Air Hostess as career? So the joining of Aviation course after 12th standard is not a bad choice.

Dairy Farming /Dairy Technology Course

Dairy has an important involvement in Indian Agricultural Economics. Currently the India is listed in the top milk countries. Traditionally, the Dairy Technology matches with the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Course. Several Institutions and universities offering Dairy Technology Course or in Dairy Farming course after 12th class.

Although, the course is to pass out students, but students appearing in 12th or equivalent class exam also can register to make career in:
  • Dairy Micro Biology.
  • Dairy Chemistry.
  • Dairy Engineering.
  • Biochemistry and
  • Dairy Economics etc.

Textile Designing Course

A multi-dimensional scope course after class 12th or equivalent. Textile designing and Engineering has a golden future, it is not overwhelming to say that the textile is growing rapidly in India.

The central government’s Textile Up gradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) will raise 30 lacks jobs in Textile in upcoming years. Several, Polytechnique Center, Engineering Colleges and Universities offering course in Textile Designing.

For B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) or B.E. (Bachelor in Engineering) students must pass 12th standards or equivalent class with Science (Mathematics) from authorised education board with 50% marks is a mandatory evaluation criteria for applicants.

Why are books the best and vastest source of knowledge?

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Why are books the best and vastest source of knowledge?
"Knowledge is power." this is one of the most relevant proverbs that hold versatile application in several contexts of life. Knowledge gives us power to judge situations, decide between what is good and what is bad and makes decisions voluntarily.

One who holds good knowledge can't be defeated by any other power on the earth. No society has yet survived without the knowledge and wisdom. Instead people have no choice but to gain knowledge to grow themselves.

It is important that we make the best use of the gift of knowledge so that we achieve great feats and heights in every walk of our life.  In the modern society of today, knowledge has become the powerful tool that helps us get success, name, fame and position in the society.

Many people think that money and physical strength is the main recipe of power, but actually both of them are so little than knowledge. Money can be stolen or lost and physical strength obviously gets reduced every passing year, but knowledge evolves every day.

A knowledgeable person holds fame and a respected position in the society. Moreover, knowledge helps shape our personality and behaviour, which are some of the leading factors for becoming a good person. Without knowledge, we cannot be successful in our lives. To grow in our career, we have to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Books-The Best and Vastest Source of Knowledge

Everyone knows that books are the good source of knowledge. While reading, you expose yourself to new things, new information, and reach to many places around the world without leaving your reading table.

Books are often written by some of the most experienced and knowledge persons who have travelled a lot and know things practically. In this way, books can help you save a lot of time and energy in the process of gaining knowledge.

There is no matter what kind of book you read, you always learn from them. The way you read books determines what you want from it.

Many people read books for pleasure and others read to gain knowledge. Apart from giving knowledge, good books improve standard of living by tuning up your intellectual taste. Reading Books encourages people especially when they feel defeated.

If you are looking for the online bookstore, you must visit online bookstore in India.  They are the largest online bookstore in India offering a range of textbooks from Pre-Nursery to 12th standard.

With their global publisher network, they help schools to get the best curriculum books at the most competitive prices.

Download HC Verma Physics Part One here

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Download HC Verma Physics Part One here
These days, competition is so high and everyone wants reputed job in govt. sector or in private sector.

For such type of job, every candidate has to clear the entrance exam which is conducted by respective companies or organizations.

So, it is much necessary to clear the entrance exam with highest score (And The HC Verma Physics can help defiantly).

Latest Updated On 01.01.2019

Candidates, who are interested in engineering field job, must have to clear their all concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Maths.

For clearing entrance exam which are related to engineering field, candidates may also prefer the books used in 11th class and 12th class.

For clearing the concept of Physics subject, follow books of HC Verma. Candidates do not need to spend money to buy such books.

HC Verma physics book in PDF

They will get Physics books on the internet in pdf format. HC Verma physics is available in two volumes: HC Verma solutions

HC Verma vol 1

and HC Verma solutions vol 2.

HC Verma physics book in PDF

Part one of HC Verma physics has 1 to 22 chapters while part two complete rest of the chapters which are from 23 to 47 chapters.

Each chapter in the book has HC Verma solutions which contain all type of questions and answers such as objective type questions and answers, multiple choice questions, worked out examples,
numerical problems, short questions and answers, very short questions and answers and others.

HC_Verma PDF for solutions vol 1 or part one has following chapters:

  1. Chapter–1-Introduction to physics
  2. Chapter-2-Physics and mathematics
  3. Chapter–3-Rest and motion: kinematics
  4. Chapter-4-The forces
  5. Chapter-5-Newton’s laws of motion
  6. Chapter-6-Friction
  7. Chapter-7-Fircular motion
  8. Chapter-8-Work and energy
  9. Chapter-9-Centre of mass, linear momentum, collision
  10. hapter-10-Rotational mechanics
  11. Chapter-11-Gravitation
  12. Chapter-12-Simple harmonic motion
  13. Chapter-13-Fluid mechanics
  14. Chapter-14-Some mechanical properties of matter
  15. Chapter-15-Wave motion and waves on a string
  16. Chapter-16-Sound waves
  17. Chapter-17-Light waves
  18. Chapter-18-Geometrical optics
  19. Chapter-19-Optical instruments
  20. Chapter-20-Dispersion and spectra
  21. Chapter-21-Speed_of_light
  22. Chapter-22-Photometry
If candidates are not interested to download complete part one of HC Verma physics solution, then they can also download one by one chapter which they have need in PDF format.

There are many editions available of HC Verma physics part one and part two. So, it is necessary that you must have to be careful about edition when you start downloading in your system.

Latest edition will have all solutions and more question and answers which were asked in previous exams, so get the latest edition of physics book.

The book of HC Verma for physics subject followed by candidates who are preparing for engineering related entrance exams.

Many of candidates found this book beneficial for clearing JEE mains exam by scoring highest marks.

Such candidates said that JEE aspirants must also have to read this physics book at-least one time.

When candidates try to find out book of HC Verma physics on the internet, they all must have to look for latest edition so that they can get more and more questions.

Increase Your Employment Chances by Doing BBA courses in Lucknow

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Increase Your Employment Chances by Doing BBA courses in Lucknow
The BBA or the Bachelor of Business Administration is the undergraduate level course of management. It is considered to be the perfect course for anyone interested in doing MBA in future. You can apply for the course irrespective of your senior secondary background. The admission to this course is mostly done on the basis of the class 12th marks, though, some colleges or universities take entrance tests too.

The BBA courses in Lucknow are a precursor to the highly recognizable MBA program.

Key Stats for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The undergraduate program is more concerned with the various fundamental topics related to business operation and its management.

If you want to learn all the basics of management then this is the course for you.

The three-year program will teach you about the basics of the following topics:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality and Health Management
You can select any of them for your specialization in the MBA program after graduating from this program.

Apart from these topics, you will also have to complete various projects and undergo several internships and training similar to the postgraduate management program.

The BBA courses in Uttar Pradesh will equip you with enough knowledge that you can start your own venture with confidence.

The startups are the toast of the nation right now. The “Startup India” initiative of the Indian Government is geared towards promoting entrepreneurship in India. It’s the best time to open a company in India.

The interaction with the fellow students from diverse cultures and backgrounds will widen your thinking ability and knowledge. The several seminars and projects will prepare you for the life ahead as a management professional.

You will learn to think in an analytical way by calculating all the pros and cons before making any decision. Many students find their business partner during the course of their BBA program.
BBA courses
BBA courses Students

The life of the management professionals requires them to manage a group of people. At times, the various people in the group can have different opinions or suggestions, however, it’s the job of the management professionals to lead them in an effective manner to get the maximum work output from them. They should keep everyone motivated towards their work so that that they perform up to their best level.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program will develop your communication skills.

The ability to effectively communicate with every concerned person is the key to management. Often, you have to give presentations in front of people or speak in front of a huge audience. Your undergraduate program will prepare you for such occasion through its various course module.

The job market is getting tougher by each day. Currently, only the highly skillful candidates are able to get a good job.

That makes the BBA courses in Lucknow all the more important. Various industries need such graduates offering them good remunerations compared to other graduates.

Apart from job opportunities and the higher studies, it provides the perfect knowledge to individuals to become entrepreneurship.

Advance Your Career: Get Trained in Digital and Networking

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Advance Your Career: Get Trained in Digital and Networking
What to do after 12th: This is the common question hit in several students's mind. If you are one of them this article is for you. 

Computer courses are the best way to guarantee yourself a job in the network security field. There are plenty of hardware and networking jobs available that train individuals to become a networking engineer.

This is especially true of those who are asking themselves what to do after 12th.

While there are several who wonder which is the best hardware and networking institute, only a few come close.

So, when selecting a hardware networking after graduation course, make sure the institute you select has 100% job support.

Hardware Networking Course
Hardware Networking Course

They must have tie-ups with corporates and also have some plan of action for your job advancement after the course is complete.

Today, it is important for computer engineers to train and retrain themselves with digital skills.

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Which digital skills exactly will land you the top jobs in 2017? Here are a few to consider:

  1. Digital Marketing: using search engines, social media networks and various digital advertising methods to promote and acquire prospective customers for clients. Digital marketing specialists need to become experts at engaging the online audience.
  2. Digital Recruitment: Human resources field is required by all for-profit and non-profit companies. Now, using websites designed specially for HR, the digital recruitment field is seeing a big boom in job opportunities. Create a robust list of possible candidates for a firm using digital methods.
  3. Systems Administration: this is the ability to maintain systems and IT networks and IT infrastructure. This unique skillset is required by all types of organisations and companies, creating a big demand for the position.
  4. App Programming: Everyone loves apps. But very few can actually make an app. By learning systems and programs to create an app, you have the ability to launch your own app on the Google Play Store or Apple Store and acquire millions of users worldwide to download the app.
  5. Web Development: Where do you go when you want to learn about anything, today? Google! And what does Google list? Websites. Every company, individual, small business and large requires a website. By learning web development you will be able to either join an existing digital agency or even create your own business as a web developer. You can create original websites, learn to use existing templates to customise websites or even fix and change existing websites.

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In 2017, the scope for digital work and reskilling yourself with digital skills is an absolute must!

NID-National Institute of Design Admission Process for 2017-19

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NID-National Institute of Design Admission Process for 2017-19
The National Institute of Design came into survival in the year 1961.

It has three campus located in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.

It proposes various graduate and master courses in the area of designing. Students will get admission in National Institute of Design on the basis of Design Aptitude Test, Studio Test and Interview.

NID Application Form


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This exam is conducted for all the students who want to enrol in post graduate courses, either in engineering field. This exam is conducted by the higher authority of secondary board of education. All the students from around the national work hard to appear in this exam. This exam has a set pattern for the students enrolling for this exam.

This entrance exam is a key to get admission in most reputed colleges in India. Students start preparing for this exam after clearing their matriculation exams as they are aware about their goals and wish to make career as an engineer.


UPSEE Application Form: Check What student can change in UPTU SEE 2019 Application form?

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UPSEE Application Form: Check What student can change in UPTU SEE 2019 Application form?
Although, it is unbelievable but true, that the hundreds if not thousand applicants make mistakes at the time of UPSEE  2019 Online registration, and they have to correct it.

Latest Updated On 25.01.2019

UPSEE application Form 2019 correction dates declare by the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University (APJAKTU or the Uttar Pradesh Technical University) for the students who already pay fees.

Correction in upsee form 2019

UP Police 34716 Constable Recruitment 2016: Application Form,Merit, and Last date

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UP Police 34716 Constable Recruitment 2016: Application Form,Merit, and Last date
UP Police 34716 Constable Bharti 2016 application and other procedure had started already, the official advertisement issued by the state government, this is the first time when the recruitment without the written exam and interview, candidates not to prove their Excellency in the written test. Last update on April 17, 2017. Published for www.examandinterviewtips.com
 UP Police Male Constable Recruitment 2016

UP Police Male Constable Recruitment 2016