Top 5 Honda Activa Colors for students

The Honda Activa range of scooters is the most popular two-wheeler presently in the country.

In fact, the roads are full of various people riding on their Honda Activa to showcase the thing that Honda is able to sell its Activa way faster than any other automatic scooter in competition to it.

This scooter has especially made a great impact among the youth of the country due to the raw power of the engine, great features or the vibrant colors available for the Activa.
The Honda Activa is available in three different variants. These are Activa-I, Activa 3G and Activa 125.

Each of these automatic scooters is designed specifically to cater the demands of the people of different segments.

Most people tend to select the scooter in a color of their choice. Today, we are going to help you by showcasing you the five Honda Activa 3G colors you can choose from.

Top 5 Honda Activa Color

The Honda Activa is the most sold automatic scooter in the country and it comes as no surprise that Honda has decided to provide the customers with a number of different color options so as to make them feel comfortable with their two-wheeler.

Honda Activa 3g Pearl Amazing White

The very first choice of color combination for the Honda Activa 3g is the option of a white color two-wheeler. This classic color seems eye-pleasing and pleasant to everyone.

One of the most common colors on the scooter with the most number of sales is the Pearl Amazing White for the Honda Activa 3g. Although keep in mind, this color is chosen by those people who don’t feel the issue of stain, dirt and dust sticking to their scooter while riding.

Honda Activa Blue Metallic Color

It is a common belief that blue is the color that human eye can view first from the bunch of colors visible to it. This is the main reason why a number of things that are meant to grab the attention of the people are blue in color.

Most college going people prefer having a blue-colored Activa to stand out from the crowd. Also, the blue color is available in metallic paint range.

Honda Activa in Black

Black is also a people’s favorite choice of color while selecting their favorite Honda Activa model. The color is thought of an evergreen shade and provides you with a stark contrast to every color dress or clothes you wear while riding your two-wheeler.

Also, the amount of dust, dirt, stains and dents are not easily visible on the darker shades. According to Honda, black and white colors are the most sold ones on the Activa.

Honda Activa in Grey Metallic color

People who do not prefer black color can also go for the lighter grey color available on the Honda Activa.

Just like the black color, there won’t be any dark dirt or stain marks on the scooter. However, a few of them would still be visible on it. The grey color is only available in metallic.

Honda Activa in Red Metallic color

Honda provides you with another option of opting for a darker shade of red metallic color for your Activa scooter. Currently, only a few people have the access to this shade and it could be a great option choice if you want your Activa to look unique.

The Last Words

There is no doubt that the Honda Activa is one of the top-most two-wheelers in the country and the presence of such vibrant colors allows the people with a choice to customize their Honda Activa 3G colors in the way they want.