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June 20, 2018

How to Teach Quran to Our Kids in this Modern World

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How to Teach Quran to Our Kids in this Modern World
Al-Quran is the last book of Allah Almighty, to guide mankind to the right path. Almighty Allah says: “This Book has no doubt in it-a guidance for the God-fearing” [ Al- Baqarah:2]

According to saying of our Holy Prophet, the best among Muslims are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it."{Sahih al-Bukhari 5027} Latest Updated on Jun 20, 2018

Female Quran Teachers Online
Reading Quran with correct pronunciation and accent is obligatory upon every Muslim. It is the great responsibility of each Muslim parent to teach their kids’ Reading Quran with Tarweedin the same way as we are worried about their formal education in schools and colleges.

How to Teach Our Kids Quran in Our Busy Life?

Some people ask “How to teach our kids Quran Reading in this age?”The following lines explain the answer of this question in details.

There are many ways to teach kids, especially in our contemporary world.
  1. Teaching by Parents:The parents can teach their kids Quran if they have learnt Quran with tajwid. Learning Quran with parents is the most simple and easiest way for kids to learn Quran.It also has a great reward for the parents. But you can adopt this way only if you can read the Quran with proper Tajweed, otherwise, it would be more difficult for kids to correct the mistakes later on.
  2. Sending kids to the mosque:Masjids or Mosques are the centers of Islamic teachings. It was the most common way of learning Quran in the past. This not only helpsthe kids in learning Quran but also gives them a kind of exposure to the Islamic environment that helps them to learn many new things like how to pray, how to call Adhan for salah and how to greet Muslim etc.

    However, in our busy and rushing life schedule, it isn’t so easy as it was, especially, where mosques are at some distance. Moreover, it takes many years to learn Quran in the mosque. At most places there is only one teacher who has many students at a time and he can barely takes a few minutes with each student.
  3. Hiring a Private Tutor for kids: Hiring a private tutor for kids to teach them Quran at home is also another way of learning Quran, although it is costly and most of the parents can’t afford it.
  4. Online Quran Tuition at home:In today’s life the best and easiest way of learning Quran is the Online Tutoring at home. Particularly, in the Muslim minority countries, this is fast and best way of learning Quran Reading, Tajweed Lessons and Quran Memorization. There are many Online Quran Teaching Academies but I refer you the one which the pioneer in this field and has the best Online Quran Teaching system.

QuranHost is the best Online Quran Academy with professional and well-educated Quran and Arabic Online Teachers. It offers Quran and Arabic Teaching to kids and adults, males and female around the world.

Learn Quran Online
QuranHost is offering live classes for learning Quran with Tajweed, Quran memorization, Quran Translation and Arabic Language for the last ten years. Hundreds of kids from Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, European and Gulf Countries have completed their Quranic education with our Online Quran Tutors at home. The following courses are being offered by QuranHost.
  1. Learn Basic Quran Reading Online
  2. Learn Quran with Tajweed Online
  3. Tajweed Advance Course
  4. Memorize Quran Online
  5. Understand Quran Online
  6. Quran Tafseer Course Online
  7. Learn Noorani Qaida Online
  8. Learn Arabic Language Online

Key Features QuranHost Academy

Online Quran Classes for Kids
  1. One to One Live Classes: QuranHost offers one on one Online Quran classes. At one time there is only one student with the teacher for learning. This method ensures the full attention of a teacher to single student at a time.
  2. Easy and Accessible for all: Learning Quran Online with QuranHost is very easy and accessible way of learning in the modern world. Everyone who has just a computer, laptop, iPad etc. and internet connection can start learning Quran with online Quran tutors.
  3. Anytime & Anywhere: You can take your Online Quran classes anytime and anywhere in world, without any restriction of time or place.
  4. Affordable of all:QuranHost offers very affordable monthly packages for learning Quran Online. You can choose a better monthly plan for your kids
  5. Female Tutors: QuranHost has the best female Quran teachers for those sisters who want to learn Quran with female tutors.
  6. Class duration: Mostly an Online Quran session has 30 minutes duration which is enough for a student.
Anyone who wants to learn Reading Quran with Tajweed, Memorizing the Holy Quran, Arabic Language or Islamic Teaching should visit the best online Quran Academy quranhost.com and register for free trial classes.
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June 19, 2018

The Importance of Project Management Training

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The Importance of Project Management Training
Project Management certification has entered a far cry throughout the most recent couple of years; It normally bodes well for anyone wishing to leave on a full-time vocation in the teach to guarantee they attempt an expert course keeping in mind the end goal to acquire a perceived and transferable
capability. Latest Updated on Jun 19, 2018

Advantages of Project Management Courses

  • Build up a full comprehension of the undertaking objectives, destinations and advantages before conferring huge resources.These guarantees that exclusive the ventures which are relied upon to give benefits surpassing the speculation of time and cash are started.
  • Guarantee that the venture continues successfully through all the fundamental stages, from idea through to completion. This ensures the undertaking is legitimately investigated by the partners at key stages including inception and last acknowledgment.
  • Give a thorough way to deal with characterizing a sensible, yet at the same time testing, timescale and spending plan for fruition of the undertaking.
  • Set up an organized approach for plainly characterizing parts and duties regarding the conveyance of the task and its work packages. This is basic to building promise to the venture destinations.
  • Execute a precise procedure to oversee changes to the task extension or objectives. This limits the dangers related with change to the finished result or to the advantages for the patrons.
Knowledge Hut is offering a number of training programs such as MS Project Training, Change Management Training, CMP, PMP, PMI, and other Leadership Communication projects which are all very helpful for your industry work or in your future.

Our expert Microsoft Project 2013 certification team has framed detailed and best courses for you which you can use to learn Project Management certification and implement them in your work place.

These are useful both for fresher as well as experienced. We can assure that you will definitely gain and benefit from our program.

The Benefits of Microsoft Project 2013 certification Training Programs
  • Enhanced Efficiency- Empowering a task chief to precisely decide the necessities of an undertaking and to evaluate the accessible assets and make best utilization of those assets. This guarantees the degree, calendar and spending plan are precisely set from the beginning.
  • Upgraded Confidence- Finding out about how to distinguish hazards in ventures, and how to oversee, them helps manufacture a task supervisor's certainty and capacity to oversee extends successfully.
  • Reliable Delivery- Certain, productive venture supervisors who can bargain viably with dangers will reliably and dependably convey fruitful activities evading sat around idly, exertion and cash.
  • Consumer loyalty- At the point when the apparatuses and methods are utilized to convey extends dependably; convey what was required and inside spending then the client will be fulfilled.
  • A Fresh Perspective - Experienced venture directors can enhance their PM information with new procedures yet can likewise basically figure out how to approach a comfortable situation with another point of view.+
  • Social Changes-Undertaking Management isn't just about understanding, apparatuses and methods yet additionally figuring out how to impact others and resolve struggle.

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June 18, 2018

Getting Prepared for Your Interview as a Wedding Dress Store Salesperson

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Getting Prepared for Your Interview as a Wedding Dress Store Salesperson
If you've recently filled out an application to work as a salesperson at a store that sells wedding dresses, and you have been called to come for an interview, it is best to understand the important qualities that the store will likely look for in a new employee.  Latest Updated on Jun 18, 2018

Having this type of preparation can certainly put you ahead of the other applicants.

Because stores that sell wedding dresses have a very specific type of clientele with particular expectations, it is best to have as much information about the clientele and their needs as possible.

Here are the qualities that a wedding dress store will look for from a new salesperson.


Selecting a wedding dress is complicated and detailed. There are so many great wedding dresses to choose from with a wide range of elements to consider including the style, fit, materials, and overall look of the dress.

Clients will likely be confused about which dress choice to make and may not make one.

A salesperson must be knowledgeable about all of the elements of a wedding dress and be able to communicate them to a client and simplify the choices.

This has the effect of calming down the client and getting her to focus on herself and her needs, rather than the overwhelming amount of choices available in wedding dresses.

For this reasons a salesperson must be prepared to take the time to become very knowledgeable on wedding dresses, trends, and how to steer a client to the best choices for her.

Patient and Reassuring

The selection of a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions that a woman will make in her life. She will be nervous and unsure and often vacillate between excited and depressed.

She is likely to have several people with her who may not make things easier if they have different tastes and ideas of what is beautiful. In the end she is likely to not make a decision and want to review of dresses at other shops.

For this reason, a salesperson must be patient and supportive of a client’s attitudes and needs. This is not the type of Industry, where the pushy salesman wins.

Instead the salesman that encourages the client to be comfortable and sure about their dress choice, is the one that is successful and will get additional business through that client.

Caring and Empathetic

Very few brides-to-be will look like those that we see in the wedding magazines. All of the women there are thin, with perfect shapes and skin, and an abundance of poise.

In reality, the clientele coming to the wedding store are average women who may only don't possess a small amount of these qualities. Many of them will be self-conscious about the fact that they do not fit the prototypical bride look.

They have a high standard in their minds before they try on a dress, but when they see themselves in that dress, they can often get depressed because their vision doesn't match the reality.

The Salesperson must be empathetic to the client and serve as a positive and uplifting voice. Many of the dresses that the bride-to-be will pick, will be based on their belief that that dress will look perfect on them.

Employee must be able to gently steer the client away from unrealistic expectations and toward a look that is complementary and appropriate. Doing this requires a level of caring for the client that translates to the client.

As long as this is maintained, the employee has an ability to advise the client on better and more appropriate dress choices. For this reason, the business will require that the new hire has an abundance of caring and empathy.

Be prepared to talk through how you would respond to certain situations as a salesperson at the business and be sure to emphasize that you put service of the customer as a primary goal.

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June 14, 2018

Proficiency at Microsoft Project 2013

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Proficiency at Microsoft Project 2013
We all require using Microsoft Office at some time or the other. Not only for office work but even for projects in school, college or any other work it is essential to know Microsoft Project.

There are many versions though but it is essential to learn the basics to use each and every skill of Big Data course to fulfill your desired project. It is in no way possible to learn about Microsoft Office easily.

Latest Updated on Jun 14, 2018

Microsoft Project 2013

One way or the other you do have to go for a tutorial now or later. But here we will give a detailed description of what exactly is Microsoft project and why is it important for you?

A Description of Microsoft Project with Big Data course

Microsoft Project 2013 is the most favored Project Management apparatus that empowers venture chiefs to deal with different, complex activities having various errands in a chain of importance based multilevel WBS (work breakdown structure).

Knowledge Hut’s course on MS Project 2013 will train you how to utilize this apparatus to build up an arrangement, gauge, and conjecture utilizing announcing devices.

You can expound on those figures amid the execution stage and oversee changes proficiently.

You can likewise track and control venture responsibilities, impart and report the status of asset and expectations, and guarantee convenient culmination.

What Will You Learn?

You will get to learn all the basic features of Microsoft project along with other advanced needs. For example, you would Data Science with Python course to figure out how to utilize MS Project 2013 to make extend objectives and calendars.

One can proficiently work with appraisals, errands and assets. Additionally, setting up due dates, conditions, requirements, and errand consummation will become easier than ever.

You can break down tasks and learn advance utilization of correlations and make custom configurations along with utilizing Microsoft Project Views.

Apart from this once can also track and offer task status reports, effectively investigate venture cost, time and assets. You can deal with various ventures all the while from origin to culmination.

What is We Offering?

We provide both classroom and Data Science with Python course. Our team of experts and professional will guide you through the entire course.

Our mixed learning program would be valid for 100 days at complete free of cost.  Our E-learning program content is going to cover each of the 5 modules of MS Project 2013.

We shall be providing endless supply of 16 long periods of Classroom Training in addition to 29 long periods of Online Training towards CCR for existing PMP Certified Professionals.

A 200 page course manual for overseeing ventures utilizing MS Project 2013 with Exercises, Case Study and Handouts would be provided to candidates.

In addition to all this we are going to provide a complete recap of the Microsoft Office from 2007 to 2010.

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Free Online Quran classes

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Free Online Quran classes

Being a Muslim it is important for us to learn Quran because Quran is the best way to learn about Islam. Quran is not just any other simple because learning Quran is something that you can’t do on your own so to learn Quran better you need some guidance and you need someone to teach you and not just anyone but the one who have the proper knowledge of Islam and Quran. Latest Updated on Jun 14, 2018

Online Quran classes
Quran learning is very important for all of us so we must do in any way that we can. Moreover, we must know that learn Quran we usually have to go to such institute and if you live in a non-Islamic country then you would find it quite difficult because there are not most of the institutes that can make you learn Quran and with the busy schedule it seems impossible to approach these institutes.

But with the help of the internet learning, Quran has become easier. There are a lot of the online Islamic or Quran institutes on the internet and you can reach out to the trusted ones and can learn Quran.


TarteeleQuran is an online institute where you can learn Quran. They offer different Quran courses that you can go for as you like.

The best thing about this institute is that they at first let you have the trial classes where you can decide which course you want to take and which you don’t and this way you would only have to sign up for the classes that you are interested in.

The TarteeleQuran offers their services from people all over the world and no matter which country you belong to you can also utilize the services of the TarteeleQuran.

Basically, the TarteeleQuran charges for their classes which is not too much but if you are going through some financial crisis then you can also go for the Online Quran Classes free of cost and this way you can learn Quran even with your financial issues.

Online free Quran Classes

There is certain rules and regulations about these free classes online which you need to learn about because since the institute will be paying for your classes which means you will have to go by certain rules.
Online free Quran Classes
  • You will have to be regular o the classes since the fee will be paid by the institute which means you cant even skip a single class.
  • The total attendance calculated should be 20% at the end and even if you need to skip a class you will have to inform the institution earlier about that leave.
  • The fee for their free courses are usually paid by the donations that are given to this institute and you can also say the donations for the others if you want to.
  • The free classes’ admissions work in such a way that there is a quota for each month and if you fall in that quota you will be selected so it's better to apply earlier so you can get more chances of being selected.
  • If you leave a class without informing the institution that may lead to cancellation of the class.
So this was all that you needed to know about these free online Quran classes and how can you join one of them and what you need to do to stay in those classes.

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June 12, 2018

The SAT overview: What is there in this test?

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The SAT overview: What is there in this test?
The Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT, is a standardized entrance exam used by colleges and universities in some countries like the US, Canada and others. This test is used for assessing the academic capabilities of candidates applying to universities in these countries.

This test, however, is just one of the many factors that decide whether or not you get into your dream college. Latest Updated on Jun 12, 2018

The admission committee looks at your high school GPA along with letters of recommendations, interviews and some personal essays as well.
Thus, finding the best SAT prep classes Hyderabad is important as they could guide you with other aspects of the SAT as well along with the other requirements like SOPs.

The SATs you can take

There are two SAT exams that one could take:
  • SAT This exam assesses your math, reading, and writing skills. These are subjects that were taught daily in high schools. It is a long, 3-hour 45-minute test which sees students preparing for it in their 11th grade. This test doesn’t consider one’s logical reasoning abilities, however.
  • Subject Test These hour-long tests are the means through which excellent students can showcase what they are. It covers topics like English, Science, some foreign languages, etc. Some colleges would require both these SAT tests be taken for an overview of an individual’s academic prowess.

SAT Eligibility

The only significant eligibility criterion for the SAT is that one must be a high school student, looking at studying abroad for their under graduation.

The Registration
  1. Register Online
    1. One can register online by creating a profile on the SAT website
    2. Then they must choose a test centre and a test date.
    3. After this, the verification procedure is performed automatically and the confirmation should arrive by the end of the day.
    4. The exam fees would then have to be paid by credit/debit cards or any other electronic form.
    5. The deadlines to register for a particular date of exam would be around 3 weeks before the test. Registration deadlines are typically about three to four weeks before a test date.
    6. For any late registrations, a late fee would be incurred.
  2. Mail Registration
    1. A slower and tedious process, but a option nonetheless, it needs a specialised registration guide for the SATs that is available in schools. This is usually done by schools as they would have a large number of registrations at one go.
    2. The guide would include a paper form and a return envelope that must be filled and posted.
    3. A demand draft would have to be drawn in favour of the SAT exams and sent along with the envelope.
    4. The USIEF regulates and is the local representative of the SATs in India and all the forms mailed should go through them.
Test Centres 

New Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, Cochin, Pune, Mussoorie, Kodaikanal, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai are cities with multiple test centres for SAT exams in India.

The Fees
  • The registration fees are a bit high when converted to rupees and stands at $52.5 approximately and plus an additional $42 for any non-U.S. Regions
  • Subject test fees are an additional $26 for the basic package
  • Extra subjects would call for extra fees per subject as well.
The overview of the SAT exam should give a student an idea of what there is to be done and help them make an informed decision on which SAT test prep courses in Hyderabad they could take to best maximise their chances of landing their dream college abroad.

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