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Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam

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Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam
Here, I explain to Best Mistakes Students Make in a Board Exam and students spend over a year planning for the board exams, there are times when hopefuls ignore the fundamentals because of which they wind up battling with time amid the real examination. Here are some fundamental mistakes students make while endeavoring boards exams see below.

Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam

Best Mistakes Students Make a Board Exam
  1. Not Reading The Question Paper-Here, First common Mistakes students make is not using the 15-minute reading time correctly.  Students should understand the Question paper carefully with the goal that they can arrange their considerations and deal with their time well through the exam.
  2. Not Time Management-Time management is helpful for the board exam. Else, you will wind up attempting to finish the paper that may make excitement and excitement towards the most recent couple of minutes of the exam. The paper is usually spread into these classes - Very Short Answer, Short Answer I/Short Answer II and Long Answer. Plan ahead of time how much time you will commit to each inquiry and class and stick to it.
  3. Copying Incorrect Data-Here, this copying wrong evidence we find that students duplicate the information erroneously from the question paper, or starting with one stage of the problem then onto the next. Additionally, regularly they don't change the data into part units.
  4. Diagrams-Diagrams required, ought to be slick and named and It would do well for a student to introduce an monitor friendly answer content with precise and perfect penmanship, successive introduction of answers and their sub-parts, underlining/featuring catchphrases and specialized terms and for last, re-checking the answer contents before submitting the same to the monitor.
  5. Not following the Progressive System-There is much to be said in regards to the content of the appropriate response.  Regularly long, the article writes questions are solved without legitimately planning the request in which different focuses are to be secured.  The answers ought to apply to the problems and relying on word restrict, must take a chain of the importance of significance, from the most important to the minimum and some online site like writepro.net solve all type problem fetch in writing so visit this is best.
Schools more often than not give enough practice to students amid inside examinations, with the goal that they are clear about what esteem focuses, specific terms and catchphrases are required in the answers.  Alluding to the stamping plan for checking and examining their particular inquiry papers and also breaking down the model papers, amid internal evaluations is honed in many schools, in any event in classes 11 and 12.

On the off possibility that the students frequently examine the content of their answers by remembering the respect focuses given in the stamping plant and in addition contrast their responses and model answers, amid the inside appraisals, they will have the capacity to build up the aptitude of deciding the chain of importance of significance of content and will ready to score better checks in the Boards.

Here, a complete guide for Best Mistakes Students Makes in a Board Exam and you read this guide very helpful for you.

Common Board exam preparation tips for Students

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Common Board exam preparation tips for Students
Let me clear one thing that the 10th or 12th results are only a few numbers or percentage that awarded for your full year hard work and performance.

But always keep it in mind it’s not your life evaluation. But, it doesn’t mean that the marks have not importance in students' life, of course it has.

CBSE, ICSE, UP board and other State education board’s Students takes the 10th and 12th board exam very seriously. They always look for Board exam preparation tips for getting success in exam.

After all Board exam results open door for Higher education. Your performance in board exams is the result, and it definitely affects your further life, so that almost students work hard and follow Board exam preparation tips for score good marks in the board exam.

But, only hard work not sufficient to getting high marks, you have to follow the smart strategy for getting extra marks for your knowledge.

Not to worry, examandinterviewtips.com team collected few mind blowing tips from board’s old students i.e. listed below….

List of Board exam preparation tips

Integrate Mnemonic Technique for study

The Mnemonics make learning and remembering fast and easy, by this technique student can easily remember mathematics formulas, place, name and other difficult things. It’s very useful techniques when you are studying about Facts, Names, Dates or places.

Have you remember the word BODMAS. We all know that it is the initial letter of the operations (B – Bracket, O – Order of power, D – Division, M – Multiplication, A – Addition, S – Subtraction) and we use it for mathematical operations, on the other hand it’s not hard to recall or remember.

Even, I highly recommended the BODMAS formula as my favourite 10th board study tips, to my coaching class students.
While the acronym PEMDAS use in the United States. The PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction) mnemonic is "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally"

Change your study location

You are reading right, changing the location for study is not time wasting.

Believe me!

Okey, lets me prove.

Actually, scientifically Researchers confirm the fact that studying the same stuff in different places every day can make you less likely to forget the information and facts you read.

No, No, I’m not saying to go to park, sit in a corner and start study, it can be a coffee shop, your friend home, or school library etc

The main reason behind change the location is that, when you change your study place, actually you forcing your mind to associate with the study material, so that it become more stronger in your memory.

So from today, spend some time to search place where you can study effectively.

Write notes manually

You are reading this, point that means, you serious about “Board exam preparation tips”, so now it’s time to say bye-bye for your laptop, or desktop to write notes.

If you want to scoring good marks in board exams, then you have to write down your notes or main points manually, what we write store for a long time in our memory, instead of what we type of keyboard.

The Pam Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel Oppenheimer of UCLA Los Angeles, research on students, and prove that the “Students who wrote their notes by hand learned more than those who used laptops for taking notes”.
Makeover your notes with color and visual effects such as a diagram, list, etc. Highlight main points, relates the facts or number with stories, use your own example, these make your notes more easily memorized and recall in the exam hall.

Create a Study Group

Although, it’s depend on your personality, because the Group studying not work for everyone, so that I said it’s depending on you. If you get much effectively in a group, you can try this technique also.

Just asks to your classmates, school mates or friends become member of your study group. Set a time to meet and discussion, it can alternative day or once in a week, as it fits, apply it.

Group studding big benefits is that you not hesitate to ask questions, even you can ask many times if the basic or confusion not clears because you are more comfortable with your friends that are group member.

Tips from 2016 Delhi topper

“Sukriti Gupta” topped the CBSE Board exams with 99.4 percent, in May 2016. A Student of science stream scored 99 in English, 99 in Mathematics, 100 in Physics, 100 Chemistry and 99 in Computer Science. Her advice for those who will be taking the exams next year is to...

"follow NCERT books strictly, not fall into study 14 hours a day trap and not expect any last minute miracles".
Happy reading, share this article if you enjoy these Board exam preparation tips