JEE Online Examination 2016: 6 Extra Benefits that not for Offline Application Mode

All the students whose going to attend the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) 2016 mains exam online will get some extra benefits than the candidates whose were applied offline mode.

Although, the online and offline both exam method available, but in the year 2016, the online test, students will get some extra butter on bread. Published for


5 Benefits of Living in a College Dormitory

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Many college students move into a dormitory when they first get to college. Indeed, a dorm is essentially a block of small rooms of varying sizes that typically hold a bed, a desk and some other minimal furniture.

Sure, it may not be glamorous, but it is a great way to transition from home life to college life. For one thing, you are thrust into the dorm from the warm, cozy environment of your parent's home, which can have the effect of ripping off a Band-Aid.