What to Expect When You Contact Universities during Clearing

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Have you been unexpectedly entered into Clearing? Clearing itself is a part of the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS). The UCAS’s primary role is to oversee the application protocol for universities in the UK.

Why You May Not Have Received an Offer

Clearing is how a university or college fills places that it still has available in its courses. If you have not received an offer so far, then you were not made an offer, you declined the offers that you received, you did not meet certain criteria, or you applied too late (after June 30).

Clearing services are available during 2017 from August through October. Therefore, if you have received exam results but have not received offers, you can take advantage of Clearing during this period. If the results for your exam are reasonable and you can adapt to the subject and location, you still have a good chance that you will find another course.

University Clearing vacancies are kept current by colleges and universities so if you cannot find a course straightaway, you can always try to find one later. The idea of Clearing is to find the courses that interest you and have vacancies and respond by contacting the providers of the courses to see if you can be offered a place.

It always helps to request Clearing advice. Consult with an adviser at your school or careers office. He or she can suggest optional subjects or coursework. Check to see what courses are featured. Consider the various subjects. You do not have to stay with your original plan. Also, speak to all the colleges or universities where you are interested in taking courses.

Ask if a school will reconsider you (perhaps for the same course) even if you have applied to the school previously. In addition, you can receive informal offers via the phone from various colleges and universities. Review all the offers. It also helps to take your time and tour a college or university. Most schools are happy to show you around at the site.

Contacting a College or University

Officially, clearing 2017 opens on A Level results day, which is 17 August 2017, and concludes 23 October 2017. This is the time when the stress is on as competition for University spots can be fierce and vacancies are soon filled. In turn, you need to be organised and stay calm. This means that you need to be prepared when you contact a college or university.

Therefore, stay focused and positive. Make sure that you do the phoning yourself. Never let anyone make the call for you. Research the university before you make the call as the school will want to know your reasons for choosing it. You will need to provide all the needed information including your UCAS ID, GCSE grades, and a personal statement.

Don’t sound desperate when you call. Instead, you want to sound interested. Take down the name and contact information of each person with whom you speak. Don’t be demure about making contact. The idea is to get accepted. If you do not plan to accept an offer, show professional courtesy and let the school know about your decision.

A Home Away From Home

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Today, now more than ever, receiving a proper education is the leading factor in establishing a future that is both rewarding and fulfilling. With more and more Fortune 500 Companies requiring a college degree to enter into a meaningful position within a particular field, parents of pre-college students are seeking viable and affordable alternatives to  educate their children in the most advantageous form there-by providing an opportunity for their children to experience all that life has to offer.

Where academic grades are a major factor reviewed my many college admissions boards, a more profound approach to college preparation has continued to gain popularity at an increased pace. From Ivy League colleges to a more standardized approach to college preparation, boarding schools continue to receive additional recognition that surpasses all other more traditional approaches to college preparation with the development of a child beyond classroom attendance.

To date, there are literally hundreds of boarding schools across the United States and Middle East as well as Asia, each offering a wide spectrum of curriculum and extended sports activities including specialized schools for troubled teens suffering from emotional and disciplinary problems.

Regardless of the school selected, boarding schools offer students a chance for total fulfillment, developing each on an individualized basis with a long tradition of academic excellence and experiences that exceed, or go beyond the more traditional classroom attendance. From onsite, extended away from home “live on” campuses to localized “day” locations within a local community, boarding school graduates often become the leaders of tomorrow leading exceptional lives today.

Stressing a family atmosphere, boarding schools limit classroom sizes to smaller more intimate, carefully selected groups, to enhance the overall learning experience. With highly qualified instructors, students are introduced to classes that prepare them for a unique college experience that will be remembered for a lifetime.

From All Girls, All Boys to Co-Ed and Military, students attending boarding schools are taught to “learn to live” while accelerating academically at an increased pace. From an average of 17-18 hours of homework on a daily basis, students are challenged to achieve their highest potential there-by challenging each individual to achieve their highest potential never before thought possible.

The selection of an appropriate school for any given child should not be done in haste. Careful consideration should be given to each prospective selection with possible “on-site” visitation to as many schools as possible to become familiar with the campus, dorms and local surroundings.

Such visitations reassure the parents of placing their child in the proper school while providing additional supportive information to the prospective child that may be in attendance. Being away from home for the first time can be and often is a new alarming experience for the parents as well as the prospective student who have not ventured beyond a parents love and daily attention.

With a never ending list of possibilities to consider in selecting a proper boarding school, parents and the prospective student should select a boarding school that is a home away from home.




509 CWS Boarding Schools

Become Host Parent-Loving Warm Embraces

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Become a host parent and share the experiences of a lifetime. Although an important decision that should not be taken lightly, to become a host parent involves many hours of research and consideration for all that is involved. With an opportunity to experience the cultures of those from distant countries, becoming a host parent can be one of the most rewarding experiences with memories that will be a part of the hosting parent and the exchange student lives forever.

Help international students feel at home
"Become a global citizen. Help international students feel at home"

Throughout the Internet numerous websites are available with video blogs and online forums readily available to those who wish to become host parents. Seek out a reputable hosting agency, such as the Better Business Bureau, with a strong history in exchange programs. Talking to other families that have been host families in the past is another form of valuable free information. The opportunity to share cultures of different Worlds has never been better.

Become a host parent entails specific details and instructions, including a criminal background check of the hosting family by the State Department. With exchange programs often categorized into two different groups, Long-term, which typically last for eight weeks (8) or more or short term program, lasting less than eight (8) weeks.

Taking into consideration current family structure and daily activities is a good determining factor which will help in making a decision as to which exchange program would be more adequate for your present family and living conditions.

Although to become a host parent requires fore-thought and due diligence, with life-altering changes to be made, a host parent must understand the responsibility associated with such a decision. With a strong supportive family network in place, hosting an exchange student is a wonderful experience for the hosting family and exchange student.

Become a host parent is taking on another life that is the responsibility of the hoisting family. Specific requirements are part of any family hosting an exchange student which may vary from program to program. Essential requirements include a safe and comfortable home to live in with warm and welcoming environment clearly present, provisions for transportation either by the host family or public transportation and adequate preparation of three meals a day with access to late night snacks if needed.

Become a host parent is not only taking on an additional family member but additional workload as well with preparation for added sleeping arrangements preferably in an, well-ventilated adequate room without any other family members present. If such arrangements are not available, the foreign exchange student may sleep in a room with another family member with no more than four (4) to five (5) years difference in ages.

Become a host parent is sharing lives between countries. Without such programs we remain in the dark, oblivious to the exploration and discovery of distant lives that are willing to communicate, eager to learn while lessening the differences between countries that have been prevalent for past generations. Become host parent reaches out with loving warm embraces.

The Right Tutoring Services Can Really Make a Difference for Students

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Do you really make a cautious decision when you are choosing a tutoring service for your children? Or do you just simply consider it as their afternoon school, where you send them to complete homework given by their school?

If you really think you can suffice with a sub-standard quality tutoring service then you must think again because it can really make a big difference in your children’s life.

It is not a place for hanging out where you should send them with such a negligent attitude.

A tutoring service can make or break your children’s future because it not only has an impact on children academic wise, but a tutor plays a key role in the overall development of your child as well.

It cannot be denied that no one can understand your children better than you.

Therefore, firstly you should try to find out in which area is your child lagging behind? In which subject there is a need for improvement? Try to find out what should be done to bring a positive change in your child and to enhance their growth.

When you find the answer to all of these and other questions, you will be able to find the right tutoring service.

If you understand your child's needs you will be precisely able to explain the same to the tutoring centre. And they will be able to provide you with the exact tutor which your child requires.

Apart from questions pertaining to your child, there are other questions pertaining to the tutoring centre for which  you should seek answers: -
  • How long the tutoring centre has been rendering the service and how satisfied are other people with their service?
  • Whenever required can you get in contact with the higher authority at the centre?
  • Will they be able to provide you with a tutor that matches your child’s ability?
  • Do the tutors have requisite qualification, skills, and experience?
  • Will your child get 100% attention or is the tutor’s time and focus divided amongst other students?
  • Does the centre have a fixed curriculum for all the children of a particular level or does it provide a customised session for a child according to his or her abilities and the school system?
  • Is the service available all year round, at a convenient time and will your child have to go to the centre to take sessions?
  • Does the service provide you with a particular number of classes per week or month or it is adjusted as per your requirements?
  • Does the service include an student assessment test? Is it optional or mandatory? Do you incur any extra charges for the same?
Edworks Tutoring Centres understand it is hard for you to see your child struggling with his or her school work. Therefore, they have come forward to help you. The founder has experience of more than 40 years and knows the education system inside out.

Their tutors are professionals. They undergo an extensive training where they learn centre’s work methodology. They are highly skilled and experienced and will never disappoint you.

Every person associated with the centre understands the fact that no two children are same. Nobody there believes in ‘one size fits all’ policy. Therefore, each session is specially designed for a child as per his or her requirements.

If you are looking for an impeccable and effective tutoring centre, you have come to the right place. Your concerns with respect to your child and your child’s needs, both will be seriously adhered to.

Best engineering University in Meerut, best engineering university

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Design your future in engineering with top colleges in Meerut

Engineering is a field that features a number of branches and currently in India, almost every branch of engineering plays a crucial role.

Be it robotics, artificial intelligence, mechanical engineering or civil and electronics, the scope for different branches just keeps on expanding. Moreover, you have to remember that an engineer possibly cannot build everything all by himself. He will require the assistance from other departments of engineering.

Creating a fulfilling career in various branches of Engineering has become easier with the best engineering university and colleges in Meerut that provide students with strong resources and sufficient backing from teachers.

best engineering university in Meerut

Every branch of engineering currently has a lot of scope for the youngsters who want to shine in their respective professional fields. Be it chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electronic engineering, the job opportunities are constantly growing and a huge segment of industries are constantly hiring students who have passed out freshly from engineering colleges.

Any raw material has to go through numerous stages of processing and in this regard engineers have a pivotal role to play. They have to do a lot of research and experiments to make sure that they are capable of producing something useful and progressive for the society. This is why it is very important that you enroll with the best engineering university in Meerut that will groom you sufficiently with the best resources in their reach and help you achieve your dream of becoming a successful engineer in future.

A chemical engineering student can either go into the manufacturing industry and escalate to the segments of research and development. At the same time you can move to specialize in fields like biotechnology or environmental engineering and various other sub-disciplines of chemical engineering depending on your aptitude and interests.

If your functional knowledge is a plus point then you might prefer to venture into the service industry such as the IT industry. The best engineering university and colleges in Meerut have top faculties who consistently upgrade themselves and educate students about the modern trends in the industry.

The best universities in Meerut also offer you the opportunity to attend workshops and receive educational lectures from leading industry professionals and understand about the qualities that you need to imbibe to become successful professionals in the field of engineering. Engineering is mostly a design oriented field and it also involves solving various problems and having these qualities makes you potential candidates for top companies.

With the range of technological incorporation into this field the opportunity for jobs in the market also tend to increase and the top colleges and universities in Meerut open the door to better employment for the students. Mechanical engineering is considered to be among the oldest branches in the field and its application base is truly broad based. You will be amazed to know that since time immemorial apparently all kinds of inventions have some amount of contributions from this branch of engineering.

Before you set out to find the top engineering colleges in Meerut you must start preparing for entrance exams conducted by different colleges and universities to enroll students for engineering courses.

Scope of Logistics and Supply Chain in Canada

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Degree Options Available in Logistics

Anyone with an interest in a logistics career must acquire a relevant education. The degree for Logistics program covers disciplines: Management, Distribution and Logistics, Managerial Decision-Making, and Supply Chain Management. Since this field has a wide scope, some of its programs are specified as a Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree or an Operations Management degree. A few schools also offer a Transportation and Logistics degree.

The Essentials of a Career in Supply Chain & Logistics

It’s a profession that comprises of several hours of planning, strategizing, purchasing and delivering. The field of logistics and supply chain keeps on advancing and creating opportunities for young Canadians all over the country.

Specifically, the principle aim of logistics and supply chain operations is improvement throughout an organization. The more complex and bigger a company is, the more need there is for significant resources connecting with the supply chain.

Potential employment prospects are with large industrial manufacturers that intensely depend on logistics and supply chain to keep going their production processes. Furthermore, graduates can search for logistics companies that provide SCM services to its customers.

Defining Logistics and Supply Chain

It is one of the branches of business that dominates the strategic sourcing and delivery management of products and services to an end customer. Companies form various departments under one umbrella to maintain the smooth execution of the process. These departments may range from direct operation crews to marketing and solution development to finance teams.

Operations of logistics involve the flow of merchandise, money, and information all over an organization and incorporate the domains of accounting, marketing, and finance. This field offers the learning of efficiency and viability of different transportation options, supply chain management (SCM), warehousing and distribution, and inventory measurement procedures. Learning of these functions help you earn a career in manufacturing and distribution companies, as well as government institutions at every level.

Evolution of Logistics and Supply Chain

In its earliest days, the plentitude of resources, technology, and strategic minds underwent cessation as much as it is available today. Be it any location, the improvement in logistics and supply chain has brought about a considerably swifter turnaround. A product manufactured in one part of the world can be supplied to a store shelf in the opposite corner in a matter of few days.

Today, supply chain has become an essential part of any company. However, it is critical to centralize the supply chain and make it aligned with the company’s goals.

Logistics and Supply Chain in Canada

This field has started catching on in Canada as organizations acknowledge its positive effect and prospective cost savings. Most of the jobs in Canada are with the east coast; however, Vancouver is turning into a progressively significant transportation center given its closeness to the Pacific Rim. Employment prospects for proficient graduates in this field are increasing every year.

Activities of the Supply Chain division incorporate taking a product to its targeted market from the point of raw materials extractions to the stage where final product is delivered to the end user.

It is supply chain that connects companies with each other for the process to execute. Supply Chain operations involve forecasting and planning, buying, product assembling, distributing, storing, and monitoring a product as it delivers to you and other customers.