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August 14, 2018

Five Business Lessons That You Might Have Learned Back in High School

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Five Business Lessons That You Might Have Learned Back in High School
Businesses worldwide invest thousands in conducting conferences, buying guidebooks and magazine subscriptions for improving their management skills.
Well, one thing which never really came to anyone’s realisation is that most of the business management knowledge needed is something you learned back in high school
Strange, but true!
We have come up with five business lessons every entrepreneur might recall learning in their high school years.

1: Control Your Own Learning
If you remember your time in high school, you will have a nostalgic flashback of how every student would enthusiastically take detailed notes, sit in the front row and participate in class discussions. Schools highly encourage this behaviour even today as it improves retention and performance of students.
Similarly, while you learn to run a business empire by yourself, the leader in you should take an active participation in business activities just like the students in high school do.
For instance, if your marketing skills are on point but you have poor accounting knowledge, then at learn basic accounting tactics that will help you manage your finances. It is important that entrepreneurs learn to effectively manage company finances before they find themselves struggling with it.
In case you are already struggling with shortage of money, especially due to late payment issues, opt for invoice finance. Invoice financing has been helping entrepreneurs borrow money against the amounts due from customers.
You certainly don’t have to be an expert straight away, but it is important to understand the fundamentals. Once you learn to no longer rely on others to analyse new opportunities, you are shaping your company’s growth rightly.
2: Do Not Procrastinate
Well, it is for certain that nobody retains anything they learn a night before the test. Similarly, entrepreneurs need to dedicate a lot of time towards research before starting a new project or making any important business decision.
If you happen to regularly make immediate decisions or make decisions at the last moment, you might as well reconsider your leadership and management practices.
3: Utilise Your Time Effectively
You might recall yourself juggling with assignments, exams and projects for several classes and extracurricular activities. You might also recall how difficult handling high school would have been if you haven’t adapted time management.
In the same manner, entrepreneurs struggle doing everything on their own. This makes them stressed and overworked, which is not only good for their health but not even good for company’s health. When running a business empire, you should be able to manage your time well. In other words, you need to understand when to delegate, when you can expand and when you need to invest in latest technology.
4: Create Incentives for Yourself
Remember how difficult it was to concentrate on studying for a test while your friends are out enjoying the weekend? In fact, all of us would agree to the fact that grades often serve as a strong motivator in high school. However, in the business world it is just as important to set incentives.
As you encourage your employees to keep up with the good work by offering incentives every now and then, why not do the same for yourself? This can be so relaxing especially after dealing with a challenging business week or quarter. You can create small incentives for yourself such as treating yourself at your favourite restaurant, a massage or a mini-vacation.
5: Cultivate Multiple Options
If you ask your high school toppers, they definitely must have had multiple college options instead of one. When the acceptance letters arrive, they must have then evaluated factors such as financial aid, campus amenities and academic programs to choose the one suitable for them.
We are sure that you must have done the same.
College is a one-time investment for which we analyse multiple options and explore the long-term effects of each option. Likewise, the investments you make in your business should be based on well-researched and informed decisions. One wrong decision can cost you millions of pounds and waste of resources. So think wisely and research well before making any investments.
Ultimately, the single most essential lesson everyone learns in high school is to always keep learning. It not only allows you to grasp new opportunities along the way, but also helps take your business towards its much-deserving success.

4 Benefits of an Internship Abroad

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4 Benefits of an Internship Abroad
You are applying for a job in today’s competitive job market.  How will you stand out? My answer to students is always the same. You will stand out with an extraordinary internship. By Aniket Singh (Author of Intern Abroad This Summer).
Internship Abroad Benefits
Good grades are great but an internship will just make you stand out. And the best internship that will make you stand out is a foreign internship. With a full time foreign internship, you will professional development, jobs training and cultural immersion all at the same time. 

It will give you the confidence you need to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you dream to intern in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Shanghai or Dublin you will pick up skills that will make your resume stand out while you live the experience of a lifetime.

Here are some other benefits of a summer internship abroad
  1. Get Your Credits: Most students are unaware that they can get their credits while doing a foreign summer internship.
  2. Flexibility: Having lived in your country for all your life you start taking your way of life, your customs and your habits for granted. You expect the whole world to be the same. But when you step in a foreign country, you realize that different countries have different ways of doing the same thing. This challenges your thinking and makes you think out of the box which is always a good thing.
  3. Independence: A foreign internship teaches you independence. For most students who have lived with family all their lives, living in a foreign country on a stipend teaches you independence It teaches you how to budget your finances. It teaches you how to take care of your house while you cook, clean, laundry and run other chores. It teaches you how to make friends and thrive in a new social environment.
  4. Benefits After Internship: Students who have interned abroad end up getting a higher salary than their counterparts, get a job faster than their counterparts and get into their grad school of choice better.

About the author:
Aniket Singh works for Apple Inc. in California, United States. I Am the author of "Intern Abroad This Summer".

I holds a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Madras, Chennai, and a Master’s degree in Wireless Systems from Politecnico Di Torino in Torino, Italy. 
He has interned at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and Ecole Polytechnic Federale de Lausanne in Lausanne, Switzerland during this studies.
Follow me on Twitter at @singh_king_225

August 13, 2018


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These days most of the students get tied up between college or university studies and end up neglecting the most crucial part in their curriculum that is report writing. But, whipping up an essay overnight not piece of cake, even if it is, it needs lot of precision and hard work so that it is approved by the university and you can get good scores with it.

What if you could find some easy steps to do so, without wasting your valuable time? Below are 7 points you might find helpful
  • Choose a catchy topic- When you begin your work you would need a ‘Topic’ that might be assigned to you and in case you do not have one, choosing a proper topic can be a bit tricky. For making this process a breeze you can do few things like-
    • Keep the topic attractive but easy to understand.
    • Do not make it very long.
    • Make it attractive.

  • Research- The first and most important part of writing an essay is to gatherenough information about the chosen topic Places like essayexamples4u can help you with researching as well as giving you samples to work with.
  • Pre plan your writing- Now when you are done with your research, make a rough mental image to avoid writer’s block and avoiding major mistakes that may lead to an unsuccessful attempt. You can see here to get help with research papers.
  • Write the body- This part of the work consists of all the arguments, explanations and descriptions.It needs to be in flow. As you move further the body will have separate sections with the same basic structure.Start with the introductory sentence and after everymajor line leave space to write examples if needed. You can take reference to do so from various pages online, for example if you need management writing reference you can find it on managementwritingsolutions.
  • Write the Introduction- After developing the body of the essay you have to write an intro. As it will connect the body to the conclusion and if missed it might end up jeopardizing the flow.
  • you can use ‘attractive phrases’, ‘quotes’, ‘dialogues’ or a simple summary of the topic.
  • Write the conclusion- This section of your paper marks the enclosure of your essay and hence it needs to be clear and to the point, avoid adding extra point that you have not in the body. You may use other keywords here as a reminder of the important points.
  • Review your work- Most of the time we think that the job is done just after completing the conclusion but if you are not attentive much you may leave grammatical, spelling and alignment mistakes and giving the finishing touch is never bad.
By the end of all these steps you will find yourself with a perfect essay that will surely perk up the work credential you need.

August 7, 2018

How to look for a service for essay writing?

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How to look for a service for essay writing?
This is a fact that the routine of students is so hectic nowadays. They don’t get enough time to waste in essay writing. Especially for the students who are in university are those who hardly have time to study and in such scenarios it becomes a trouble for them to focus on the things of this type.

Once there was a time when students felt proud in writing impressive essays and papers so that they could be able to get highest marks. Latest Updated on Aug 7, 2018

essay writing

But now students don’t need to bother about writing essays by themselves as this is the world of technology and a lot of companies are providing online essay writing services to the students. Internet has made this easier for the students to get high quality essays written by experienced professionals.

Now they can get well written essays on any topic in really affordable fee. This is also comfortable for the students as they don’t need to spend their time in doing boring preparations for all this.

Other than this, essay writing market is growing tremendously and there are a lot of websites over the internet which the students can select to get the best written essays in a nominal cost on the specific topics. Students can select among different essay writing services by checking essay writing review sites

To select the best essay writing service to get high quality essays done for your course you need to think wisely and there some tips for you so that you could have a better understanding of how to select best essay writing service for you. To select among the best essay writing services following mentioned are some tips for you:

Broad range of topics

If you really want a highly professional and well experienced essay writing service then you must select that website which provides you enormous variation of different topics. The writers should be professional enough that they can write on any topic regarding their field. Essay could be on any topic and of any subject. Make sure that the company suits your requirements and has a goof track record.

No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the basic thing that should be highly avoided in an essay. Contact the essay writing service which guarantees you of high quality essay with no plagiarism. Such a service would be better for you because a lot of websites use computer generated contents so that they could be get saved from plagiarism escape but in such situations, the contents are not human readable.

Make sure that the company you hire promises to provide you high quality essay with an excellent vocabulary and usage of words. Only pay for the essays and assignments which best suits your requirements otherwise hiring an essay writing company and paying for the essay would be useless.

By following these simple tips you can get high quality essays but one more thing to take care of is that you should take a look of essay writing review sites and select the best rated among them. Published Date: Aug 7, 2018 15:23PM

July 20, 2018

Women Need Female Quran Teacher to Learn Quran with Tajweed

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Women Need Female Quran Teacher to Learn Quran with Tajweed
Islam has made it a duty on all male and female Muslims to acquire the knowledge of Quran. Learning Quran is one of the superior acts of worship in Islam.

When a Muslim learns Quran and acquires Islamic knowledge, he/she is able to get a better perception of the religion Islam.

Quran education makes Muslims more conscious of Allah. Islam gives equal rights to women to receive Quran education. Quran education is not only learning how to read Quran but it is all about understanding Islam. 

Female Muslims in order to take the Quran education need female Quran teacher.

Stages in Learning Quran

There are several stages in the learning of Quran. The first stage is learning the basics of Quran. It is Qaida course in which students learn the basic alphabets of Quran. 

There is also a course of Qaida with Tajweed. In this course the students learn about the basics of reading Quran and they also learn Quran with Tajweed.

Tajweed is basically the rules of reciting the Quran. It is very important for proper Quran recitation. There are also different stages of Tajweed like

Beginner Tajweed
In the beginner Tajweed, we learn Tajweed through the Arabic Alphabets. The students learn the rules of reading the Alphabets of Quran.

Intermediate Level Tajweed Course
The students who are already expert in reciting the Quran can take this course. This course helps in improving the Quran recitation further.

Advanced Level Tajweed
After the basic Tajweed course, the students can take the Advanced level Tajweed course. After this course the students get a good grasp of reading Quran with rules.

Tajweed for Female Muslims

Learning Tajweed is necessary for both male and female Muslim students. There are many male Quran tutors for the male students. If you are a female Muslim, you need to learn Tajweed from a female Quran teacher.

In these days finding a female Quran tutor is not a difficult job. Hundreds of tutors are available online. Even if you want to learn from Arabic speaking female tutor, you can find online.

Everyone prefers that women should learn from women, but sometimes it is not possible if we live in the area where there are no female teachers. Online female Quran tutors are therefore the best option to choose for female Quran learning.

Women should also acquire Quran education for the betterment of their new generation.  The importance of learning the Quran for women is vital. This is because they educate their children too. Quran learning for females is of great importance.

Every Muslim including men and women should know the proper rules of Tajweed. It is necessary for the best Quran recitation. If you learn Tajweed from an expert teacher, you can recite it in a way Prophet Muhammad PBUH recited.

It is really an honor for us if follow the closest method of our Prophet Muhammad of reading Quran. So learn Quran with Tajweed and feel blessed.

July 19, 2018

Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love

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Amazing Workplace Benefits That Employees Love
There are several young entrepreneurs who have kick-started their businesses brilliantly. But, it is equally important for them to understand the fact that with time the number of employees in the firm is likely to increase.

Managing 5 employees is comparatively easier than 50 employees.

In order to fulfil this role effectively, a company needs to understand employee grievances and work on them.  Latest Updated on July 19, 2018

An unhappy or distracted employee is less likely to be productive at work. One effective way to keep your employees happy and motivated towards their work is to provide them with much needed breaks or some benefits.

Listed below are some of the perks that every employee would love their employer for:

Frequent Breaks During The Day
Most workplaces would have strict norms for employee attendance and consider irregularity and frequent late comings as a behavioural issue.

While being punctual is important an employer needs to understand the actual reason behind this irregularity.

Employees have to deal with tough deadlines which results in mental exhaustion. This exhaustion and lack of rest are two major causes of showing up late at work.

These two causes are often observed in employees especially working in a creative hub and several other businesses as it involves meeting deadline on a short notice.

Frequent breaks during the day give employees and employers a chance to refresh their minds. This refreshment of mind and soul ultimately leads them to a lucrative solution.

If a small business owner experiences financial crunch they constantly worry about the amount of investment made in the company and its effect. Instead, they should look for solutions that help them to manage cash flow finance and continue their process.

To make this happen, they can get in touch with one of those companies which offer business loans rather than applying to a bank. There are a handful of good companies who do not charge hidden fees and are upfront about the charges levied on owners. Such companies do not take several days for the procedure. On the contrary, it is done within a span of few days which is quicker than most banks.

Unlimited Vacation
Giving your employees the liberty to decide the duration of their vacation can be yet another benefit that you could offer them. Most employers disagree to this but they do not realise that this motivates employees to work harder and be more productive.

This policy can be only effective when there is mutual trust amongst both employee and employer. To be on a safer side, you can set rules so that there is uniformity amongst all your employees. Besides, employees are responsible enough to understand their duties towards their work.

Such a comfortable work environment assures employees of their job security.

Flexible working hours

You might have noticed young entrepreneurs working round the clock. In fact, they work from every part of their house including the rest room. In order to meet with strict deadlines they are constantly in touch with their employees and so they too have to work odd hours to meet the targets.

In order to avoid this situation, you can implement flexible working hour policy so that companies can simply work when they are required. Additionally, employees are focused on accomplishing set goals and not just the working hours.

 You can adopt two policies- one where employees work for X number of hours but the work schedule is as per employee’s convenience. The second policy gives complete freedom to employees which means they focus on work quality and not the number of hours they put in.

Feasible commute
For some employees reaching the workplace on time can be a big task every morning. If they take the public transport, they cannot afford to be even a minute late or if they are driving, they might get stuck in the traffic. This can be one reason why they are often late for work.

You can resolve this issue by offering a convenient commute option or an extra sum for commute so your employees do not have to bear the financial crunch. This way, they do not have to worry every morning about missing their bus or train.

Free Food
Preparing meal is one essential and time consuming task of the day. Most individuals choose to pick a take-away instead of preparing their own people as this saves time. Employees stick to unhygienic routine by consuming junk food on a daily basis.

You can motivate your employees to choose healthy meals by offering them free food coupons. You can also ask them to indulge in a healthy week campaign where they have to eat healthy for 7 consecutive days and win something in return.

In this manner, your employees will save money and be healthy at the same time. However, it is your responsibility to offer healthy combos to your employees so that they do not go back to junk food.

Fitness Provision
Imagine your employee taking a sick leave after every fortnight. This is definitely counts as an unprofessional behaviour and it also increases the medical expense. This can be avoided by offering free gym coupons or vouchers to employees.

You can pick special occasions like Valentine’s Day for couple vouchers or Women’s Day for all the ladies, etc. This will motivate them to hit the gym regularly and maintain their health. You can also keep occasional Zumba classes or Yoga sessions to encourage them and pursue it further for a healthy living.

A combination of all these workplace benefits offers freedom and motivation to continue working happily.

July 14, 2018

The CPA Exam Prep Guide

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The CPA Exam Prep Guide
If you are particularly intent on pursuing your career in the public accountancy sector, either owing to the impressive professional outlook or your interests, you must be well aware of the Certified Public Accountant – the CPA. Latest Updated on Mar 13, 2018

CPA is regarded to be the gold standard of the field of public accountancy: with an astonishing pass rate of approximately 49%, the CPA exam distinctly discerns the CPAs from standard public accountants by strategically assessing the expertise that is indispensable for excelling in the public accountancy domain.
CPA Exam Prep Guide
For candidates preparing for the CPA examination, abundant of CPA prep and review courses are offered to lead the individuals along the way of securing high scores in the first attempt.

However, the candidates are rather disoriented when it comes to selecting the most apt preparatory course that matches their requirements.

Following are brief reviews of the top CPA Prep Courses that are promising when it comes to procuring high scores in the CPA exam:

Roger CPA Review

The Roger CPA Review, taught by Roger Philips, is widelyappreciated for helping over 85000 students with a pass rate of 87%! It offers over 120 hours of engaging, zestful video lectures wherein hard-to-understand concepts are broken down into comprehensible lessons.

The use of mnemonics and other memorization tools aids the students to efficiently retain the learned concepts. In addition, the students are provided with a collection of practice questions and around the clock homework help center such that they can master every concept and clear out any confusions by accessing experts for help.

The Roger CPA review course is integrated with SmartPath technology which keeps track of your progress and compares it to those who have successfully passed the exam, providing feedback regarding areas that need to be focused on extensively.Moreover, the Roger CPA Reviewcourse is available in an audio version too that focus directly on the CPA syllabus for those who prefer audio learning over video.

The detailed insights on Roger CPA Review review can be viewed here.

Wiley CPAexcel

CPA review course by Wiley CPAexcel consists of bite-sized lectures that are the best option for those who have troubles with managing time for the exam prep. The core topics are divided into smaller yet informative lectures that are easily digestible.

Along with a wide array of practice questions, Wiley deliversdiagnostic exams for each topic to master your concepts. Moreover, a stimulated CPA exam at the end of the coursework gives the student a taste of what to expect on the actual exam day!

The Wiley CPAexcel app is mobile friendly and permits the students to make use of the study material no matter where they are. Further, the unlimited course access never expires so you can make use of the study resources without worrying about the subscription period.

Surgent CPA Review

The Surgent CPA review course is taught by seasoned instructors who have years of experience in the CPA exam prep – this increases the efficiency of the course which is trimmed down to essential topics as the instructors offer insightful tips that they have accumulated over their teaching years.

The lifetime access enables the students to study freely without having to worry about the expiration of the course; the money-back guarantee by Surgent is certainly an indication of the confidence they have in their services.

Although the CPA exam is a laborious one as it demands intense hard work, victoriously passing it with a good score is now straight-forward because of the CPA exam review courses that are offered. If you are planning to register for the CPA exam, it is definitely a good idea to enroll in one of the programs and start your preparation!

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